Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 8


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Swara in the park: lucky, I know I had hurt you and I deserve punishment for hurting my lucky… I made you cry…lucky I have given you pain… So, I deserve punishment.. I deserve…(she wipes her tears but tears did not stopped)pyaar hai ya sajja music plays. She starts playing guitar the on fastest note. Everyone gathered there and lucky also came there listening to music his eyes were also teary. Swara was playing music very fastly and her hand got a cut . Blood start flowing from her hand and but she was not stopping. Her hand was full of blood now and she started feeling weakness. Lucky rushed from the crowd and goes to swara. He throws the guitar from hand. He ties his handkerchief on her hand and he covers her hand.
Lucky: have you lost it? If anything would have happened to you then? Have you gone mad? This is the way of playing guitar. I will kill you if you will try to this again. Your life is not only yours now it is also mine. I cannot let you hurt yourself. And yes if you don’t care about yourself don’t care but there is a person who only cares about you, who always thinks about you and you are his life so please don’t even dare to snatch his life from him… Humari adhuri kahani plays.

Swara eyeing him with lots of love and pain. She was just feeling to hug him but she stops herself.
Swara thinks’ this pain is very little in compared to the pain I have given you lucky’.
Lucky realized what all he said just now.
Lucky : oh sorry I just forget that I am talking to Mahi not my swara. You cannot be my swara… You cannot be.. He leaves. humari adhuri kahani plays.
On the other side ragsan decided to spend 1 day with each other so they handed Aashi to sumi and sekhar.
Ragsan reached there farmhouse. There was big flower garden and swimming pool outside farmhouse. Ragini changed her look like old Ragini in a long skirt, top and scarf. She saw a butterfly in garden and ran after it. But butterfly flew away and sat on flowers. She made a face. Sanskar who was happy to see Ragini happy like before was seeing all these he smiled.
Ragini : sanskar, see na this butterfly is not coming in my hand.
Sanskar: if you will run after them they will run from you. You just stretch your hand and stand straight she will automatically come in your hand.
Ragini : really, you are the best. Sanskar holds her hand and she looks in his eyes. He stretches her hand and butterfly sits on her hand.
Ragini: please take a pic.
Sanskar: ya sure.

After this they sat near pool and they were playing with the water by throwing it on each other. Manchala plays.
Ragini kept her head on his shoulders.
Ragini: Sanskar you remember marriage.
Sanskar: yes I do. That day you were looking awesome in red lahenga and that was best moment for me.
Ragini: and you remember while taking pheras(round of holy fire) my leg got hurt with fire and you..
Sanskar: and I carried you in my arms and then we had completed our phere. (They both were sharing their feelings happily)
Ragini: and you remember when we came home after my grah pravesh(entering the house). Suddenly she stopped while saying and she started crying. Sanskar understood why she is crying.
Sanskar: Ragini, don’t cry because of the girl who have betrayed you and you family.
Ragini: yes Sanskar Ji, now swara doesn’t matter for me, for me she was dead the day when she ran from her marriage.
Flashback plays.
Ragsan married and swalak marriage was 2 hours late at midnight because pandit Ji said that this time is not good for swalak marriage so they postponed 2 hours late. Sumi and Ragini went to her room for calling her but they found a letter there. The words of letter were-
Maa,ragini and lucky sorry but I am not a marriage type girl after marriage I cannot fulfill my dreams and my dreams are important than my marriage. Bye. Your swara.
Flashback ends.

Ragini: Sanskar she cheated me,Maa,you and specially lucky. I feel sorry for lucky till now he think that swara will come.
Sanskar thinks to divert her mind.
Sanskar: leave that,you remember aashi’s birth.
Ragini: of course Sanskar.
And they again became happy talking about Aashi’s birth and her cuteness.

Hope you like it.
Guys I suggest you to watch Swaragini on channel Rishtey because they are showing from starting. Yesterday I saw it and a became very happy seeing swaragini in their old look and behavior it is totally different and trust me you will love it. In yesterday’s episode Lucky’s entry was there. He came and hugged swara and that was really amazing.and thank you again to all of you for reading my ff. Thank you riha for your suggestion and I will try to add it.

Credit to: manu

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