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Guys i am not swasan or raglak fan specifically but love all the leads but especially ragini so read mostly read only ffs on raglak and ragsan,this are some which i read and found best :
manyata vs ragini : eva has just nailed ragini beautifully and i just fell in love with ragini and group.
Sree harini’s second love(raglak): i never excepted sree harini to write a raglak ff as i think she is die heart fan of swasan , but thanks a lot for this ff as it is ff, ragini’s mentality towards man because of man’s experience she meet including her father and boss,and laksh guilt for hurting ragini as he cannot love her , ragini blaming everyone for her situation ,just love her character and each character as it is fab , she is magical writer and thank u so much for this ff.
Megha’s rishtey: this ff shows a strong ragini and mentally unstable sanskar love story.ragini hates her father but comes to kolkata to fulfill her mother’s wish to emerge her ashes with her father,ragini is famous fashion icon and comes to kolkata but destiny has other plan and she ends up been sanskar’s caretaker ,her connection to sanskar and dislike to laksh and bond with swara is amazing.
This time forever: another ff of megha, and amazing, ragini is a journalist and has a dark past and sanskar is business tyoon and shares a great bond with his brother,ragini ends up messing with laksh unknowly when she wants his interview and meets sanskar in party with laksh .sanskar and ragini feels the unknown connection with each other, sanskar dances with ragini closely shocking laksh and ragini. Megha given best in this two ff update it soon.
It started with hate request: if u want mystery , comedy, suspence andraglak nok jok this ff must , a strong ragini with past in her school days with loving family and naughty brother, secret agent flirt laksh disguise as a student and come with sanskar,laksh sends hate request ragini,there starts raglak story . Kavya ‘s comedical and suspense skill has left me waiting for more.
For a change by pavani: ragini finding her sister deadth and meeting laksh after sanskar her first love married her sister is amazing. Ragini my love for u will never change by anaita: i guess she is raglak fan , it is love traingle between ragini and sanlak and its amazing.
U are ragini: amazing ragini character with her family hating her except her dadi ,sanskar and laksh attracted to her.Swaragini dil ki dor: amazing ragsan story with royal background. My heart beats for?: ragsan ff where ragini wants to find want her sister’s murderer who actually wanted to kill sanskar, taking help from swara, ragini wants to find the truth.please update the ff.
I have read many ragini ff this were best but think i forgot some of the best sorry authors.
I am sorry swasan i rarely read ur ffs but some of them which read the best was swasan-a path hate to love by saba it left only tears to see the reality of the world.
Alana’s realisation : i was never a swara fan but this ff made me love swara ff, swara’s strongness and her bonding with arjun and defence for herself, i hope everyone should be like swara.

Credit to taani

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  1. I also like every ff on ragini that u have mentioned…all are fabulous..and i too request megha to update rishtey nd this tym forever…
    Thanx a lot for the analysis dear

  2. thnq for the raglak and ragsan analysis bcos now a days all gives abt swasan. but u gave ragsan.
    dafsi’s raghvi aur ragini and sasural swaragini ka also nice ragsan ff.

    1. Love ishq and kadal is also amazing

  3. Tnk u for liking my ff
    Sindus family bonding was also awsome nd love ishq kadal frm dhamu was also awsome try them nd I like all the ffs u have written

  4. Are yaar u missed someof best ffs
    all alone ragini,love-ishq-kadal,soul of love,,everything fair in war nd love,power of true love,some of written by merin
    if u r a ragini fan u must read it

  5. Nice…ff of sindhu rm ,
    Love ishq kadhal,
    Power of true love,
    Pain that continues(not ragsan)
    I just love these ff….

  6. i like all the ffs n more ff like soul of love,is that u ragini,love ishq kadhal,family bonding,dil n dosti or dosti n dil i dont know the name of this ff properly,the power of true love,everthing is fair in love n war,prem deewana n many more…….

  7. Even i love
    Soul of love
    Everything fair in love and war.
    Sasural ragini something
    And wat ever u mention also
    I just love them

  8. Even I am ragini fan I also will read oly ragini ff the power of true love, all alone ragini, prem deewana, and many more I read all ff’s of pavani di and it was really awesome even I request mega di to update her ff and ashrita (I think so) the writer of my heart beats for and ya swaragini tere Bina was also a awesome ff and abhi’s all ff mostly based on ragsan is really adorable I hope she get well soon and update her ff’s and the writer of ragini true love vs destiny pls update it waiting for ur ff badly

  9. Even I m a ragini fan but I mostly read ragsan ffs oly u missed once upon a time royal it’s a fabulous ff and even swaragini second love and swaragini sorry, swaragini meri husband is the best, swaragini ek hazaroon mein meri behna hai I request all this writers to write their ff even swaragini uljhi hun kuch suljane ki Koshish mein also update it and soul of love ragsan another amazing ff

  10. I also love all the ff that u mentioned….u can also read abhi’s ffs,for your smile, prem deewana and many more ….thank you for such a wonderful analysis

    1. Thanks Nikki…

  11. Im big fan of ragini,ragsan
    i read every ragsan ff jst love them.
    I hav to thank sindhu,merin(abhi),poonam ,pavani,dhamini,dafsi,joona,anamika,lila,shailu,megha,nidhi,RsR,astha,sarika shah..thank u guys for giving such a beautiful stories thank u soooooooooo much love u all

    1. Thanks venni..

  12. Im big fan of ragini,ragsan
    i read every ragsan ff jst love them.
    I hav to thank sindhu,merin(abhi),poonam ,pavani,dhamini,dafsi,joona,anamika,lila,shailu,megha,nidhi,RsR,astha,sarika shah…thank u guys for giving such a beautiful stories thank u soooooooooo much love u all

  13. Lila,shailu,megha,nidhi,RsR,astha,sarika shah…thank u guys for giving such a beautiful stories thank u soooooooooo much love u all..
    i mentioned these names in my first comment but idnt know y thwr r not displayed

    1. Tnk u venni darling

    2. Thanks venni..

  14. all alone ragini, family bonding prem deewana, everything is fair in love nd war, love ishq kadhal, soul of love, power of true love, sasural swaragini ka, you are the one, second love, for ur smile nd abhi’ s all the ffs nd pavani nd sarika shah’s ff..dat u didn’t mentioned
    these all are superb..nd awsm..i just love them…
    there are more also..
    i want to thanx all the writers of ragsan/raglak ff..thanx a lot guys for the lovely ffs

  15. i think u mentioned my name bcos here is another astha. if that is am thnq so much venni. bcos u r first appreciator of me thnq a lot. am feeling happy

  16. Tnk u for all who r liking my ff

  17. Hey Taani, thanks dear for liking my ff “My heart beats for?”, My health was not good all these days and after long time, today, when I am back to read ff’s I just saw ur analysis to know about trending ff’s to start reading, I am seriously struck with words, I didn’t expect about my ff, as it’s almost 11/2 month I stopped writing….. Once again Thanks dear and I would try to continue it soon….

  18. Thank u Joona, Venni, Kriya, Priya, Janu and Rakhi for liking my ff and mentioning my ff….I’m really glad u r liking it

  19. Taani thnx for doing analysis on Ragini ffs. Plz can someone do analysis on their fav Ragsan and Swalak ffs… I really want to knw about them couple ffs. Every one else is doing swasan ffs analysis

  20. thanks a lot taani for reading and commenting about my ff, and you are correct all the above ffs are awesome , i have read almost all , the writers are doing amazing job……really thanks to all writers……………..be happy……………..

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