Swaragini fan fiction rocks (swalak-ragsan) Jo tu mera hamdard hai chapter 1


Hii guys,This fan fiction is only for swalak and ragsan fans. I know there are not much swalak and ragsan fan left by seeing the current track. Please comment .its a humble request. I’ll continue it only if I’ll get comment. I really want your support.
This is the continuation of fan fiction – swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) . so link of previous chapter is-


So here we go.
Scene 1.
Sanlak reach maheswari house and go to their room. As lucky enters his room he sees roshini their. Roshini ask lucky where was he. Lucky hesitates and says that he has gone for jogging. Roshini ask lucky if he really want to marry her. Lucky tells that he likes her but now he is not ready for marriage. Roshini thinks something in her mind and with a evil smile she says to lucky that she will give him as much time as he want. Lucky thanks her for understanding his emotions.

In gadodia house. Swaragini pack their bags for going back to Mumbai for their final round of competition. Swara is in Ragini’ room.she opens a drawer she finds something there and she is left shocked by seeing that. Lucky and roshini are in park.Roshini ask him. Roshini: Laksh,Who is the person with whom you can share everything? I mean about whom you think the most? Lucky: sone ki Billi(swara). A smile come to his face. Roshini gets jealous because she was expecting that he will tell her(Roshini)name. She controls herself and ask lucky to come to party with her. Lucky says yes. Swaragini and sanlak are going to Mumbai tomorrow morning and party is today’s night.

Ragini calls Sanskar.she thinks if I will tell sanskar that I called him only because I wanted to hear his voice then he will tease me.call connects . Ragini: our flight ticket is of morning. Sanskar: I know. Ragini: ok, then bye.. Sanskar: oo madam, I was knowing, you cannot live one second without me.Ragini: shut up sanskar. Sanskar: really! Then why you called me.Ragini(she smiles): I thought that you cannot live without talking to me. Sanskar: ooooho By the way you are very bad actor. They both laugh. Sumi comes there. She asks Ragini with whom she is talking. Ragini lies that she is talking with swara. Sanskar on phone: now . tell me ‘I love you’.Ragini hears this she gets nervous and gives a fakes smile seeing sumi. Ragini: shona but I cannot come to shopping with you. Sanskar: shopping! Have you gone mad. Ragini disconnects the phone . sumi makes a face by seeing Ragini’s strange behavior.

Precap: lucky and Roshini dance together in party . swara gets jealous. Swara hugs sumi and tell that she knows everything that she is………..

I know today’s episode is not nice but I will try my best in next chapter but please keep reading. And wait and see what swara tells to sumi.

Credit to: manu

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  1. Cool one yar dnt stop i like rag and san very much
    And ur right they are very few ragsan ff
    I dont know they are stopping all of sudden
    Atleast u continue and i love your story

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    Again thanks a bunch ?

  4. nice continue

  5. Thank you manu for continuing my favourite fan fiction.
    who told you there are no more swalak fan left.

  6. Your ff is really good dear…plz do continue ur writing dear

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  12. Till now I’m a silent reader but plz yaar I like u r ff very much as I want you to continue this so i coment here plz continue it

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    nd plzzz don’t stop it now
    and yess there are few swalak fans but we want them together once again thanx a lot dear

  15. Loved it. Especially ragsan scene

  16. I am swalak fan plzz continue

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