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Sanskar standing by the window and blood running out his hand.


Sanskar was sitting on the bed remembering all his happy moments with Swara. Just then his phone rang. Shona name was on display. ‘ why swara is calling me at this time of night ‘, he thought. He recieved the call and heard a weak voice of swara, a stammering voice full of pain and agony that also led Sanskar apart. He asked tensedly ‘ what happened Swara , are you allright?’. If you want to know come to room 101 was Swara’s reply and the call was disconnected. Sanskar repeatedly said hello but in vain. He rushed to room 101 without a second thought praying in heart fir Swara’s safety and cursing him for hurting Swara so much.

Sanskar reached the room and knocked it but thrn he realised that the door was not locked. He stepped inside and called for Swara. As he took one step more he saw wine bottles lying on the floor along with the dress Swara was wearing that day. He was shocked at the sight and freezed too. Suddenly there was a sound clutch at the door. He turned around and saw Swara stood there locking the door.

Swara turned to him. She have worn an off shoulder one piece a length above her knees. Her hairs were left open , the same curls in the party. As she walked upto Sanskar, sanskar noticed a wine glass in her hand and her legs move to and fro. She stumbled while walking. Yes there stood the completely drunk Swara. She reached upto Sanskar, emptied the wine glass in her mouth and threw the glasd away causing it to crush. She catched Sanskar by his collar and looked straight into his eyes saying , ‘ So do you like me? How am i looking Sanskar? ‘ and she leant into him. Sanskar removed her hand and held her by shoulders, tightening his grip he said ,’ what nonsense is this Swara, why are u drunk and what are you wearing and what are you trying to do. Come to your room ‘and he pulled her till the door. But as he tried to open the door, the door was locked with a key. Swara giggled at this and hugged Sanskar from the back. Sanskar was melt by her soft touch. But composing himself he pushed her apart and said , ‘

Swara you are not in your senses, what are you doing all this ? ‘ . Swara took two step back and said ‘ i don’t want to be in my senses anymore. We lived together for a couple of months in the same room, even we got married too then also you never kissed me sansakar maheshwari as you were about to kiss my sister today. ‘ Her eyes became red with pain and she added , ‘ why sanskar tell me, am i not appealing’. Saying this she went to him, pinned him against the wall and kissed on his chest. Sanskar let out a sweet moan. She looked up in victory but sanskar parted her and composed him . He said ‘ swara lets leave, try to understand, you are drunk and we too cannot stay together in a room. ‘

‘ Ahem’ swara sounded raising her eyebrows and said ‘ why can’t we, we are husband and wife Sanskar. Divorce procedure take 6 months to finalise and its only 1 month now. We can make it cancel too’. Sanskar was in stare of deep shock not understanding what’s going inside heart of Swara. She again leaned for a kiss on lips but Sanskar pushed her with a jerk as he rembered laksh and Swara relation and thought she is doing all this in a douzy state and he controlled his feelings.

Suddenly song was played
Bebo main bebo
Dil mera lelo..
Dil dene aai.
Le lo ji le loo….

Swara came dancing sensually towards Sanskar and kissed on his hands. She hugged him and kissed on his neck, licking gently there. She then tool him to the bed made him lie down and manged herself on the top of Sanskar. She then in a sad tone said ‘ Sanskar you don’t want to kiss me as you love her right. ‘, tears shed out her eyes and she leaned to his chest. Kissing enormously there almost loosing all her senses and licking gently on his neck. Sanskar let out the brearhing sound. The sound was so heavy that hearing it swara moaned. She raised her face up and said ,’ sanskar today when lakshya asked me to give one chance to our loved and i hugged him, i thought yes i love him but as i shut my eyes i saw you only you. I thought all this is because you helped me so much and you are my best friend who have favoured me a lot. So i wanted to share this news to you. But as i saw you and Ragini so close something broke in my heart sanskar. I have never felt thus seeing laksh and ragini together but with you, i can not bear anyone else. That time i realized that was not only friendship, not only gratitude towards you for helping me but more than that. You are my Sanskar and i will not let anybody to snatch you. ‘

She sobbed hardly saying this. Sanskar was shocked hearing thus. His heart beat fastened. ‘ Does she love me? Does my shona love me? His heart pondered over this question. He patted Swara’s back and in thus process his hand tiuch Swara’s bare back. Swara moaned and raised her neck up. Sanakar realised what he have done and he slowly slipped his hand over swara’s waist that was coveredby her clothes. At his thus action Swara looked down and said ‘ sanskar that day you said yoy love me, then how that love blew away. ‘ She leaned to kiss him on his lips. There was a little difference between their lips. They both could feel the heavy breath of each other. As swara leaned more and closed her syed in pleasure her kiss was interulled by a finger, yes Sanskar’s finger between their lips. She parted her a little and said ‘ does she kiss so good that you don’t want to kiss me’ . She burst out in tears and said ‘Sanskar Maheshawari i love u damn it. Stop playing this f**king shit around me. I know you both are working on a plan. But who gave right to you to play with my life and set it acoording to your plans.’

“PLAN” said sanskar in a questioning and surprising tone. ‘Yes your plan that i am aware about now. I have read your message in Ragini’s phone ‘said Swara still leaning on his face.

Flashback starts

Sanskar standing by the window messaged Ragini, ‘ i think our plan has worked today, now swara will unite with lucky soon. They both will get their love and our repentance will be completed. But i am not able to see her hurt, please console ger Ragini. I love her a lot . I can not bear her tears. But she loves lucky i know and today whatever she gave dine seeing us together that may be due to her best friend and sister hid their relation with her. She will be normal by tomorrow and as she will she we both have move on she will also move in with her love lakshya. U take care of her Ragini. Good night. ‘

Swara was shocked reading this message, she then checked all the previous message and saw tgeir plans. She put a hand on her haid and cried realising on the very moment that how much she love sanskar and how the thought of loosing Sanskar was troubling her and how much she is relieved after knowing there is nothing between him and Ragini.
She remembered her mother’s word “there is difference between first and true love ”
She wiped her tears went down , got drunk and then booked the room calling Sanskar.

Flashback ends

‘ Why you did this to me, u should have asked me once sanskar. You never know how i felt seeing you and Ragini together. You can never feel what i have felt.’ said swara in tears and disgust.
Sanskar slipped he down and was on her top now and said ‘ how cum i not know, the same i felt when lakshya kissed your shoulder and hugged you. ‘

Swara looked at him in gloomliness. Sanskar’s eyes were showing its pain. He then smooched Swara’s shoulder and said , ‘was it better than this ‘ and clenched his wounded fist. Swara was pained seeing Sanskar pain and then she saw his wounded hand. She cried and kissed his hand saying ,’ the way i feel when you touch me is that i can not feel with any body’. Saying this she pecked on sanskar lips. Sanskar leaned and their lips meet again. Slowly their breathing mingled. He sucked he lower lip and swara nibbled hus uper lip. They lost in the kiss , theur eyes were closed enjoying there moment the fullest . After the kiss, sanskar lie down beside Swara and hugged her with her head resting on his shoulder. He said , ‘ shona now when i know you love me, i will not let you go any where, nobody can part us now. He kissed in Swara’s forhead. Swara clutched him tightly. They both slept with smile on their lips. The simle of their new found love ♡.

The Four reaching baadi. Whole garodia and maheshawari family present there and dp told about their decision happily of getting swalak and sanrag marriage. Swara and Sanskar looked each other shocked.


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