Swaragini Fan Fiction.. Part 8


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Swara and lakshya searching for sanskar

Swara and Lakshya searched for Sanskar everywhere in the party. But he was nowhere to be seen. Swara stood with a hand on her waist and said being tensed’ where can he go and even Ragini is not here ‘. Lakshya suggested to check poolside. Swara made pout face and nodded in yes. They both reached poolside and saw both Sanskar and Ragini sitting by the side of pool. Swara rushed towards them grabbing lakshya’s arm and as she was about to shout Sanskar’s name, she stood froze seeing the scene in fron of her.

Sanskar was holding Ragini’s face, cupping it with his hands and they both were leaning to kiss each other. Their lips were a few centimetres apart.
As they leaned more ,the freezed and shocked Swara ran upto them like a lighting and grabbed Ragini making her stand atonce. Lakshya, Sanskar and Ragini got shocked by her sudden behaviour. Swara didn’t stopped there rather she pushed Ragini towards the swimming pool. As she was about to fall Lakshya caught her hand. Swara saw Sanskar name imprinted on her palm with mehendi. She looked at Ragini with anger and tears in her eyes. She said ‘ what is this Ragini and how dare u write Sanskar’s name on your palm’ . Ragini saw it and remembered..

Flashback starts
As swara left from mehendi place and Ragini was still their, mehendi wala asked her to put whose name in the mehendi. In the mean time Sanskar called her and she said Sanskar ;seeing his name on phone screen. Mehendi designer mistook it and wrote Sanskar’s name on her palm when she was busy talking with Sanskar on phone who was telling her something but she was not able to hear anything due to lod music in party. So she disconnected the call and as she was about to leave to search for him , she saw her palm and yelled at mehendi designer ‘ what is this, who told you to write it, it was his call that’s why i took his name. ‘ then she took cloth and rubbed his name but the mehendi had already done its work. Sanskar’s name was already imprinted on her palm. Then in frustration she stood up and went to search for Sanskar and in the way she heard Swara and lakshya conversation. She then saw her palm and think everything happens, happens for good. Then she called Sanskar and asked him where he was.

She then went to pool side. Sanskar was there, with hamd full of blood. She drapped a part of dupatta around his hand and Sanskar hugged her crying hard saying ‘ I can not do this Ragini , i will not be able to do this any more. I cannot see Swara going close to anyone’..and then he broke down in tears. Ragini rubbed his back and consoled him and reminded him about Swara’s love for Lakshya. She said , ‘ Sanskar love doesn’t mean ti get the person, it just means the happiness of our love. I have already committed a sin, please help me to repent it and u too wanted to repent. Be string Sanskar ‘. Sanskar nooded in yes and gloomliness on his face. Ragini then told him about swalak conversation and said Swara will not move forward with lakshya untill you don’t move forward with someone and she is coming here in some time and i think we can put our plan to work. Sanskar looked confused, as Ragini heard Swara coming she leaned close to Sanskar and put his hand in her face. Sanskar understood as he saw Swara and cupped Ragini’s face and leant forward as if they are kissing.

Flashback ends

Swara was damn angry by then seeing Ragini not replying and being lost in thoughts. She pulled Ragini hard and yelled at her.

Swara said , ‘ Ragini, i asked something just reply , how can you do this Ragini and what were you doing right now. You were going to kiss my husband. How dare you. How many times will i forgive u Ragini. And now crossing all the limits, you are trying to snatch my husband, my Sanskar from me ‘
Swara was saying all this in a fuss not realising what she is saying. She didn’t stopped untill lakshya shook her shoulders and brough her back into reality. She then realised what have she done but she deep inside in her heart wanted an explanation from Sanskar . Swara turned back with tears flowing and looked at Sanskar having a question look on her face. Sanskar who loved her deeply can understand each and every expression of hers thiught in mind if i hurt her now she will easily move on with lakshya without a gulit. He then came near to Ragini held her by the waist and said ‘ yes swara , we are in love. I and Ragini, I don’t know how it happened but regular meetings from one month have made us realised our love and yes today you have done this but from now never dare to point a finger to Ragini. She is my love and loving someone is not a mistake and you stay out of it Swara. ‘

Swara trembled in pain and shock. She took two steps back and then turned suddenly. She left from there saying ‘please give me some time alone, nobody should follow me i beg. I need some time ‘and she left. Ragini said ‘give her the time she wants’. Sanskar and Lakshya nodded and then Lakshya hugged Sanskar and said i am very happy for both of you and sorry i doubte you on plane. Sanskar hugged him back and said its ok. Sanskar said now we should leave for the hotel. Ragini said but Swara, leaving her here is not a good idea and she will surely not come back if we go to call her. Lakshya nodded and said you both leave , i will come with her. Ragini and sanskar complied and as they were about to leave watchman came there and said , Swara mam have left for hotel and have asked me to tell you. The all sighed a relief and proceeded to the hotel.

Scene 2
Swara was lying in bed as Ragini, Sanskar and Lakshya reached there. Ragini said ‘ Swara when and how did you reach here ‘ . Swara pulled comforter upto her head and said let me sleep, please leave and don’t disturb me. The three nodded and sanskar and lucky left to their room. Swara wept inside the comforter and her eyes swollen. Ragini lie down beside her and thought now everything will be allright swara..you will get you love. In sanlak room lucky was happy happy and happy that now swara will surely come to him as sanskar has also moved on. Thinking this he fall asleep. On the other hand sanskar was not able to sleep so he went to the window and stoid there, everything came before his eyes like a Flashback. He felt guilt and said sorry to hurt you Swara but now you will be able to move on. He murmured I love you swara and i will not be able to love anyone else. But for your love i have to do all this saying this he hit hiswounded hand on the wall and blood started coming out srenching the wall.

Swara lying on top of sanskar in a s*xy nighgiee and kissing Sanskar enormously on chest and then she bent to kiss him on lips.

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  1. Cant understand story another precap another

    1. dear mary in tomorrows part your confusion will be cleared,, dear stay tuned :)_

  2. Nice episode yaar pls update next one

    1. thankuu devi i will update ext part tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. nice one… wtng for next episode

    1. thanku sri for your support..next part will be updated..please keep supportig and stay tuned πŸ™‚

  4. pls concentrate on raglak also

    1. thanku for your suggestion dear ridhi, but let first swara realise her feelings as lakshya loves swara now so raglak focus will not be soon but ragini ad laksh separately will be focussed πŸ™‚

    1. thanku surbhi..please stay tuned ad keep supporting dear πŸ™‚

  5. I think precap is a dream….. the pain of losing love is sooo painful…u have expressed it very well…loved it

    1. thanku for your comment manu..i am really glad you felt the presence of pain..and if the precap is not a dream then will it be exciting or nott πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanq for giving links; it is very difficult to find one’s f2f as there are so many of them..
    Going to read your ff for the first time.

    1. thanku tani..please do read and also try my another fan fiction sisters love.. i will post next part of it tomorrow with links and then u can easy go through it,,thanks for reading dear..stay tuned ad keep supporting πŸ™‚

  7. Heer very nice story…but I’m getting confused..why she said to Ragini… sanskar is her husband..? Swara accepted before when laksh move close with her.in precap pair was showing swasan..i don’t like swara character like this type..sorry if I hurt you.but today episode is super..I’m happy swara finally said her heart talk in anger…Sanskar is her husband.

    1. dear krish..sorry if this part was so connfusing..swara said all that to ragini bcoz she was in terrible pain..,she lost all at that moment and was literally out of her senses..well read the next part and please convey your views.. keep supporting dear πŸ™‚

  8. Precap is dream…… i cant undrstnd ur story line whether ur gonna unite sanlak or swasan.. bt kind info frm ur fan plz unite swasan…..

  9. Precap is dream for san or swara

  10. hey daniela please read todays update,,and then convet your views πŸ™‚

  11. dear jay i have given next episode.. i am glad seeing u r interested i atory,, atay tuned and decide whether its gream or not..keep supporting dear πŸ™‚

  12. nice..
    mame it clr to swara about ragsan plan

  13. nice..
    make it clr to swara about ragsan plan

    1. dear ahana i have given next part..let them post it and then convey your views there and heartfelt thanks for showingf such an interest in the episode πŸ™‚ keep supporting dear πŸ™‚

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