Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 6

Plz comment I really really need your support. Plz comment. And a special thanks to some of the regular readers. We have to show swasan fans that there are still swalak fan. If want me to change the track then also please tell me. This is emotional epi so enjoy this.
Ragini: please eat for your mom otherwise I’ll also not eat.plz Aashi.
Aashi: ok mom, I will eat but chahu and dad will also eat.
Laksh: OK my princess chahu and Your Dad will also eat.
Ragini: but Laksh you know that sanskar Ji is not here then how he will eat.
Laksh: don’t worry Bhabhi, Bhai will be coming in 5 min.
Ragini: wow sanskar Ji is coming!
Sanskar: I am home Aashi and Ragu.
Laksh: oho Bhabhi when you changed your name from Ragini to Ragu.
(Ragini is married with sanskar and Aashi is their own child. Aashi call Lucky as chahu and lucky call Ragini as Bhabhi)

In ragsan room.
Ragini makes a cute angry face and sits on bed. Sanskar holds her hand and ask her why she is angry.
Sanskar: oh my god why madam is so angry on her husband.
Ragini: Sanskar you came 2 hrs late I have been waiting for you since morning.
Sanskar sits on his knees and shows earning to Ragini which he has bought for her.
Sanskar: please forgive my lord. He make her wear earring. Ragini smile. They both hug.
Ragini shouts: Aashi you…
Sanskar turns but no one was there. Ragini laughs and runs. Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing her laughing after so many days. Manchala plays.

Scene 2.
Singapore is shown. Sunny sunny plays. A girl in white and red floral print knee length dress is seen playing a tune on guitar and all are shouting her name Mahi. Another girl who’s name is Mandy(Mandy is her assistant and also a very good friend) pulls her and make her sit in car.They both reach a bungalow. This is Mahi’s house and her orphanage. Many children are playing in garden.
Mandy: sorry Mahi, your little kids(orphans) were requesting to meet you that’s why I brought you here from concert.
Mahi: you are my friend yaar and these kids are my world, anything for you all.
Mahi goes to kids. She gives them chocolate and a group hug. Two of them come to Mahi.
Girl: Mahi Didi . he is very bad. (By pointing on a small boy)
Mahi(smiles): o my Cute doll what he has done?
Girl: Didi, he always call me Cat.
Smile disappears from Mahi’s face, her eyes filled with tears she wipes her tears and runs to her room. She sits beside her bed. But the tears were not stopping. Mandy also comes there. She gives her a fake smile.

Mandy: Mahi don’t try to hide your pain from me by giving me this fake smile.
Mahi: then tell what should I do? You know what Mandy. He always used to call me cat and I used to fight with him but then also we loved each other(tears were rolling down her eyes while she was telling this, her pain was easily visible in her eyes and voice). He was my smile, my tears, my life, my everything.
Mandy: every day you tell me about him but listen to my one suggestion Just go and meet him once.
Mahi: No, I cannot because if I will meet him He will ask me questions and I will not be able to answer. I cannot let him love me, I cannot let him marry me, I cannot let him meet him. First time I am feeling so helpless. (She hits her head to bed).
Mandy: at least go and see him once for the last time.
Mahi: after seeing him I cannot stop myself to meet him, everyday I remember him, his smile, his talks, his…. (She was not able to speak because his memories were coming in her mind, her tears were uncontrollable) she faints. Mandy wakes her up and give her water.
Mandy: I don’t know anything you have to go and see him because I cannot see you like this crying. Promise me that you will go and see him and if you will go then you can record your last album in your birthplace remember you have got proposal for recording a duet album in Kolkata.
Mahi: OK baba but only for you. (She is not knowing that with whom she is going to sing). Her flight is of tonight.

Scene 3.
Lucky goes to gadodia house to give them sweets. He listens sumi and sekhar’s conversation.
Sumi: Sekhar, after many years we had got our swara back but again god have snatched her from us. Sekhar comforts her. Lucky’s eyes filled with tears.
Lucky: I know swara you cannot betray me, I know you still love me , I know you will come back to your lucky. From 3 years, I have searched you everywhere? Where are you swara? Swara please come back to me. Your lucky will wait for you his whole life. Suddenly he gets a call. He wipes his tears. He gets a call for recording a duet album with one of the best rock stars of Singapore. He agrees. ( no one knows where the destiny will take them). He goes from there.
Scene 4.
In ragsan room. Ragini serves food to Sanskar.
Sanskar: There is magic in your hand. He kisses her hand.
Ragini: thank you.
Aashi comes there.
Aashi: mom, I have gift for you.
Ragini: wow my princess has bought gift for me. She kisses her. She opens the gift and a hand comes and punches on her nose(I don’t know what it is called) .
Ragini: see sanskar, she is becoming naughtier day by day. Aashi runs. Ragini runs after her. She slips and falls in Sanskar’s arm . Moh moh ke dhage plays. Aashi comes and shakes them.

Precap: flashback of past 3 years.

Through flashback you will come to know about Ragini’s and sanskar’s marriage and reason behind swalak separation , birth of Aashi and everything else. I think now you have understood who is Mahi.

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