Swaragini…Fan fiction writing challenge by sethooty (1)

“I love you Ragini”.
Her eyes widened listening his soothing voice. He bent down his knees and forward his right hand to her.
“Will you marry me..?”

She didn’t answer kept silent.Just look into his deep brown eyes.
“Answer me yaar”.He make a pout face.Suddenly a sweet voice knocked his ear.
“Yes”. He look around there ,where he heared that sound. its from under the table.
A 17 year old girl with long curly hair is sitting there and closed her mouth with two hand and muttered.
“Oh come on di say Yes…”.
He lean towards the table by cocking his head under the table.
“Swara ki bachi”. He caught her by ear.But she closed her eyes in fear like a pu**y cat.
Ragini burst out laughing.
“Leave me sanskar plz.. Sorry sorry”.
“Kabab mein haddi..am not going to leave u idiot”.

“Leave her sanskar.. She is a kid”.
“Kid.. She spoiled my date ..my plan..uff”.
“What..is this your suprise..very boring..”
“Boring ..??Ragini.. This is too much yaar…oyee swara ki bachi tell your didi to accept my proposal”.
“First leave my ear sanskar..its paining”.
“Oh k….she took a breath.
“My pyari si…sweetu cutie di…for my sake”.. She then turn her face to him.
He narrow his eyes and raise his eye brow.
“Yes am telling yaar..don’t look me like that.”.
She move little apart from him..
“Di don’t accept him..”. She fisted thumb down to sanskar and pulled Ragini is hand and run away from there….

Ragini:25 year old girl and a school teacher.she is living with her father Dadi and her younger cousin swara.She is a kind hearted girl ambitious and love her family a lot.Her shona is her bestie.She is like her mother.
Swara:17 year old girl cousin of Ragini. She going to join her Degree class after one week.She will turn 18 after few month.Her father and mother died at her younger age due to a car accident. Now she living with her uncle Shekhar and nani .Her elder sister Ragini is her friend and everything to her.

Sanskar: An adovacate by prefession.He had a crush on Ragini and very impressed by her attitude and nature.He is 26 year old handsome guy. No one in his family. He is alone and 2 year back his father died. so he want to marry a sanskari girl who give his part of happiness.
Dadi:swara and Ragini’s grandmother. She is very protective about her grand daughters.After Ragini’s marriage she is planned to do swara’s marriage asps.She believes according to swara’s kundali she must married before turn to 19.Dadi is very proud of Ragini as she take the responsibility of her family at her younger age.She is helping Shekhar in her shop.She is very matured and strong girl.But she also have some weak point.She is very much afraid of blood. If she anyone hurt or seen blood oozing out.she will faint down.

Swara is very childish in nature and Ragini pampered her a lot.swara always got scolds by Dadi bz of her nature. Sometimes she troubles Sanskar unintentionally .But she always try to make them close.Her dream is Ragini’s marriage and she believes Sanskar is the rite guy for her di but she always tease him.Sanskar is very much irritated sometimes jealous of this sisters bond bz he didn’t get that much attention from Ragini.

Guys shocked….yes am ur sethooty …bz I loved her..sorry I could able to post after one month.I have some certification examzzz…so…
..this is a triangle love story…. And funniest part is am not going to write it…..I just scrolled down …my eyes stuck on Hope challenge….. So haha guys u understand….
Actually in my mind there is a concept which I adopt from some old film.but this prologue is not related this.if I start to write I will surely choose that track.but I can’t write any fan fiction .one of my fiction is pending….

Friends plz try to write OS or fan fiction… Which giving importance to two pairs.
You can choose Laksh instead of Sanskar.But if u choose Laksk as the lead. Sanskar wouldn’t be there.
So Sanskar Swara and Ragini is the lead…there is no other male leads….
Laksh swara Ragini…
Hope…u r a talented writer u must accept my challenge….guys anyone can write this fiction….plz try it..just for a horror( fun)??? and break the leg….
Guy’s..wait wait..one min Being a swasan raglak fan..how can I forget them…yes…
Swara Sanskar

Raglak.. ( Ragini in the place of swara and Sanskar as Laksh)
*so there is no love triangle there will be one and only one pair.
Theme is ‘beyond the age’.There is a big age difference b/w them..noticed????

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  1. plz swasan

  2. Shruthis

    Done but dear …we can change the intro/prologue right

    1. Yes Dr…but only one condition characters age, relation, profession,will be same…I just wrote a prologue.. U can change it…intro also..
      Swara 17 yr,Ragini 25yr school teacher, Sanskar 26 yr advocate, shekhar and Dadi, Sanskar has a crush on Ragini..and swaragini’s are cousins.these r mandatory things in fiction.There is no other male lead.
      You can change their nature and character everything.

      1. Shruthis

        i have wriiten it kahani os please do check out

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  5. Its a good story line di. Plz try to complete this by urself. I like it. Plz…. And dont forgot to post bz i love her. I am waiting for that. And best wishes for ur exams

    1. Oh no Dr…I can’t write anything right now…yah I will try to upload bz I loved her..

  6. Sethu…… no

    1. He he navi…

    2. hey navi… how r u… exam result la vandhuducha…

  7. ha ha ha… sethu I thought dis one is ur new ff… I will try to write but not sure…

  8. Its awsome I think its swasan ff

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