Swaragini Fan Fiction.. Part 4


hello guys..its 4th part of my story..hope you like it..suggestions are welcomed in comments 🙂

scene 1
sanskar leaving in his car saw ragini running behind his car..calling his name loudly “sanskar” . He stopped his car came out from his car and asked what happened,ragini. Ragini told him to take divorce papers with him and hand it over to lakshya as she have signed them. sanskar asked her if she is sure about her decision..ragini said with tears in her eyes yes sanskar, see my neck its without the mangalsutra,there is no sindoor on my head.. i am pretty much sure about my decision and started crying. sanskar puts his hand on ragini’s hand and said don’t cry ragini..everything will happen good, ragini nods and leaves,sanskar too leaves in his car. shekhar saw them through a distance.

scene 2
ragini came to swara..swara was standing in front of window lost in deep thoughts. ragini hold her hand and asked “swara, will you not give a chance to lakshya and your love. he is constantly begging for your forgiveness and now he and you both are free from your forced marriage..so u can think of your and lakshya’s relation “. swara turned to her and said “ragini i cannot make my happiness out of your sorrow..i know how much you love laksh..and after knowing that how can i??” ragini kept her hand aon her back and said”swara, but laksh doesnot love me and how can i tie myself with him forcefully..he loves you swara and you love him too..please think about it once and ragini leaves” sumi heard their conversation and lost in deep thoughts.

scene 3
sanskar reached home and handed lakshya the divorce papaer of his and ragini. lakshya said ” so she signed it finally”. then he looked at sanskar and said “bhai, so what have you thought of yours and swara’s relation. sanskar looked him and said what do you mean.. lakshya said as your marriage was also a forced one..so if u divorce swara,,then i and swara can reunite,,sanskar got tears in his eyes..but he lowered his eyes and handed his and swara’s divorce papers to him too. lakshya happily hugs sanskar..sanskar wept.and as he parted him sanskar went directly into his room..locked the door and cried hard. he rembered the happy moments with swara..and said ” i really love u swara..its painful to see u going far away from me..but if its your happiness..i will do it..i will unite u and lucky..but i really love u swara.. how will i live without you..how will i see you in front of me after your marriage with lucky..how will i be able to see you as my brother’s wife..swara,i love you..i cannot see you of being someone else in front of my eyes..so i will leave from here once u get married.” he then wiped his tears and went out from the room.

scene 4
its night..sumi is putting oil in swara’s hairs. sumi said swara ” do u still love lakshya? ” swara looked at her turning her head and said ” he is my first love maa..were u able to forget baba in these years,,so how can i forget him maa. i had seen dreams with him..so many dreams..we both have planned many things in our life together. maa first love is very special..first feeling..first touch and she started crying. sumi hugged her and said don’t cry shona. so do you want to marry lakshya now? asked sumi. swara said “maa, but ragini..she also loves lakshya and how will she be able to see me and lakshya together..her pain will be unbearable” sumi said” swara take some time..relax and then think about it. life always gives a second chance and we have to aceept it for betterment. i agree lakshya is your first love but true love and first love are two different things..try to understand my words and then take any decision.” swara said maa in this life i will not be able to love any other than lakshya..i will have to take another birth to love someone..swara cried. sumi made her sleep caressing her hairs and prayed to god for the happiness of her both daughters swara and ragini. ragini heard the whole conversation and cried and said ” i agree i have done wrong but swara if you are not able to forget your first love than how can i?? she remenbered her first meet with lakshya..then she wiped her tears and said but i have to forget him,,as he doesn’t love me,,and he is yours swara. i will rectify my mistake and i will unite u both.

scene 5
in morning swara went to jogging and accidentally hit into lakshya..she didn,t see him and say sorry..lakshya said its ok..hearing his voice she raised her head up..saw him and said surprisingly “you here??” . lakshya says “its the same park where i was about to confess my love to you and sanskar came in our lives. ” swara looked at the bench with tears and said i have to leave and she turned. lakshya held her hand and said ” swara please forgive me.. i am dying without you.” ,,,, swara looked up and said ‘ i have forgiven you lakshya, now please don’t bother me. i have forgiven you but i don’t want to meet you lakshya’.. lakshya asked why swara..tell me..why are you punishing me like this and he hold her shoulders.. swara parted her and said lakshya i really need time..just now my sister got divorced from you and you are asking me for a new relation with you..i need time lakshya..infact we all need time” lakshya said Ok i agree so can we be friends till then..lets start it from beginning and he streched his hand to say hello to swara..and said laksh maheshwari.. swara smiling shook hand with him and said swara garodia. they both laughed. sanskar was seeing them from a distance.. he called someone and said our first plan got suceeded and its time for our next move. shekhar heard sanskar talking in phone. it was ragini on other side of the phone and said i knew our plan will work..soon we will reach our goals..dadi heard her talking in phone. shekhar confronted sanskaar and asked him. sanskar said its about my buisness deal. shekahr said “if you will be conspiring against my daughter i will not leave you” and catched his collars. sanskar said uncle i respect you and i love swara..i can never harm her and leaves. shekhar stood there thinking. on the other side ragini got slapped by dadi and was blamed for conspiring again…ragini stood mute only crying..sumi hugged ragini and said we have to trust her, she had done wrong before but that time she was mistaken.,but now she will not do anything wrong..ragini cried hard and sumi hugged her tightly.. dadi left from there.

precap: postman brought a card at swaragini house..At the same time a card was also delivered to sanlak house. both swaragini became happy reading the card and on the otheR side at maheshawari house sanlak waved high five seein the card smiling.

Credit to: Heer

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  1. pls make it swasan yaar

    1. dear sruthi pairs are not disclosed yet..enjoy it..i will surely take care of interest of u all 🙂

  2. swasan and raglak should b paired…..bcoz swalak and ragsan pair s not nice….pls

    1. as the story proceed we will get to know the pairs..i will obviously go through the your suggestions 🙂

  3. story seems interesting..can u give previous part link

    1. Sure ruby..thanku for your appreciation..well here is the link of first two parts..i will give linke for third part soon..and if you have any problem in opening this link plz tell me.

  4. Sorry yaar its unable to accept ur story because sanskar will never force swara and he will tell everything to swara if he done something and ragini will gets her forgiveness from all but remove her manglasustra is not right because marriage is not a game and relation is not a joke so please don’t write like this

    1. sanskar is nowhere forcing swara..and after divorce ragini is doing all this..yet i will see it again.

  5. Hey heer..nice fiction dear..but plz yr unite swasan and raglak..it would be gr8..and we wl love it more than the real one..!

    1. thanks for ur advice dear..m really confused about pairs..well i will surely see your interest.. 🙂
      and i am also writing a new fan fiction..from starting..with a different story..hope u will like it..u may also read on wattpad 🙂

  6. heer..i opened the link bt i couldn’t see ur story..i read original swaragini there

    1. Ruby dear..its not orignal..its my story on watpad..i have published it on wattpaf with the cover..starting is as… ragini truth revealed.. thats first two episode i have posted there

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