Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 7


I know I am very late and really sorry for it. Now all the suspence is going to be clear but I am getting the least comment on these page so its a request that plz if you read it then please comment plz.
Mahi reaches Kolkata. She recalls every moment spent there. She gets ready for going for recording. Lucky also gets ready. They both reach there.
There hands touched each other but they didn’t noticed each other’s face and goes to opposite directions.
Background music plays.
‘Pas aaye dooriyan phir bhi kam na Hui
Ek adhuri so humari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko jameen ye jaroori nhi
Ja mile ja mile

Ishq saacha vahi jisko milti nahi manzile manzile’ . Music stops.
Lucky ask music director for his co-singer. Music director points on Mahi who is sitting on sofa.(her face is not visible). Lucky goes to her. She turns. Both eyes filled with tears. Lucky hugs her tightly. A word comes from his mouth ‘Swara’. she also hugs him and tell Lucky. They recalled every moment spent with each other. Their fight, their confession, their dance and everything. BG music plays.(yes friends your guess was right Mahi is none other than Swara)
‘Rang the nur tha jab karib tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha ye jahan

Vaqt ki ret par kuch mere nam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kaha
Humari adhuri kahani, humari adhuri kahani. Music stops.
Swara breaks the hug. She turns to go. Lucky holds her hand and pulls her towards him.
Swara: Lucky… Leave me.

Lucky: why.. Swara I love you and I will not leave you and I will not let you leave me.
Swara: but now I don’t love you (it was clearly visible in her eyes that she love him till now and she is telling lie)

Lucky: really swara… You don’t love me… Then why hugged me just now, why there are tears in your eyes? ( he gets more closer to her) don’t you feel anything when I come close to you.
Swara: leave my hand its paining lucky..
Lucky: oh swara now you’re realizing what is pain … and what about the pain you have given me…. answer me … Swara.
Tears roll down her eyes. And they both were looking in each other’s eyes.
Swara: leave my hand its paining. Because I am not going to answer your questions. She frees her hand and runs from there. She wipes her tears. She stops in a park.she sits. And shouts.
Swara: I love you lucky but I cannot tell you because I know I am not going to survive more than 7 days.

Flashback plays.
Its two days before swalak and ragsan marriage. Swara goes for a normal body check up to hospital. Next day the reports comes and she sees that there is a hole in her heart and she can die anytime during 3 years. And after that she thinks that if she will marry lucky then his life will be ruined when she will die their child’s life will also be ruined and if they will not marry then lucky can easily get any nice girl for marriage.so she decided to run from there and then she reached Singapore and changed her name so that lucky cannot find her.
Flashback ends.

Precap: flashback of ragsan marriage.

Guys now I am little sick so the story is not coming in mind and I am not able to type. I am not able to figure out story so I will not update for some days otherwise if you are not liking it please tell me I will discontinue it because I know now my imagining capacity have decreased and my ff is becoming boring.sorry for making you feel bore but I will try to update as soon as I get well.

Credit to: manu

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