SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 26


Hey guys Heer here.
I read the comments of all of you. Majority wants memory loss

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And here we go :

Doctor went to OT to examine Ragini. Both faimilies waited in the waiting area.

‘Have some tea . You all have not taken anything for last five hours. ‘ said Swara offering tea she has odered from the canteen.

‘How can I have anything when my daughter is struggling between life and death ‘ said Samishtha when she brought tea tray in front of her.

‘Take care of your health. When Ragini wakes up she will need you. You have to be strong ‘ said Aanapurna and made her have tea.

Swara and Sanskar made everyone have tea.

Swara offered tea to daadi. But she said ? ‘ I have offered prayer to God. I will not eat or drink anything till my laado gets up’

‘But dadi. You need energy and Ragini will be allright , I am assuring. Don’t take such fast ‘ Sanskar tried to assure dadi but interrupted by Swara.

Swara said , ‘ No Sanskar if daadi has taken fast don’t try to break it. We should take the rituals and prayers seriously’ . Saying this she broke in tears.

Sanskar was not able to understand her behaviour.  She should be explaining dadi not to keep fast rather she is supporting her he thought.

He took tray from her and asked her what happened .

‘Its all due to me. Please forgive me you all’ said Swara weeping.

‘What do you meant by its all due to me ‘ asked Shekhar. All looking Swara with shock.

‘I changed the pious rice with the normal one as that rice have down due to my carelessness’ saying this Swara broke in tears.

‘And due to me tge problem about which panditji was talking that came to her husband and for saving his life she…’ Swara stared sobbing .

Daadi slept her hard , ‘ Chorri ye sab thaari wajh se hua h. Bangalan tune aj manhusiyat faila di ( Girl this all is due to you. You created inauspiciousness today bengali girl ).
Due to you my laado is on death bed. Priest has already told tgere is bad omen for your husbands and it came to Ragini’s husband. She hit herself saving her.

‘ Maa , I told you before not to believe in such things. Do you realise what you are saying to Swara. She is the one to support Ragini always. Ragini can never het harmed due to her ‘ said Shekhar and hugged Swara patting her head.

‘Its all due to me baba. Dadi is right. I deserve to be punished ‘ said Swara crying.

Daadi gave a dirty look to her and went to the temple within hospital.

Shekhar was still  hugging Swara assuring her that she didn’t do anything.

Doctor came out of OT.

‘Where are the injections I have asked for ‘ asked doctor.

‘Sir its here ‘ said lakshya who came here panting.

Doctor took the injections and went in ignoring all the questions of the families.

‘ Why are you panting. What happened lakshya ‘ asked Annapurna.

‘Nothing maa. Injections were not here so I went to the other shop and got stuck in jam. So I decided to run upto here as the jam was big ‘ said lakshya gasping for here.

‘Don’t worry beta your Ragini will be allright’ said Annapurna which made lakshya eyes watered.

15 minites later

Doctor came out and said , ‘ Ragini’s body aas not responding to any of treatment and now we know why . We found poison extracts in her body and its a police case now. The last thing she ate contained poison  due to which her nerves  has gone numb. ‘

‘Poison’ asked Shekhar shocked and looked at Swara whom he was still hugging .

Both families got shocked.

‘You gave my laado poison’ daadi dragged Swara from Shekhar’s arm.

Swara was shocked seeing everyone giving her a question look. Swara went in a state of deep shock when she realised all are blaming her to poisoning her own sister.

Sanskar came near her and jold her by shoulders looking deep into her eyes , ‘ I beleive you. Just tell your part please shona. Speak’

‘I changed only the rice you ate Sanskar ‘ said Swara.

‘But how is this possible’ asked dadi jerking her arm.

Flashback Starts :
‘Swara , here are the rice. Lets cook ‘ said Lakshya.

‘How can we both cook a single dish ‘ said Swara pouting.

‘No need. You cook I will help you’ said  Lakshya.

‘So that you can sit like a lazy ass, all the time while I cook’ said Swara quirking her eyebrow.

‘Okay then I will cook, you help me ‘ said Lakshya smiling at her.

‘What if my Sanskar don’t like the porridge you make ‘ Swara again opoosed lakshya’s proposal.

‘Then what do you want Swara ‘ asked lakshya confused.

‘Let’s divide the rice half. You cook for Ragini . I will cook for Sanskar and this will decide who cooks better morever none of us will sit idly’ said Swara with a wink.

‘Okay lets do it.’ saying this lakshya divided the rice and took his share and proceeded to cook it.

Swara grinned thinking i wanted to prepare porridge for my Sanskar amd Ragini will be very happy to know that you yourself preoared porridge for her. I am great thought she that I also agreed you to cook.

She then took the rice and went to sink to wash it but all the rice fall due to her carelessness.  She sneaked peaked lakshya through the corner of her eyes and felt relaxed that he didn’t notice it. She immidiately put the lead over the empty beaker and move towards the rice container.

‘Where are you going’ asked Lakshya.

‘To..to.. add some secret recipe in porridge. But don’t cheat and look here for copying my recipe.’ said Swara stammering as she didn’t want to get caught that she has made the pious rice fallen.

She then cleverly took the rice from container and cooked porridge.

‘Swara don’t.  You are not allowed to taste it. Its for them ‘ said lakshya as Swara was going to taste the porridge made by them both to tell who cooked better.

‘ Swara you are just a kid. Now go and serve this to both of them . They have not eaten anything from morning ‘ said dadi.

Flashback Ends

‘Have you all listened to her. Now don’t ever dare to blame her. This is Swara the same girl who cannot eventhink to harm anyone and you are blaming her to poison her own sister ‘ said Sanskar giving everyone a hard look.

Swara looked at him and tears flew out her eyes thinking how much he trust her. She hugged him and said , ‘ Thank you for being here Sanskar ‘

Lakshya stood numb afraid to accept his crime as the thought of prison frightened her.

‘Well this is police case. I have informed to them and they will come soon. Till then I want you to sign this paper before we proceed for operation.’ said the doctor.

‘What is in this paper ‘ asked Shekhar.

‘See the case is complicated and operation is urgent. This is a consent form that you will not held us and this hospital responsible if anything happens to her.’ said doctor.

‘How dare you say this about my daughter ‘ said Samishtha angrily.

‘Calm down maa’said Sanskar and shekhar held her by shoulder.

‘Doctor cleaarly tell us what are the chances’ said Sanskar.

‘See Mr. Maheshwari. I know you a long time back. I will not tell lie but operating is risky. She may loose her life or if she survive she may get paralysed. And if she survives she may have a memory loss. But trust me we will try our best treatment and she will be allright. ‘ said Doctor.

All got worried listening to him. Samishtha started sobbing . Shekhar hugged her , ‘ look mishti..nothing will happen to Ragini ok’

‘What are the chances of her being all right doctor ‘ asked lakshya.

‘Well chances are less but if you don’t give consent to this operation you will surely loose her. She is not responding to any of the treatment. In this case she will not be able to survive so I suggest you to agree on this.’ said the doctor.

Shekhar came forward and asked for the form wiping his tears. Sumi stopped him but he cupped her face abd said , ‘ This is what the time needs now’ and he signed the form.

‘ And I need you Ragini , please come back ‘ muttered lakshya in tears.

Sorry for being late. I was waiting for your views.

Well still waiting haha..just tell me what you think will happen to Ragini.

What should happen now and yeah how aas the episode.  A bit boring right but it was necessary. I promise the story will take an interesting turn. Can u guess??

Shower your love in comments dear. I am waiting to hear from you 🙂

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  1. I want to see ragini safe and she has to forget Everything about laksh, he has to repay for his sins

    1. Heer

      Thank you lovely fpr your feedback.

      Stay tuned dear 🙂

  2. Rafeee

    superb dear

    1. Heer

      Thanku dear rafeee.

      Stay tuned 🙂

  3. plzz ragini half memory loss she remember till lakshya said he love swara and then new entry for rag and lakshya jeleousy next part soon

    1. Heer

      Thanku nikky for your feedback.
      Started working on next part 🙂

      Stay tuned:)

  4. Wow awesome story… Nd I m agree with lovely’s idea…

    1. Heer

      Thanku Savi Singh
      Stay tuned dear 🙂

  5. Mica

    omg… even Laksh doesn’t love Swara!, if he love Swara, he will accept the crime when people started accusing her.
    uuuhhh.. love you Sanskar!!!! you are the best partner ever for Swara!

    1. Heer

      Hey miva..ate u not coming on aattpad noa-a-days.

  6. Abirsha

    Awesome dr…. Uff dadi i hate her to the core…. But i dont want memory loss…. Bcoz laksh wont realise his mistake…. He will be happy that his sin wont come out….

    1. Heer

      Thanku dear shan for your feedvack. Lakshya will soon realise his mistake 🙂

  7. I too liked lovely ‘ s idea .
    Episode was awesome.
    Next part soon .

    1. I think ragini ‘ s memory will come back quickly. But she will hide it from all and punish laksh in her style .

      Just guess .

      1. Heer

        Nice guess ashnoor…aait till next part 🙂

    2. Heer

      Thanku dear ashnoor.
      Stay tuned dear 😉

  8. Heer

    Nice catch mica.
    True saying.
    Keep supoorting dear and stay tuned 🙂

  9. Akshata

    After reading this update i have realised one thing, laksh doesent love anybody neither swara nor ragini. he loves himself only. he didnt take stand for swara and he didnt accept his crime also. so i want ragini to forget laksh completely and move on in her life.

    1. Heer

      Thanku dear akshata for ut feedback.
      Yeah lakshya is not accepting his crime so he doesn’t deserve anyone right.

      He will soon realise his mistake 🙂

  10. awesome don’t tell me u r making her paralyzed hahhaaahh waiting for ragini to get fine amd waitimg for twist

    1. Heer

      Hhaahhaa..j. soon we will gey to know.
      Just stay tuned dear 🙂

  11. Ohh hooo
    soo dis is da swaras secret.. im sooo hpy dat my sanky ddnt eat dat.. yaay yaaa… thank u heer drl… 🙂 🙂

    Hey im hell angry with laksh… urrrggg…
    till 2dy I thought ur memory lost track may be a gd 1..
    bt it is nt.. its all bz f dis idiot lucky… :-/ :-/
    He ddnt say anything…
    how cn he says dat he lv swara..
    he ddnt even try 2 protect swara.. bz f he this all hpnng..
    he nly know 2 stay numb..

    im nt sure even he reprinting 4 his deeds..
    if raginis memory gt lost he will never accept dat.. soo I want him 2 suffer.

    1. Sry 4 my bak bak dr..

      keep writing
      be happy always
      lv ya..

    2. Heer

      Yes.chanu..our childish Swara !!!
      And lakshya is idiot for real but will soon realise his mistake.

      Story plot already planned dear.

      I hope you will like it. Working is going on. Will update soon.

      Keep supporting dear.

      And i love ur bak bak dear and literally wait for it

  12. DeepaSharma

    hey you have an amazing ff and you carry the story very well. I just read this part and I then started reading all the parts by going back. It’s an amazing story line

    1. Heer

      Thanku deepasharma..i am glad u read all parts ..dtay tuned dear 🙂

  13. Soujanya


    1. Heer

      Thanki dear soujanya..stay tuned 🙂

  14. Arshaanya

    Is it all abt ragini n laksh nw??
    Want to see swasan

    1. Heer

      No dear it will be both swasan amd raglak..but some time is needed for RagLak I guess..but I will continue it as you all want. Do let me know arshaanya.

      Stay tuned dear 🙂

  15. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear..laksh dnt deserve ragini….. she has to move on infront of him and he has to understand her pain….

    1. Heer

      Thanku dear sreevijayaan.
      Lakshya shuld be punished and i hope i will better tune the story with it.

      Keep supporting dear 🙂

  16. when will u update the next part

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