Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 3

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Swara goes out by seeing lucky and roshini dancing. Lucky also leaves roshini’s hand and goes behind swara. He sees swara sitting on bench. He goes and sits beside her. He holds her hand. Swara hugs him. Lucky: sorry yaar but I was not knowing that you will be upset because I made you fall down. He keeps his hand on her head. Swara realizes their closeness and breaks the hug. Swara wipes her tears and tell that she is not upset she tells lucky all that happened in gadodia house. Lucky feels that she is really upset and think to make her laugh.He takes a pinch of ice cream and puts on swara’s nose. Swara also do the same. Swara runs to save her face. lucky runs behind her. Swara stops and laughs seeing her face in mirror. Lucky smiles seeing her laughing. Jo tu mera hamdard h plays. Lucky was continuously looking at her and she was going on laughing. Swara sees lucky smiling at her. She goes near him and ask what happened. Swara:now we both have taken our revenge so let’s be… Lucky: friends. Swara: yes so friends. They both shakes their hands. Lucky: by the way, today is very dangerous day for me.

Swara:why? Lucky: ab ek Billi se dosti ki h to darr to lagega na , Billi to kabhi bhi aake noch sakti h!(I have made a cat my friend so its a normal thing that I will be afraid, any time cat come and hurt me). Swara hits him on his stomach. Lucky: I had told you are a cat, every time attacking. like a cat. Swara takes out her sandal and runs behind him. Swara: how dare you call me cat? Now tell me what I am? Lucky: sorry, sorry now don’t hit me again. You are the most beautiful, pretty… Swara(excitedly): and… Lucky: and most dangerous cat. He runs laughing. Swara: he is just crazy. Ragini search for swara. Ragini: where swara has gone? She is not picking up her phone also. But someone pulls her to the corner. He is Sanskar. Ragini: what are you doing? If someone will see us then! Sanskar: ok baba! But why are you worried? Ragini: swara has gone somewhere. Sanskar: nothing will happen to her she is a brave cat. Ragini: Sanskar! Now you also. You both brothers stop teasing my sister. Lucky also comes there. Lucky: Ragini, bhai is right she is very dangerous. See what she has done to me. Swara comes there. Swara: actually ragini , their are some blind people. Lucky: how dare you call me blind. Swara: have I taken your name.o actually there’s no need of taking the name blind people understand themselves that they are blind! Ragsan (together): oh god save us from these mad people. Roshini sees them together she breaks the glass in her hand. She gets into her car and goes to maheswari house. Ap ask her what happened? Roshini: maa, I want to do the engagement day after tomorrow in Mumbai . ap: but beta its too early. Roshini: maa, tomorrow lucky will go to Mumbai and we all will go with him. And day after tomorrow anyhow I have to do engagement.

Precap: roshini ask lucky if he loves her. Lucky tells I love… Ragsan moments.

Sorry I gave today’s Precap yesterday.

Sorry for ragsan fans today there was no ragsan moments. Sorry.

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