Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 9


Sorry and this time I am very late. Sorry. And thanks for commenting all of you. Shreya I am so sorry I know you eagerly wait for my ff but I am hardly getting time for posting ff actually my exam is coming nearer so I hope you understand. Thank you hayathi,keerthu,sandy,riha and all others(I am very bad at memorizing names but next time I will thank everyone).

Its night ragsan,lucky,swara have reached home. Ragsan have dinner and they go to sleep. Swara is on bed but she is not sleeping she is just lost in thoughts of lucky amd his words were again and again touching her ears. She is crying suddenly she gets a call of unknown number. She picks up the phone and it was lucky.
Swara: lucky why u called me? I don’t wanna talk to u
Lucky:swara listen to me for the last time, you have to come to the temple just now otherwise I will kill myself..
Swara: have you gone mad ? You will not do anything!

Lucky: I can do and I will do. If you wanna stop me then you will have to come.
Swara: lucky please don’t hurt yourself I am coming. But don’t do any thing.
Call disconnects.
Swara runs from her room. She reaches temple. She sees lucky holding knife.
Lucky:swara,I knew it. You have came because you love me.
Swara: lucky, first of all you throw this knife.
Lucky holds her hand and drag her inside the temple.
Lucky: now tell me that you don’t love me? Say that you don’t love me, say, say swara, say that you don’t love me.
Swara(shouts): yes I do. I still do. I love you. I love you.
Lucky drops the knife. They hug tightly. Swara realizes what she has said. She sits unconsciously.
Lucky: r u alright. Swara if you love me then where were you from 3 years. Why you ran from our marriage.
Swara tell him everything. Lucky is shocked.
Lucky: swara, drink water and then tell it clearly.
Swara: I have said you everything and that’s the truth.
Lucky: you have some misunderstanding I think reports were wrong.(pal do pal… Jo tu mera hamdard h plays)

Swara:reports are right lucky. I am wrong.
Lucky: swara, tomorrow we will go to Delhi. I’ll take you to best hospital.
Lucky: trust me swara you will be saved. He drops swara at her hotel.
Next morning. Lucky comes to swara’s room.
Swara:lucky just go from here please I don’t want to spoil your life plz go.
Lucky: swara, you are my life and whether you want or not I will do everything to save you. He go to airport. They reach delhi.And they reach hospital.
Doctor: come Mr. Laksh maheswari. We have prepared everything thing. They take swara inside. Lucky: I love you. Swara: I love you too. Bye. Their hans got separated from each other. Humari adhuri kahani plays.
After some time. Doctor come outside.
Doctor: we have given her injection and now we will shift her to OT . are u sure because case is very serious and I don’t think that she will be saved but I have called the expert Doctors.
Lucky: I am sure Dr.
Swara is shifted to OT. Operation starts. Lucky sits on bench. Every time her thoughts were coming in his mind. His eyes filled with tears. After 4 hr. A doctor comes from inside.
Lucky: Dr. How is she.

Dr.: we have warned you before . her condition is very critical
Lucky: Dr. I beg to u. Do anything but save her. She is my life.
Dr: pray to god.because we only have 2 hrs after that she will be no more. If he want anything can happen. Doctor goes.
Lucky prays to god.
Lucky: I never believed on you but swara,Maa,bhabhi , Bhai and even Aashi tell that you exist. Please save my swara. She is my life my everything. Swara used to tell say you fulfill wishes of everyone.she used to pray you everyday. Please save her. Don’t break her trust. Her life is most important for me. Instead of having mom dad she lived her life as a orphan because she used to think that u will return her parents. Please if you exist plz give her life.
Doctors are tensed inside because there was no improvement and only 1 hr. Is left.

Precap: lucky is seen crying when doctor come and tell him that……

Credit to: manu

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