Swaragini Fan Fiction.. Part 7

hey guys thanku for your support, next part is here ad it is short i am writing another part and
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Scene 1
All were complimenting lakshya and swara as perfect couple. Swara was uncomfortable and lakshya was happy beyond imagination.
Diya was applying mehendi on her hands. She asked Swara and Ragini to perform dance. Swara was a bit unhappy due the things going all around. She refused but Ragini held her hand and dragged her to dance floor. Song was played
Mehndi h rachne wali hatho m gehri lali.. :))

They both danced beautifully and all got mesmerized seeing them. Diya said ‘ we all know swaragini rocks ‘ . Swara happily hugged Ragini hearing this , Ragini remembered all her deads and got teary eyed and then she became more determined to unite lakshya and swara to repent her mistake. She hugged swara back.

Now both swaragini sat for applying mehendi on their hands. The mehendi designer mafe beautiful jaipur design mehendi on their hands and asked whose name should be written in Swara’s hand . Diya said lakshya, Swara tried to opoose but in vain. Diya said ‘ don’t shy ohky, if you love him than show it ‘ . Swara smiled fadingly and left saying she have some work. She then took a cotton to rub the name written but just then lakshya hold his hand. Swara looked at him shockingly. He eyed his name and said ‘ swara i knew u love me still, its not easy to forget first love. ‘ saying this he hugged swara and kissed het on the neck portion that was beautifully revealed by the choli swara is wearing. Sanskar saw that and the juice glass in his hand crushed. Sanskar hand was filled with blood. He left from there.

Swara partes lakshya with a push messing her mehendi and lakshya name on her palm. She said ‘lakshya stop it please, ‘with tears shedding out her eyes. Lakshya cupped her face and kissed on her eyes. Swara hugged ger tightly and let out her pain in tears. She remembered meetings with lakshya and then the rituals and then her wedding day. Their love and promises. All were running like a Flashback in front of her eyes. She hugged lakshya even more tightly and closed her eyes. As she shut her eyes she saw sanskar. Sanskar helping her after the accident happened in bridge. Sanskar filling sindoor in her maang announcing his love for her. Her heartbeat fastened and she again pushed laksh apart. Lakshya asked her what happened can u not give one chance to our love. Swara said’ lakshya..i will decide after talking to sanskar as he helped me a lott in all that trouble when u were not with me. Lakshya bent down on his knees and held his ears to say sorry. Swara removed his hand and said laughing lets talk to Sanskar first. They both proceeded to search for Sanskar. They reached the pool.

Sanskar and Ragini leaning for a kiss..swara sees them being shocked.

sarvya, anu, johanna, surbhi, akku, ahana, sri, neha, sandy, shloka really thanks a lott, u gyus have really boosted me up, thanks for this support and thanks to the silent readers too. u all are the main pillar of my story πŸ™‚ and yes ext part is on the way.. keep commentig πŸ™‚


  1. ahana

    r u serious sanskar n ragini kiss no way…
    wt will be swara decision
    is it swalak or swasan make it clear

    • Heer

      ahana dear.. please wait for one or two more update and your confusion will be clear.. are u npot liking the track.. hm?

    • Heer

      dear manvi… opinions of different people make me confused about the pairs..haha..well thanku for your support..please stay tuned πŸ™‚

  2. sethooty

    Oh no I can’t bear this, swara is only for sanskar and she is his wife,how can lakshya behave like this..and rag sanskar no way..plz don’t do that

    • Heer

      dear sethooty sorry if i have hurt your feelings .. and i my story they are divorced and not husband wife.. hope u like further episodes dear..stay tuned πŸ™‚

    • Heer

      your cofusion will be cleared neha in todays episode..and let swara choose partner for her herself :).. love u dear πŸ™‚

  3. please make it swasan n raglak n ragsan kiss maybe the part of thier plan to unite swalak …………but please ……….don’t mess it by making ragsan…..

    • Heer

      dear akshitha.. nice guess,, i hope u will enjoy further story,, just convey your views in todays episode πŸ˜‰

    • Heer

      thanku anu for your support :).. nd swara herself will tell u r correct or not..sorry dear as i cannot disclose pairs here..hope u understand πŸ™‚

    • Heer

      nd nice guess dear anu..read todays episode that will be posted after some time :).. do leave a comment dear πŸ™‚

  4. heer u r jst fab………love to read yr ff
    plzzzz make it swalak & ragsan
    cz in serial it can’t be happen… so lz plzz plzzzzz make i swalak yaar

  5. krish

    It should be swasan please..I’m silent reader heer…but how can swara hugged laksh..and also she feel for laksh.my sanky hurted to see this.is this story swalak pair.. it’s not wrong.but if swasan pair is in this story..its wrong..swara will not be forgivble so easily…swara have to realise for sanskar.

    • Heer

      hey krish first of all thankuu for commenting here,,and yeah swara will realise soon what her heart says..sorry if i have hurt your feeligs dear but please keep supporting and stay tuned..i hope ahead track will entertain you

    • Heer

      krish thanku for appreciation,,i have already set next part.. hope they publish soon.. stay tuned dear πŸ™‚

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