Swaragini Fan Fiction.. Part 2


Thanku for your support guys..here is a second part of story..hope you like it..share your views in comments

Scene 1
Swara along with her family reached baadi..she was going towards shekhar’s home while shamishta holds her hand and took her to dida’s house..shekhar tries to say something but sumi stops him and walked towards dida’s house..shekhar looked at them helplessly..shamishta hugged swara and says shona i am with you always..swara says i am too maa but i want our family together..sumi says what family swara..swara hugs sumi and says ma when baba thought ragini is right he supported her but now when he knows i am right he is supporting me..ma plz think about it..we both are her daughters..even i was not able to blv ragini did all thid then how a father can blv..sumi sees her and kissed her forhead and says i am proud to have u as my daughter..swara says you should be ans laughs.. just then they heard the knock at the door and opened it..dadi was standing there..sumi says i am just coming to home..dadi says no you will not come there..swara, dida along with sumi get shocked..dadi continued you will not come there now but you will come there as my bahu with all rituals..be in your mayka today..tommoro there will be a grand reception for you and shekhar and then you will come there with grah pravesh done..dadi tbn hugged swara and says tu mahri shekhar ki chhori h ( you are my shekhar’s daughter) but you have power just like me..you went on me..dida says no swara went on me..they both starts arguing..swara stops them and said i am like both of you and hugged them.dadi says now everyone go to their room and sleep.

Scene 2
Lakshya remembers everythingsitting in his room and accuses himselfof not beliving swara. He dials swara number but then disconnects the call and says i will meet her and talk. Then he took out swara’s photi in phone.apologises to her and lie down with phone seeing swara’s photo and put the phn down as if swara is lying beside him and hugged the phone. In sanskar’s room..sanskar standing by the window..seeing the sky says thank you god..swara suceeded. He remembers her and then makes a call..swara picks the phn..she was lying on the bad..wearing pink night suit..looking extremely gorgeous..she said thanku sanskar..today everything has become correct due to you..thanks a lott..sanskar said i had made everything wrong in past so it was my duty to set it all right..just then he saw ragini going out of the house..he thought ehere can she go in midnight..he says i will call you later swara disconnecting the call he ran behind ragini. Ragini was walking aimlessly muttering u have spoiled everything and didn’t get anything..now i know what i habe to do. She reached the bridgi..sanskar also reached there following her..ragini shouted there ohh god how had i done such a big sin..i tried to kill my sister..i separated my parents..i ruined many lives..i have no right to live..ahe was about to jumb just then sanskar holds her and says ragini..what are you doing..ragini wept loudly and says let me die sanskar..plz let me die..i have no right to live..i habe done a great sin..sanskar consoles him with much difficulty and says look into my eyes ragini..will suicide make everything fine..no..you habe realised tour mistake and thats big thing..i was also wrong before but when i realised it i repented for it..u too do the same..he holds ragini’s hand..ragini says but what can i do..he says u van unite swara and lucky..ragini looked into his eyes straight and started crying and then hugged him tightly..sanskar too hugged back..then they both break tje hug and sit there with there legs hanging down the bridge..sanskar says everything was good till i came and i spoilt everything..ragini says not only you..i was your partner in crime..i had done much sanskar..even you went to the right track afterwards and me..she cried hard..sanskar consoles her and said don’t think over past just think what to do ahead..she says we will unite swara and lakshya..they are our love and being far away from our love will be our punishment..she cried and hugged him..he pacifies him and said lets go home. Ragini says stay here for some time..leta go there down the tree..i want to be away from all that for some time..sanskar took her there holding handa..he saw ragini feeling cold and gives her his jacket..she reminds sanskar giving jacket..she hugged him again and wept..they both sit down the tree and fall asleep..Ragini awoke in the morning when sun rays reached them..ragini was sleeping on sanskar’s lap and sanskar was sleeping taking the support of tree bark having his mouth open. ragini laughed seeing this and closed his mouth then composing herself she awoke him..sanskar says ohh its morning..lets go home fast.they went home..sanskar says you go through door..i will go via pipe..she remembers laksh goin via pipe at baadi..sanskar asked what happen..she says nothing go with care.. as she enters home..she saw gloomy environment there..she thought of preparing tea but annapurana stops her from going ti the kitchen. She stood still and lakshya calls her name..saying..ragini where were you..were u planning for a new game to be played..just then the lawyer came..lakshya welcomes him and ask for the divorce papers..he hads him the papers and went..lakshya says ragini sign these papers and go from here..go wherever you want..i don’t care go and die whatever.. just then they hear swara shouting mr lakshya garodia enough..not a word more for my sister..i will not forgive you for that..she will go with me ro her own home at badi..and lakshya she has done all this to get her love but what you habe done..you married even without waiting for me when u knew that someone wanted to stop the marriage. First see yourself lakshya..if you had trusted me that day or have waited for me all this wouldn’t have happened. She holds ragini hand and said ragini bring your bags. We will go baadi..ragini says no one will accept me..swara says i sill make everything right and touches her face. Swaragini music plays..ragini goes to bring he bag..lakshya says swar that’s why i love you..i know i was very wrong. Punish me.. but please give me a chance.. swara ignored him and go to durga prasad and invife him with whole family at baadi for sumi and shekhar reception. Everyone agreed. She went yo sanskar and said quietly thanku for saving my sister last night and telling me all this in time..he says anything for u swara..she says whatm.he says nothing..we will meet in evening..she smiles and says sure.. lakshya fumes seeing their bonding.ragini came with bags apologised to everyone and swara took her. Both lakshya and sansakar see swara going remembering happy moments with her..moh k dhage song plays.

Scene 3
Swara asks everyone to forgive swara..sumi hugs ragini and says mothers can not be angry for too long with their child..ragini emotionally hugs her and cried her heart out saying sorry for all her mistakes..sumi kissed ragini on her forhead..everyone went inside..ragini sadly looks at her home standing at dida’s house..sumi says i will maje everything fine..nd in my grah pravesh i will go along with my two daughters..they three hugged shedding tears of happiness. Swara says ragini come lets do preparation and select dress for function. In room rafini says swara i have done such a big crime..pumish me..i am really sorry..swara says yes i will punish you..ragini says tell me..swara says today in evening function u have to sing a song accompanying me..ragini hugged swara crying..swara says we ate swaragini and always be..ragini nods.

Scene 4
Baadi is decorated beautifully..all guests started arriving. Suni is dressed as bengali bride looking damn preety. And shekhar has dressed as marwari groom. Just then garodia family reached there.. sansakar and lakshya walk out from the car. They both looked handsome in coat and pant. The two orince were waiting for their princess..with their eyes at the gate.

Precap: swaragini dancing in dola re dola

Credit to: Heer

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  1. Nycc yaar realy heart tuching awsome yr keep writing..

  2. hey heer,
    Nice epidode
    But i want 2 ask u that this fan fiction is on swalak ragsan or swasan raglak

    Plz make it swasan raglak because ragini said bhaiya to sanskar so they can’t be pair together

  3. It was amazing but I’m confused about the couples is it swasan and raglak or the other way round

  4. Thankuu fir your support ranjha,anu and mumina.. well pairs will be disclosed later..nd most probably the pairs will be according to the interest of u all readers 🙂

    1. Plz let it be swasan and raglak

    2. Plzzzz let it be swalak and ragsan

  5. Swasan super jodi pls happen it soon

  6. superbb….nd lv u swalak so much……!

  7. pls yaar we wnt swasan not ragsan

  8. Plz i want swasan together.

  9. Laksh is maheshwari not gadodia

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