Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 2


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After Ragini talk to Sanskar she goes down to cook food. Swara runs from her room. She goes down to sumi. She hugs sumi and cry. Sumi get tensed by seeing swara crying. She asks swara what happened? She wipes her tears. Ragini comes there and hugs swara. Swara hugs Ragini tightly. Ragini: please tell something. What happened? Why are you crying? Swara hugs Ragini again and tell : Ragini , I know everything that who I am? What is my identity. Ragini you are my sister. She goes to sumi and tell maa I am your daughter. You are my mom. Sumi and Ragini gets shocked by listening this. Their eyes were full of tears. Flashback plays: swara opens a drawer and she founds a family album of gadodia family. She was happy by seeing Ragini childhood look. Suddenly she founds a pic in which both swaragini were there with sekhar and sumi. She gets shocked. She opens her suitcase and she was having same picture.

Tears start rolling down her eyes. Swara: This my childhood pic but how it came to Ragini’s album. What I am doing with Ragini and her parents. Actually swara was having same picture . this was the only thing which was in her hand when she came to orphanage. Swara: this pic is here means that Ragini is my sister and my mom and dad are alive. Flashback ends. Sumi,Ragini and swara hug each other. Sumi: my daughter is here. Sorry but we searched you everywhere beta… She was not able to speak anything. Ragini: you are my swara, swara and Ragini are sisters. I am so happy swara. I got my sister back. Sumi prays to god: thank you so much for giving my swara back. For getting swaragini together. Swaragini title track plays. Sumi tell this to sekhar Dadi , Dada ji and Dida and their reactions were same as sumi and swaragini. But finally they were so happy. They enjoyed very much and they also took a family photo. Swara gets lucky’s call and she goes to her room. Call connects.

Lucky: swara, we are going tomorrow so can you please come to party tonight. Swara:aaj Suraj kaha se nikla h. I mean you are calling me by my name. and you are also telling me please. Lucky: just shut up. Will you come to party or not? Swara: you must be going with roshini then what I will do their alone. Lucky: alone! I will come with you Don’t worry and by the way you can come with your boy friend. Swara: I don’t have any boy friend and yes I will come there. Lucky: and yes Ragini and Sanskar are also coming. Call disconnects.

Swaragini get ready for party. They reach there. Sanlak are mesmerized seeing them. Swara is wearing navy blue color knee length sleeve less dress with her curly open hair and navy blue heels. She is looking glamrous and gorgeous .Ragini is wearing full length baby pink color gown with her her straight open hair.she is looking very pretty and beautiful. Ragini: what happened Mr. Sanskar. Sanskar: wow! Miss beautiful will you dance with me. Ragini: no. Sanskar: why? Ragini gives a teasing smile and she tell first you impress me then only . Sanskar: madam you just order I will do. Ragini: OK. Tell me what you will do for me after marriage. Sanskar: I’ll never let a drop of tears to come to your eyes. Ragini look into his eyes. Manchala plays. Ragini: and.. Sanskar: I’ll always take care of you. Ragini smiles. And.. Sanskar: and I’ll always trust you,I’ll always try to understand you, I will always support you and… He was about to say something but Ragini keeps her hand on his mouth. She tell ssh. ..No need to say anything else. They hug each other. They both go for dance. On the other side.

Swara gives a naughty smile as a idea came in her mind. She thinks’ kaliya(lucky) Now I will take my revenge. She gives a cute smile. She goes to lucky with a glass of juice. Swara(teasingly): lucky, you are looking damm hot and handsome. Lucky: are you ok.are you having fever? Swara(gets irritated)but she gives a fake smile and says: till now I was fighting with such a nice guy. But now I understood that you are the one. Lucky (confused): bas kar ab rulagi kya. She hold his hand but suddenly she throws the juice on him. She winks and smirks. Lucky: you idiot, I will kill you and I will surely give you a nice reply. He makes swara fall by hitting her leg.she is about to fall but he holds her and suddenly he leaves her and she directly fall. He smirks and says’ return gift’. A quarrel sound plays.They both give a angry look. Roshini comes there.swara comes in reality that lucky is going to marry with roshini and something made her cry.she goes away from lucky. Laksh dance with her on the song Ishq wala love but he was looking at swara. Swara gets jealous. Her eyes were full of tears. Darmiyaan plays.

Lafzoon se Jo tha pare
Khali pan ko Jo bhare
Kuch to tha tere mere darmiyaan
Riste ko kya mod du
Nata hi ab Tod du
Ya phir yu hi chhod du darmiyaan
Darmiyaan darmiyaan kuch to tha tere mere darmiyaan

She is unknown to her feelings. She just doesn’t know why she is feeling jealous by seeing roshini and lucky together. She goes out of there. Lucky sees her and goes behind her.

Precap: Roshini ask lucky if he loves him. Lucky tells:I love …..

I know I am not good writer actually I am very very bad writer and I know my ff is the worst but please support me I will try my best.

Credit to: manu

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