Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 10


Lucky sees swara’s photo and tell: I know swara you will come if our love is true then you will have to come. OK.. Let’s deal you just return back to me and I will never fight with you. Lucky’s tears were not stopping.
Doctor comes outside.
Doctor: operation is successful but patient is not out of danger and only you have 5 hours.
Lucky: doctor I don’t know anything but you have to treat her please doctor.
Doctor: relax, we are doing our best. You please go and bring these medicines.
Lucky gets Sanskar call.
Sanskar: where are you laksh?
Lucky: bhai I am in Delhi please come. And take Bhabhi, uncle and aunty also.
After 2 hours.
Lucky finds Sanskar,Ragini, sumi and sekhar.
Sanskar: what happened laksh.
Lucky: bhai…
Ragini: what happened laksh?

Lucky: Bhabhi actually…..swara. Her treatment is going on in room no.20
Ragini runs to the room but she stops as she recalled that she ran from her marriage.
Lucky: Bhabhi,bhai ,aunty, uncle I know why you all are not going because that day swara ran from marriage but I want to tell you something.
After listening all this.
Ragini: oh my god, she was suffering from pain and we were cursing her.
Sumi:my daughter … She was having this much big problem and she was suffering from this alone.
Ragini: sanskar, there is a temple in Delhi I want to go there it is said that whoever take 5 round of the temple on knees their wish get filled I want to go there plz take me.
Sanskar: OK.
Ragsan reach the temple.
Sanskar: Ragini, don’t worry she will be alright but.
Ragini: If anything will happen to swara than that will give me pain than this. I am ready to do all the things for because swaragini are meant to be together. Swaragini title track plays.
Ragini reaches temple.

Sanskar: think once again Ragini this is not so easy.
Ragini: everything thing is easy if you are with me.
(Jo tu mera hamdard h… suhana dard h..) Plays.
Sanskar: then I will also take round.
Ragini: no Sanskar, this is for my sister so I will do it alone.
Ragini starts taking round on the other side nurse come outside and tell doctor that patient’s pulse rate has increased. Doctor rushes inside.
Doctor: give her injection.
Ragini completes 3 round. Her knees are hurt badly. Now she is unable to step forward Sanskar helps her and she do it. She completes 5 round. She get up but she faints.
Doctor comes out.
Lucky: what happened doctor. Is she alright Doctor: congratulations she is out of danger. We have not seen like this improvement in any other case. This is a miracle for us too. I think this is due to someone’s special concern for her.
At temple.
Sanskar makes her drink water. Ragini:Sanskar, swara how is she now? I have to go to hospital. They take taxi. Sanskar: yes Ragini, we will go. Relax.
At hospital.
Swara(who is unaware that her family is also here thinks that): now I am able to spend my whole life with my mom-dad, my sister and finally my dearest my Lucky. Where are you lucky, I want to talk to you.
Lucky is about to enter room but sumi enters first.
Swara is eagerly waiting for lucky. She sees sumi and gets very Happy.
Swara: mom. You here. (She hugs her). Mom I am very happy.
Sumi: sorry shona.
Swara:sorry for what mom?
Sumi: sorry for not searching you, sorry for not understanding you, sorry for not trusting you.
Swara: no mom. This is not your fault situation was like that.
Sumi: now,I am going out, others are also waiting to meet you.
Swara in her mind:now plz come lucky I am eagerly waiting for u.
Again lucky is going to enter room but Ragini comes and enter the room. Swara sees Ragini. They both hug each other.

Ragini: swara… And they both were not able to speak anything tears start rolling down their eyes but these tears are of happiness. They again hug each other. Suddenly swara sees mangalsutra(a necklace which a woman is supposed to wear after marriage) in Ragini’s neck.
Swara:wow Ragini, you are married I am so happy for you.
Ragini: yes I am married and I have a daughter also.
Swara: congrats. (in a serious voice)And what happened to you.(swara notices that Ragini is not walking normally)
Ragini: I was just walking and I fell down.
Swara:don’t lie me.
Ragini: actually … Leave it.
Swara: leave it! Just go and have first day otherwise I am not going to talk to you.
Ragini: OK baba. Take care. She goes out. Again lucky tries to enter room but sekhar enters.
Swara talks with him for sometime and after that sekhar comes out. And finally lucky enters the room. They both see each other and take a deep breath.Lucky comes to her. Without telling anything theynhug tightly. They break the hug.
Swara tries to sit straight but she get unbalanced lucky helps her.
Lucky: o hello miss brave no need to sit straighty you have to rest means rest.
lucky turns to go because he was unable to see swara in this condition.swara holds his hand.
Swara:don’t go. I want your face to always be in front of my eyes. Swara eyes him with love.
Lucky: why are you seeing me like this?

Swara: let me see I am seeing you after a long time.
Lucky sits beside her.
Lucky: swara,now we are able to spend our whole life with each other.I am so happy.Doctor call him outside.
Lucky: family members were less that now doctor is also separating me from you. Swara hits his stomach. They both laugh.

Precap: lucky fills swara’s maang with sindoor.

Credit to: manu

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