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Swara kidnapped and taken out of maheshawari mension.

‘Unhand me’ yelled Swara as she got some conciousness and found herself in a dark place. She was able to recollect that she has been kidnapped by someone but was not able to figure out the place where she was.


Swara’s point of view

Ohh god my head is heavy. As i tried to comfort  my head with my hands i was not able to put my hands apart and then i realised i was tied to something,  i guess my hands are tied , twisted to my back. But why i am here and what place is this. Yes my engagement than the drink was spilled over my clothes and than that drier and than that f**king man kidnapped me. ‘Unhand me’ i yelled out loudly.


‘Calm down princess’ a man came there with a masked face and touched Swara’s face in a seductive way.

‘ I swear , i will chop your head off once i get untied from this rope for touching me like this’ Swara said in a furious tone.

‘ Only for touching you, not for kidnapping you from your house’ said the masked man in a curious way.

‘ For that my Sanskar will chop your head. He will be here anytime soon searching me.’ Swara said in a very confident tone.

‘Is it so baby. You have so much confidence on your love ‘ saying this he removed his mask.

‘ Sanskar you’ swara yelled out in excitement. ‘ Thank god, you are here to rescue me’ she added further and as she was about to hug Sanskar she again realised her hands are tied. ‘ Wait, you kidnapped me Sanskar’ she said with her eyes wide open.

‘Yes i kidnapped you because I thought to spend one last night with my girlfriend, no, my fiance and say her goodbye. As i don’t want you to be my fiance anymore’ saying this he winked on Swara who was shocked listening to the words of her love.

‘Wha..what are…you saying Sanskar ‘ said Swara in a weak voice almost in tears as Sanskar hopped on the bed in order to untie her.

‘ Yes my darling i want to spend one last night with my fiance as after tomorrow you will be my wife and tomorrow’s ritual will not let us spend much time together’ saying this Sanskar untied her and pecked on her lips.

‘Sanskar u have literally frightened me’ said Swara and slapped on Sanskar’s back.

‘ Ouch..that hurts ‘ said Sanskar mischievously and rubbed his back. ‘ Don’t you trust me Swara’ asked Sanskar.

‘ I trust you more than my life Sanskar ‘ saying this Swara hugged Sanskar. Then breaking the hug she asked,  ‘ But why all this ‘ making a pout face. 

‘ It was just my darling that i wanted to make a new start. I mean day after tomorrow is our marriage and i thought that what if we hadn’t met up like this. I mean like not the way we met when you were of someone else and i had come for a revenge, but something different. ‘ said Sanskar seeing Swara with love in his eyes.

‘ And for this u drugged and kidnapped me Sanskar’ asked Swara im surprise.

‘ I .. I didn’t drug you Swara’ said Sanskar in disbelief.

‘ You did thats why i fainted there in your dirty messed room’ said Swara pointing a finger on his chest.

‘ You passed out because you were afraid Swara not because of anesthesia ‘ said Sanskar clearing himself. ‘ And did you just call my room dirty mess’ exclaimed Sanskar.

‘ Yes i did because that is really a dirty mess ‘ said Swara folding her hands across her chest .

‘ Good for you than, you have to spend your life in that dirty mess with me ‘ winked Sanskar and placed a soft kiss on Swara’s cheek.

Swara blushed and said , ‘ Now lets do that for what you have done all this drama’.

‘ Do what Swara’ Sanskar said in a teasing tone ,  ‘ Don’t tell me now you are not able to control your feelings seeing a s*xy man in front of you’ Sanskar added dramatically.

‘ Get off your dirty mind here and now we will not make a new start ‘ huffed Swara and moved her face opposite side.

‘ Oh ohky sorry..well here it is..’ said Sanskar and extended his hand adding , ‘ Sanky here,  well madam what’s your name and who have kidnapped you ‘

‘ Well i am Shona and an idiot has kidnapped me from my engagement function ‘ said Swara moving her eyelids dramatically.

‘ Ohh in that case i am here to rescue you princess , and as you know day after tomorrow is valentine’s day so will you be my valentine’ said Sanskar with a simrk on his face.

‘ Ohh thanku for being here to rescue me’ said Swara flapping her eyelids several times. ‘ But i am sorry, i am already engaged ‘ said Swara showing her hand which held the engagement ring and she smirkef.

‘Oh my bad luck then’ Sanskar said with a faking pain expression. ‘ Mmm..but as i rescued you from the kidnapper so give me a chance to win you ‘ he said with a wink.

‘ Well in that case , i owe to you. So ok try your luck. If you succeed i am all yours but if you lose then i already have plans of getting married day after tomorrow ‘ chirped Swara raising her eyebrows .

‘ I agree princess’ saying this Sanskar extended his hand and Swara gave her hand into his. That he raised his other hands as if signalling something and the lights glowed and filled the other side of room with romantic colours.

Swara  examined the room which was beautifully decorated with white flowers on the floor and lightening adorning the walls. There was a bridge shaped path and water was flowing down it. The bridge leaded to the another paet of room where two chairs with a center table was kept inside a cage cabin. The cage cabin looked like made of flowers only as it was adorned with flowers at its maximum.

Sanskar hopped in front of her as Swara forwarded her leg . He sat down streching his hand and gesturing Swara to walk over the bridge adding his mesmerising voice to the romantic environment of the room

Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon
Agar Tum Kaho
Tum Ko Bulaoon
Yeh Palkein Bichaoon
Kadam Tum Jahan Jahan Rakho
Zameen Ko Aasman Banoo
Sitaroon Se Sajaoon
Agar Tum Kaho

As Swara walked further matching her pace with the lyrics of Sanskar the bridge glowed up by the lighting that was so beautifully done that the song sung by Sanskar at very moment seemed very true that the floor down her feet was glowing as if it is adorned by stars. Swara eyed Sanskar in love.

As she stepped down from the bridge Sanskar held her hans and took her to the caged cabin. As she sat on the chair she saw chenna paij on the table as Sanskar removed the covering from the table.

‘ Wow’ she exclaimed. Sanskar fed her . Swara joined her thumb and index finger and made a perfect sign with it . Then she took the spoon and fed Sanskar .

As they finished eating the caged cabin started to move slowly upwards. Swara got frightened by the sudden movement and held Sanskar’s hand. Sanskar sheilding her by holding both of her hands. They both looked into each others eyes with love and again Sanskar’s  voice beautified the environment..

Chal wahan jaate hain
Chal wahan jaate hain
Pyar karne chalo
Hum wahan jaate hain

Koi subah wahan raat se na mile
Ud ke wahan chalo aao tum hum chale

Pankh laaya hoon main ud chalo…

As Sanskar sang the song the lift system attached to the caged cabin lifted the cabin in air. And slowly they reached at the rooftop. Again Swara felt the beauty of song and how Sanskar has put an effort to give meaning to each word of the song. It seemed like she is really flying in the sky with Sanskar.

As the cabin settled on the roof Sanskar came out of the cabin and forwarded her hand. Swara happily gave her hand into his and examined the roof.

Roof was also beautifully decorated as the hall downside. Sanskar took her to a platform adorned with flowers with four pillars on the four corners adorned with lights and flowers too. As Swara stood in the centre of the platform red rose petals started falling on her. She extended her hands and lifted her face up. Flowers fell down covering her hairs , her face and her hands. Sanskar lifted her and spinned her. A smile covered the faces of both.

Sanskar slowly put her down and Swara smiled abd blushes at het fullest.

‘ Mmmhh..I am impressed Sanky, now what do you want ‘ said Swara with a gentle smile.

Sanskar bent down on his knee and extended his hand towards his love and sang again in a voice that always acts as a charm for Swara..

Main Seedhe Saadhe Dhang Se, Kehta Hoon Aapni Baat
Ek Ghar Basaane Chahata Hoon, Main Tumhare Saath
Kya Doogi Mere Haathon Mein Bolo Tum Aapna Haath
Kya Doogi Mere Haathon Mein Bolo Tum Aapna Haath

Khushiyon Se Ghar Ko Sajaoonga Hamesha
Daftar Se Bhi Main Waqt Pe Aaonga Hamesha
Laoonga Main Thode Taaza Phool Bhi
Karoonga Main Puri Har Khushi
Maanoonga Main Manoonga, Manoonga Har Ek Baat
Kya Doogi Mere Haathon Mein Bolo Tum Aapna Haath
Main Seedhe Saadhe Dhang Se, Kehta Hoon Aapni Baat

Chanda Aur Sitare Laoonga Teri Khatir
Tum Joh Kaho Main Woh Gaoonga Teri Khatir
Chalo Yeh Bhi Tumse Vaada Hai Mera Chahoonga Main Tumhe Toot Ke
Jitna Satao Ya Rulao Jaaonga Na Kahin Rooth Ke
Aaonga Main Aaonga, Aaonga Tere Pass
Kya Doogi Mere Haathon Mein Bolo Tum Aapna Haath

Kya Doogi Mere Haathon Mein Bolo Tum Aapna Haath
Kya Doogi Mere Haathon Mein Bolo Tum Aapna Haath

After singing the song he looke at Swara for an answer. Swar smiled and kept her hand on Sanskar’s hand and said..

Maine sun li , haan sun li
Teri saari baat..
Ek ghar basana chahti hu..
Mai bhi tumhare sath..
Haan dungi , tere hathon mein
Main apna hath..

Haan dungi tere hathon mein
Main apna hath

Saying thus Swara also kneeled down on Sanskar’s position and they both laid down on the flower bed , helding each others hand and facing the sky.

‘ Thank you Sanskar,  you made me feel very special today. I qm very lucky to have you. Please never ever leave me alone in thus world. ‘ saying this Swara’s eyes filled with tears and she immediately moved by her side and hid herself in the comfort of Sanskar’s chest.

‘ Shh..shona..don’t cry baby. I will never leave you my darling. I really love you Swara ‘ saying this he lifted Swara’s face and then lifting her he settled her on his top.

They both looked into each others eyes as if deep lost in the deepness of each other love. Sanskar’s eyes then shifted to Swara’s lips. She closed her eyes giving him silent consent to claim her lips. Sanakar lifted her slowly and put her on the flowerbed. He then leaned on her and moved his lips on Swara’s lips. She opened her lips and then their beeathing got heavy , their heart beat fastened and Sanskar sucked Swara’s lips. Swara also kissed him back clutching Sanskar’s hairs with one hand and his back with other. His tounge slowly entered her mouth and she parted her teeth giving him entrance inside her mouth. As Sanskar’s tounge entered her mouth she let out a moan by the sensuous feeling of wet and hot tounge with the lips moving in a rhythm. She matched her rhytm with Sanskar’s and soon they were out of air. They parted themselves for breathing but in another second again their lips mingled and they kissed in a rhytmic manner. This kiss was short but sweet. After the kiss Swara buried herself on Sanskar’s chest and both the faces were glorifying love .

While making circles on Sanskar’s chest Swara said , ‘ Sanskar , our family will be searching for us. ‘

‘ Shona, lakshya and Ragini have managed everything there. You need not to worry’ said Sanskar.

‘ But how do they both know about it’ asked Swara in a choice confused voice.

‘ Baby, i have already informed lakshya about my plan and he and Ragini teamed up to support us. They will also be here anytime soon and we four will then have some party. After all its the conquer of our love’ said Sanskar hugging Swara more tightly.

‘ I love u Sanskar ‘ saying this Swara pecked on Sanskar’s cheek and said , ‘ I am happy for Ragini.   Finally she is getting her love ‘.

‘ Hmm..’ Sanskar was interuppted by a phone call .

‘ Hey they both are here. ‘ said Sanskar as he disconnected the call. 

They both got up and Sanskar led her to a narrow passage.

‘ More surprise ‘  asked Swara with a pout face.

‘ Yeah,  a type of’ said Sanskar raising his brow. 

The passage led to a small cottage. Inside it was decorated with lanterns and mud pots . Lakshya and Ragini were already there.

As Swara saw Ragini she ran upto her and hugged her. ‘ Ihavetotellyoumanythings’ said swara.

‘ Calm down Swara. Take a breath’ said Ragini chuckling.
‘ I have to tell you many things’ swara said again and clutched Ragini’s hand.

‘ Save your girly things for night chit chat and now come and have dinner ‘ said lakshya .

They both giggled and complied. They all enjoyed the dinner. Then the dessert. That ended with a dancing session . The couples danced romantically enjoying their moment the fullest.

‘Come lets drop you both to badee , catch some sleep . There is Sangeet tomorrow. ‘ said Sanskar and they all moved to the car.


‘ Not that way Swara. We have to go from the roof.’ Ragini stopped Swara as she was going to knock the door.

‘ But why ‘ exclaimed Swara.

‘ See the time its already midnight and i have told in the function that you were feeling unwell that’s why you went to baadi and having rest and i made an excuse to accompany you. Our family returned with me and i said to them to let us rest in room and then when they all fall asleep i escaped out of the room.’ winked Ragini.

‘ Ohoo my Ragini has become so brave  hmm’ Swara said raising her brow.

‘ Shh now..fast..follow me’ said Ragini and then smiled.

‘ Yes ma’am ‘ said Swara and marched in an army way.

They both reached the room amd waved bye to Sanlak who were waiting downside. Then they both departed too and reached Maheshwari Mension.

Silently they stepped into their rooms and soon fall asleep dreaming of their love.

Unknown location

A masked person knocked the door repeatedly. A priest opened the door abd said , ‘ you at thus time of night’

‘ Shh and take this money. Work should be completed tomorrow. Once my plan has flopped but this plan shouldn’t fail and if you will make it possible,  i will shower you with money’ said the masked person.

‘ Your work will be surely done. I have prepared everything. Now we have to only wait for the morning.’ said the priest.

The masked person nodded and left in hurry.


‘ Jai mahadev’ ‘ Har har mahadev’ saying a priest entered in baadi.

‘ Please come. Please  come in baba ji. I have called you as tomorrow is my granddaughter’s marriage ‘ said dadisa and they both entered in the house.

Ambulance in baadi, a body rushing to the hospital.

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