Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 12


Sorry for making you all wait for a long time. Really really sorry. And this is 3rd last episode.Thank to all of you Niva, dia, keerthu, sandy, Tania, Hayathi, sanjana, Sam, surbhi, kaya, kriya, lila and Shreya. And niva and Shreya I am also a very big and crazy fan of swalak. Sorry sorry for late update but really I don’t get time plz try to understand and don’t be angry on me.

Recap: lucky, sanskar, Ragini and Mandy have made a plan in restaurant.

All of them return from restaurant. Mandy walks to swara’s room. She get a call and it was of lucky.
Lucky: anyhow u have to stop swara in her room and bring her down only when I say.
Mandy: don’t worry. Nothing else only little emotional blackmail is needed to stop her in the room.
Lucky: thanks.

In room.
Swara is listening to song. She ses mandy.
Swara: o mandy from where r u coming.
Mandy: nothing so exciting I just went for shopping. And guess what I brought for u?
Swara: what?
Mandy shows her new beautiful dark Blue and white color long gown.
Swara: wow. This is superb. Thank u.
Mandy: my choice is always best sweetheart.
Mandy and swara start talking about the concerts and songs.
After 2 hr. Its night now.

Mandy gets sanskar’s massage to bring swara in hall.
Mandy: Mahi, let’s go down.
Swara: ya sure.
Mandy: no no no wait. U will go like this.(looking at her dress).
Swara: what’s the problem in this look.
Mandy: no. You will wear the gown I brought for u.
Swara:but I am not going to a party.
Mandy: no but wut. U go and change and wear the gown. And after that I have called your fans and media here.and that’s y I am telling u to wear the gowm
Swara: I am going my mother.
Swara get changed and come. She curls her hair. And wear white pearl necklace, blue matching earrings, a diamond bracelet. The combination of dark blue and white was increasing her beauty.
In ragsan room.
Ragini was looking what to wear. And suddenly sanskar comes and gives her a sari.
Ragini: wow sanskar. Its so beautiful.
Sanskar: but u can’t get this so easily.
Ragini: oho, then what I have to do for this sari Mr.maheswari.
Sanskar: nothing more only a kiss Mrs. Maheswari.
Ragini blushes. She steps closer to sanskar. Sanskar looks in her eyes but suddenly Ragini takes sari from sanskar’s hand and goes to change. Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: pagal!.

Ragini gets changed and come to room. She was looking very gorgeous in that purple and golden sari. She has left her hair open and straight.
Both of them go to hall.
Lucky: Bhai, Bhabhi you both are so late. And Bhai u have massaged Mandy.
Sanskar: yes my brother and swara must be coming.
Ragini: lakah you have called guests and informed family members na.
Laksh: yes Bhabhi everything is done and yes uncle-aunty(swaragini’s mom dad)have came and Aashi is also with them.
Lights gets off.
Swara comes out of her room.
Swara: Mandy why lights r off.
Mandy: let’s go down.
They come to hall.
Flowers fall on swara and lights gets on.
Swara sees a man sitting with guitar and guests around him. He turns and he is Laksh. He comes to swara and sings Janam- janam. After song finishes he sits on his knees.
Laksh- will u marry me?

Swara looks at family members everyone signs to tell her yes.
Swara- yes. Swalak hug each other.
Ragsan comes with rings and hand them to swalak respectively.
Ragini: so this was a surprise for u swara. Today is your(swalak) engagement.
Swara make lucky wear ring. And lucky make swara wear ring. They get engaged.Swara goes to her mom dad and hug them. After that she goes to lucky’s mom dad. She touch their feet and take blessings. She sees Aashi(this is her first meet with her). She goes and hug her.
Swara: I am your masi(mother’s sister).
Lucky: no Aashi she is your chahi.
Swara: no I am your masi.
Lucky: chahi.

Swara: see jiju your brother fighting with me.
Lucky: o hello. Sanskar is my brother so he is not your jiju ok.
Swara: shut up lucky. He is my jiju(sister’s husband).
Ragsan in unison: stop it u both.
Swara: Ragini don’t tell to me he has started.
Lucky: u have started.
Aashi: shut up. U both fight more than me. Now hold your ears and say sorry.
They say sorry. Everyone laughs.

Mandy: so guys its time for a couple dance.
Swalak and ragsan and all other couples dance on song sanam re. After party gets over And all guests leave. Family member decide marriage date and it is just day after tomorrow.
Sumi sekhar takes swara with them. Ragini and Aashi also go with them for helping in preparation.
Next day. Maheswari house is decorated beautifully.
Sanskar takes Laksh in hall.
Ap: my child is big now. He is marrying.
Lucky: Maa. Don’t get emotional now.
They hug. Laksh sits and 1 by 1 everyone puts haldi(turmeric paste) on Laksh.
Screen shifts to gadodia house which is also decorated beautifully. And everyone putting swara haldi. Swara is dressed in a yellow suit.
Ceremony gets over.

Sumi- you cannot go out of house and you cannot meet Laksh till your marriage.
Swara nods.
Screen freezes on separate face of Laksh and swara with haldi.

I promise this time I will not be so Late and this is a true promise.

Credit to: manu

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