Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 5


Sorry for late update guys and seriously do you guys really think that I will separate swalak and ragsan. I am writing ragsan only for fans but swalak they are the best couple I have ever seen on television. For me swalak are best so I cannot separate them. So chill.

Swara thinks(in her room) ‘ why I am feeling sad if Lucky is getting married today is his engagement but I am so sad. What type of feeling is this.
Lucky(in his room): swara_ now mom, dad and even roshini does not have any problem with you. Now miss attitude if you will also have to tell yes. BTW I am so hot and handsome no girl can tell me No.
Sanskar meet Ragini in park and tell her that lucky is not engaged to roshini and also that he love swara not roshini.
Ragini : Sanskar, you mean lucky love swara and after marriage I and swara will live together In same house. And our kids…
Sanskar: kids Ooo, you mean my and your kids.
Ragini beats Sanskar.
Ragini: I want to eat ice cream today is the best day for me.
Sanskar and Ragini together to ice cream man ‘One strawberry’.
They laugh.

Ragini: you also like strawberry, your choice is very good.
Sanskar eyes Ragini lovingly and tell ‘ yes my choice is the best’.
Ragini smiles. Ragini turns to go but her scarf gets stuck with sanskar watch. She frees it and looks in Sanskar eyes. Manchala plays. She slips but Sanskar holds her in his arms. They hug each other.

On the other side. Lucky goes in swara’s room by climbing window. Swara was thinking about lucky. He hugs swara from back swara screams. But she is also surprised that how lucky is here today is his engagement. She pushes him. Lucky: oh my god, why miss attitude is so angry on me.
Swara: today is your engagement then what are you doing here and by the way why are you not calling me by that name.

Lucky: canceled!
Swara: what is canceled?
Lucky: my engagement my marriage everything.
Swara(an unknown smile comes to her face): what!
Lucky: and I love you.
Swara: what are you telling don’t fool me.
Lucky: yes I love you. And this time I am serious, I love you from the bottom of my heart
Actually swara have same feeling for lucky but she was not telling because he was getting married to someone else. But now she thinks of showing little bit of attitude to lucky.
Swara: but I don’t love you.
Lucky: you know what when a girl says No it means Yes.
Swara: then ‘Yes.’
Lucky: what ‘Yes’ it means you love me.
Swara: then ‘No’.
Lucky: No, that also means yes.

Swara: I will kill you. You are confusing me and that’s not fair.
He holds her hand and pins her to the wall. She can feel his closeness.
Lucky: Now please tell that you also love me. She hugs him.
Swara:yes I do. I love you.
Lucky pick her in his arm . Hansi ban Gaye plays.
Lucky: so for celebrating this special moment let’s have a drink.
Swara: now I don’t drink. I have left drinking.
Lucky: really, the girl who used to drink every day is refusing to drink.
Swara:stop it lucky and promise me that you will also never drink.
Lucky: promise. I will never drink. Its ok so miss attitude can we have ice cream.
Swara: why are you not calling me by that name.
Lucky: which name.

Swara: Ooo CAT.
Lucky: you want me to call you cat. He burst into laughter.
She throws pillow on him. They both have a pillow fight.
Scene 2.
Sanskar and Ragini are in mall. They are selecting some dresses for marriage as gadodia family and maheswari family have agreed for swalak and ragsan marriage and marriage is after 2 days.
Sanskar jokes that he is going for 1 day. Tears comes in Ragini eyes.
Sanskar: why are you crying? I was joking. I am not going anywhere.
Ragini: promise me that you will not leave me you will always be with me.
Sanskar hugs her. Sanskar: no I cannot even think of leaving you. You are my life . he wipes her tears. Ragini: OK I will not cry. Sanskar picks up a wedding dress and shows it to ragini and say Beautiful.

Ragini: wow Sanskar this dress is so beautiful.
Sanskar: any dress will look beautiful on you.
Ragini: you will not select necklace for me.
Sanskar: of course. They go to necklace shop. Ragini select a necklace but she was not able to wear. Sanskar helps her. Moh moh ke dhage plays.

After 3 years.

Maheswari mansion is shown. A small 2 year girl is refusing to eat. Ragini who is wearing orange sari with mangalsutra in her neck is trying to feed that girl and the little girl is her daughter Aashi. Laksh comes there he takes Aashi in his arms and tell- My princess why are you not eating. Please follow whatever your mom is telling.
Ragini: yes Laksh, your princess is becoming a bad girl day by day because a good girl follows whatever her mom tells. Ragini smiles saying this.

Precap: Singapore is shown a girl is seen is playing guitar in concert everyone is shouting her name Mahi.

I know its confusing for you all but your confusion will be cleared in next chapter and yes for god sake don’t even think that its Raglak or swasan. You will come to know everything about Ragini’s marriage. And keep guessing who is mahi and where is our swara.you will come to know about past 3 years through a flashback and its swalak and ragsan.

Credit to: manu

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