Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 4


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I am going to add a big twist hope you like it.
Swaragini and sanlak sit in their cars for returning to home. Ragini says bye to Sanskar. Sanskar ask her to give flying kiss. Ragini get embarrassed because swalak are also there but finally she gives. Swalak see them and tell Ooo. Next day all have packed their bags for going to airport. In maheswari mansion.
Ap: Laksh and sanskar we will also come with you and we have decided that we will do you your and roshini’s engagement in Mumbai.
Lucky: but mom. I am not ready for it now.
Sanskar: yes mom we should give him some time
Ap: no but wut. We are coming to Mumbai. And day after tomorrow is your engagement and that’s final. (She leaves)
They all leave for airport. At airport.Ap sees swara talking to Ragini, Sanskar and lucky. Swara is wearing top and hot paint and Ragini is wearing long skirt and top. Ap to herself: oh my god what type of girl she is! No shame at all! How short dress she is wearing and talking to my sons. They all sit in plane. Ragini’s place is beside sanskar and lucky’s place is beside swara. While Ap Dp and roshini are in business class.
Ragini: sanskar, I want this moment to stop here . so I can always sit beside you.
They hold each other hand.

Sanskar: I also want your hand to be always in my hand.
Ragini keeps her head on his shoulders.
Ragini: I have never thought that I will fall in love. I came to Mumbai only for studying but I don’t know when I started loving you.
Sanskar: yes Ragini, we were not even knowing each other and we fell in love.
Ragini: you will not leave me na
Sanskar: no. Never. And yes today you said that but don’t say it again. I will never love anyone but you. I will never marry anYone but you. You are the most important person in my life.
Ragini hugs him. Manchala plays . They both smile.
Swara was sleeping.
Lucky: so irritating. This girl have only three works in her life either she will eat like a bhukhad or she will sleep like kumbhkaran or she will fight with me. But then also I enjoy her company. Swara’s head falls on his shoulders. He thinks of not disturbing her sleep and let it be. They reach Mumbai. Sanlak and their family goes to Lucky’s house. Swaragini are in car. Ragini tell the address of her PG to swara. Swara: o hello. are you mad ? You live in stupid PG! You are rockstar’s sister and you will live in my bungalow. And if you don’t want to stay with me then you can live in my another bungalow. They both laugh. Ragini: swara, stop the car. Swara:why? Ragini: I have to buy those flowers. She stops the car. Ragini comes out. Swara: you go I am waiting. Ragini: why madam? Swara: can’t you see the crowd. This is not Kolkata this is Mumbai and if I will come out fans will jump for autograph. Ragini: OK. They smile. They reach house. All things were messed up. They arrange the things and go to sleep. Sanskar calls Ragini: hello Ragini. Ragini: hii Sanskar. Sanskar:open the door.
Ragini: what? You are here!
Sanskar: yes, now can you please come down and open the door.
Ragini comes down. She sees pulls sanskar inside.
Ragini: if swara will see us then.
Sanskar:she will not.
Ragini:why you came here?

Sanskar: for a hug and a kiss.
Ragini: are you mad. No kiss and no hug. Just go from here.
Sanskar: I will not go. He sits on sofa.
Ragini: ok . I am giving. But after that you will go.
Sanskar: that’s like a good girl.
Ragini hugs him.
Sanskar: and where is my kiss.
Ragini: after marriage. and she pushes him outside.
Next day. Today is roshini and Lucky’s engagement.
In evening. Lucky has not eaten anything from morning.and all worried for his health.
Ap:open the door beta. Lucky: no maa because I don’t love roshini and I don’t want to marry her.
Ap is shocked. But also she is worried because lucky has not eaten anything and he has closed the door. Ap: OK beta we will not force you to marry her but open the door. He opens the door and roshini enters the room. She ask him again if he loves her.
Lucky: no Roshini. I love swara. Please try to understand I didn’t wanted to hurt you but I really love swara and I cannot marry you.all are shocked to hear this. Roshini goes from there running.

Precap: Lucky’s attempt to realize swara his love. And destiny plays a very big game with swalak and ragsan’s life which will destroy their life.

Hii guys. Now roshini will go from their life but a big twist is to come wait and keep guessing what will be the twist.

Credit to: manu

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