Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 11


Thank you all for you for liking it. I want to tell you all one thing that its the fourth last epispde. I will soon end this story because my exams are on my head but don’t worry I will complete the whole story this in these 4 episodes. I think you will miss ragsan because I have to unite swalak fast but I will try to add some ragsan moments.

Next day.
Swara get discharged from hospital and all of them return to kolkata.
On the way.
Ragini:maa, I will take shona at my home please.
Sumi: but..
Ragini: no but. Please maa.. I am your good daughter na so please.
Sumi: ok. Ragini hugs her and tell thank you. Swalak and ragsan reach maheswari house. Ap and sujata gets irritated by seeing swara because they don’t know the truth. Ragini takes swara to guest room which is just beside laksh’s room. Sanlak tell whole truth to ap and sujata. And they give permission for keeping her in house. Ragini shows laksh’s room to swara. Swara sees the room and the room was full of her(swara) pictures even the bedsheet is also having her pic with laksh. She laughs seeing all this.
Ragini: how is the room?
Swara: ragini, your devar(brother in law) is just crazy about me na. You know what we(swalak) are same yaar even my room in singapore is full of lucky’s pic.
Ragini: this is because love.
Swara suddenly remember something and shouts.
Swara: OMG, ragini I am such dumbo how can I forget to inform Mandy that I am ok she must be worried yaar.
Ragini: who is this mandy?
Swara: she is my friend… Not only friend …best friend.
Ragini: then call her.

In Singapore. Mandy is sitting in Mahi’s room(swara) and seeing her photo. She calls swara(Mahi).
Mandy: why her phone is always switch off. God please connect the call. Plz.
Mandy gets swara’s call.
Mandy: Wow, Mahi. How r u. r u ok.
Swara: Mandy, Go down and open the fridge.
Mandy: how do you u know that I am at your house.
Swara: oho question box. I know everything. You just open fridge. And take out ice cream.
Mandy: yes I have taken. Now…
swara: now eat. Sweetheart I am fine and now I have my whole life. Now please come here in Kolkata we will enjoy. And listen carefully ,I have a plan for your Mind blowing entry in my house. She tell something to her. And then call disconnect.
Next day.
Lucky wakes up and he thinks to meet swara. He goes to her room.
Lucky: where is swara? I think she is in washroom. (He sits on bed .A girl come from balcony).
Lucky: who r u and what are doing in swara’s room?
Girl: I have come here for u Baby.
Lucky:What are you telling. Just get out from here.
Girl: o my darling. No one is here we are all alone so why are you not coming to me.
Lucky: see I said na I don’t know who u r and just get out and yes don’t even try to come near me.
The girl pretend to faint. Lucky: what the hell? I think I should give her water. He takes water and was going to sprinkle on her face but swara comes from washroom.
Swara: OMG lucky . I thought you only love me but who is she.
Lucky: swara, I don’t know who is she? And how she came here. Trust me.
Swara acts like she is crying. Swara: How can you do this to me?
Lucky: shona, I haven’t done anything . swara: just shut up and don’t lie.
Lucky: I am telling the truth. OK u ask this girl she will tell u.
He turns to go to balcony but he hears swara laughing loudly.
Lucky: y r u laughing. Swara continues to laugh.
Swara: OK… I am telling u. She is my friend Mandy. And We played a prank with u. Mandy gets up.
Mandy: sorry lucky but this was all her plan.
Lucky: swara, you. I will not leave you. He throws a pillow on her. She runs saying: sorry baby it was just prank. Sorry, sorry.
Lucky: o really. I will see u afterwards. You are saved for now.
Swara: so. Lucky she is Mandy my friend from Singapore and Mandy He is love of my life, my boyfriend Lucky.
Mandy: hello. Well Mr.boyfriend when you are going to become husband.
Swara gets sad thinking that they are not married yet.
Swara: Mandy you take rest then we will go for some shopping.
Mandy: OK.
Swara goes to Lucky’s room. Lucky come and hug her.
Lucky: what happened shona?
Swara: nothing. You know lucky I had a dream to marry like a princess but in reality I ran from my marriage.
Lucky: leave those things.
Swara: no yaar. I am leaving here without any relation this is not so simple lucky.
Lucky hug her. Lucky in his mind: swara, your dream will be fulfilled . He kiss on her forehead.
He calls Ragini,Sanska,uttara and Mandy in a restaurant. They reach there.
Sanskar: lucky, why you have called us here?
Lucky: OK so listen. He tell something to them but it is muted.
Ragini: but are u sure this will work.
Mandy: yes, Ragini is right. I mean this risky.
Lucky: guys for swara we will have to do this.
All of them in unison: we r ready.
Precap: Maheswari mansion is decorated beautifully. Swara in yellow dress and some women are putting haldi(turmeric) on her.

Sorry I am late but my exams are on my head so I am getting time. Hope you are not angry on me. And yes sorry for precap actually it was a line from the last episode and by mistake it got pasted here.sorry.

Credit to: manu

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  1. Oh damn 🙁 Only four more episodes :((( I will surely mid this story. I loveee Swalak
    ❤❤❤❤ In swaragini, laksh has actually moved on now and that makes me so sad. Like what was the point then to give us so much hope and happiness by starting Swalak and then murdering all of the happiness. I don’t understand this. I miss seeing laksh in such passionate love for swara ??
    Well they may pair swara and laksh with somebody else, but in my heart they’ll always be together forever.
    Also, thank you a lot manu for this ff. I check this page at least a hundred times in a day to see if you have updated. That is how desperate I am about your Swalak’s story. Anyway, sorry for spamming your ff with such a huge comment? Best of luck for your exams!

    1. Niva, you know what your comment made my day. Really its my pleasure that you search for my ff 100 times a day. And don’t say sorry or thank you, I write this because I like to write about my favorite swalak.?

  2. Yes I was telling that the precap what I gave in previous epi was a line from last epi. And a huge thanks to all of you.

  3. Ha ha ha she is cool

  4. Yeah superb yaar

  5. Yaar tum kya sach mein aur nahi likhogi im going to miss it badly ur rt niva ialso miss swalak like you &manu after exam you can continue it so plz dont end it take a break until ur exams are going on we’ll wait for you &all the best for your exams plz agar sach mein ise end karogi toh exam ke baad ek new swalak ff likhna

  6. super………..

  7. Nice its too good….

  8. I am gonna miss this soooo much. There aren’t many ff of ragsan. That’s why I always read this. But now this will finish as well ?

  9. I like Ur ff very much. I check Ur ff everyday. And all the best for Ur exams

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