Swaragini Fan fictions : Suggestions and Review


The three rising stars stars. (started late but impressed many)

Anu : Her writing has made me fall fir Sanskar even more. While DESTINY had such a sweet and caring Sanskar, FIX YOU and FIXING BROKEN SOULS has a dashing Rockstar Sanskar who loves Swara unconditionally. Arranged To Be His also has Sanskar who loves Swara so much but doesn’t expect much. And CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS is the most adorable and cutest love story I have ever read. If I am ever given a chance, I would love to marry any Sanskar of your ff. The way you describe emotions is just amazing. Keep writing always.

Anjali : MR. MAHESHWARI AND I. I found it really interesting specially because of the way it started. Sanskar decides to die and I was like what the hell. And loved the way Swara created obstacles for RagSan. She’s really faring and protective about her husband. The best part is that the story is realistic and its beautifully written with excellent use of words and your vocabulary is just awesome. Right now, I am enjoying the track a lot bland I hope that they admit their feelings soon. Sorry I hadn’t read ur previous ff but I am sure that would also have been amazing.

Azure : Well, I dont like RagSan much. Dont ask me why. But your story forced me to think again and I ended up being smitten of your style of writing. You have excellent writing skills and the story is just wow. The latest chapter was obviously my favourite and loved the way you have portrayed Sanskar in your ff who cared about Ragini so much. Great job! Keep going dear. And I guess, there are many SwaSan fans (like me) who read ur ff so I guess, you are doing an awesome job out there.

So I guess, these three are the mega ones who have rose lately. Bot to forget who have been here since long time like Jyoti, Vini, Sree, Sindhuja, Deepa, Neha, Eva you all have already a bug place in our heart.

Also Kritika, Meher, Sethooty, G.S., Sam, Namrata, Sindhu, Ashiyana, Raglak, and many more are amazing writers.

Try to read their fan fictions, Ik sure you would love the story.

The top fan fictions according to me (Currently running)

Swasan Fan fiction season 2 (Emotional)

Fixing Broken Souls (Emotional and romantic)

Mr. Maheshwari and I (Realistic and emotional)

Red Strings Of Fate (Romantic)

Acceptance (Suspense and romantic)

Arranged To Be His (Friendship and Emotional)

Ek Cup Coffee!! (Romantic and Friendship)

From Darkness to Light (Emotional and Romatic)

Incomplete Scrapbook (Emotional)

Angel (Different and romantic)

Childhood Sweethearts (super duper cute and funny)

Raglak : Second Love (Romantic and Emotional)

Rishto Ki Dastan (Interesting)

Modern Tale Of love (Funny)

Bz I loved her (Emotional and romantic)

Dr. Swara and mr. Maheshwari leads to Swasan (Interesting)

And many more… Sorry I remember thus much only.

And classic ones I guess you already know but still.

Path from Revenge to love

Swasan fan fiction season 1

Limitless Love

Swasan : Fix You

Kuch Iss Tarah

A smile that stole my heart

Swasan : Destiny

Endless love

The hug that changed my life

I dreamed a dream

Swasan ff (Sree)

And many more…

I hope you found the suggestions useful. Do read the mentioned fan fictions. I am sure you would live them just the way I did.

Credit to: Well wisher

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  1. iam really shocked to see my name here and i dont know ur name and u have gave me a boost and to all writters ..who has been writting ff and thank u for this ..

  2. awesome reviews!!!!!!

    1. I love all the ff you mentioned!!!!

  3. I agree… I never lyk Ragsan… But azure’s story is just osm… I starts reading it recently n m in luv with this… ????

    I mostly read the ffs u hv mentioned n I luv them… But my favorite is arranged to be his?? I just luv the concept of arrange marriage

    I luv all the writers here.. All are just osm… ????

  4. I literally fainted seeing my name there. So glad that u liked all the fanfics. All are awesome.

    And what should I saw about Anjali and Azure.

    Anjali, my sis is just too good. No words of appreciation would be enough for her.

    And I just started reading Azure’s fanfic as well and I am loving it. She’s a brilliant writer I must say x x

  5. Awww… thank you sooo much…. o too love all the ffs u mentioned…
    The next In my list is red strings of fate… I’ve heard so much about it… am gonna read it now…

    And yes, sorry for the ongoing track… ik it’s a bit draggy and boring, but don’t worry…. lots to come soon….??

    Thnxxx again….

    And lol

    It too would love to marry any sanskaar of anu’s ff…. well actually, fixing broken souls sanskaar….????

    Love you anu for giving such an awesome sanskaar ??

    1. Oe he’s mine! 😛

      Haha. We’ll share. Well I love Childhood Sweethearts wala Sanky. Baki sab thode sanku types hain. Lol ? ?

  6. Good analysis dear…l m not a big fan of SwaSan( bcos that place in my heart is taken by ArShi) though l love Anjali’s Mr. Maheswari and l and Anu’s Fixing broken souls a lot…
    Also Azure is a god gifted writer in my view…her story has a perfect balance of romance and mystery and her ff is no less than a masterpiece…never imagined that RagSan who were never potrayed in a romantic way in the actual show can be such a lovely couple…

    Seriously l commend the RagSan writers for their beautiful imagination and writing skills…

    I would like to tell everyone to read the ffs which have a beautiful story at its heart keeping the couple mania aside because it seriously gives a lot of pleasure when u read a well-written story???

  7. Azures’s red string of fate… Thats awesomely beautiful. Dont know why but it feels so touching, it stings my heart everytime…. Azure you are prodigy… I am not a big fan of ragsan either but she stole my heartbeats with her writings…

  8. thanks dear for your wonderful wonderful comments and those of everyone here too! there are many stories here that i need to get reading and i haven’t gotten around to. it is really bad on my part…..but thanks so much for the list, i hope to get through some of these soon.

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