Swaragini Fan Fiction

Chapter 1… SWASAN

Scene 1: Sankar asks SWARA that where are you going? SWARA says “I’m going to have a bath. Swara leaves the door open and starts removing her clothes, Sanskar stares at her, but he says Swara Pls close the door. Swara ashamed and closes the door. Sanskar takes the newspaper and reads it.. Swara loudly shouts “Aaaaah” Sanskar is startled and throws up the newspaper. Swara shouts loudly for Sankar. Sanskar goes inside and sees that Swara has broke the tap and the shower is not stopping. Swara is about to slip but Sanskar holds her. They both get wet… RAGINI comes and closes the covering from outside. Sanskar pulls Swara’s
dupatta and tries to tie the tap with the dupatta. water doesn’t stop. Swara and Sanskar have a fight because of why did Sanskar pull her dupatta. A soap was fallen down and suddenly as Swara went towards the door she puts her foot on the soap and falls on Sanskar. Sanskar hugs her tight..

Precap: RAGINI and LAKSH go for a candle light dinner.. Swara and Sanskar go there too.

Credit to: ¤¤ Anna ¤¤


  1. Jyoti Das

    NYC but don’t make Ragini good! She deserve to be bad after all which she did with swara!!! and Swara shld be with Laksh!!! Sanskar first started all these evil planning!


    SWARA: LOVE OF Sanskar, Open minded, loves Sanskar..

    Laksh: Loves RAGINI, Mean and selfish at times, Enemy = Meera…

    Sanskar: Loves Swara, Supportive, Kind

    Ragini : CAN do Anything for Laksh. Enemy : Aarti, Meera.

    🙂 😛 :0

  3. Heer

    hey anna its interesting.. good going and keep writing such funny scenes as shower tap broke haha..and swara forgot to close the covering 🙂
    really good

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.