SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 19

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SwaSan and Raglak Roka. Lighter moments of family.

‘Ragini i am very happy that finally we are getting our love’ said Swara lying on the bad holding Ragini’s hand. ‘ Me too Swara , i am still not able to believe that lakshya ji has accepted me.’

‘Why not Ragini, he will be lucky to marry you. If we do mistakes in past it doesn’t mean we will always be like that and i have seen you repenting my dear sister. ‘ saying this she hugged Ragini and they fall asleep due to the tiredness and got lost in the sweet dreams of their love.


‘Ohoo laado, shona fasten yourself. We have to leave for Maheshawari mension and you both are still not done with your dressing’ said Sumi entering the room as she saw her both daughters pinning their dupatta and jwellery was lying on the dressing table even now. It is like since past one hour and its her fourth round in the room. But her daughters are still not able to dress themselves properly and still jwellery left it means one more hour and they will surely be late to reach the maheshawari mension .

‘Girls all the guest would have arrived there. Yesterday u wasted your all day sleeping and today morning u both ran to get dresses. If you had taken dress yesterday then it would’ve not taken so long today. Now do fast and come downside. No one have ever done this , late on your own engagement. ‘ dadi said as she entered the room and left too with the completion of her last sentence.

SwaRagini giggled as they know behind this scolding of daadi sa, there is lots of love and care.

‘ No more giggling u both’ said Samistha and made them sit on the chairs placed ahead of dressing table and started to adorn SwaRagini with jwellery .

After she was done they both looked very beautiful. They all headed to Maheshwari Mension.

Maheshwari mension was adorned with flowers and lights. Sanskar and lakshya looked matching perfect to their partners Swara and Ragini.

Engagement function started

On the display board the video was played that lakshya has edited. Sanskar proposing to Swara and Lakshya proposing to Ragini.

Both couples stood facing each other. Flowers were showered upon them. It looked like gods from heaven are blessing the couples.

Proceed your hand ahead said sumi to Swara and Ragini. Both SwaRagini forwarded their hand to SanLak. As the boys were about to insert ring in the fingers of their beloved Annapurna said , ‘ Do u know why the ring is inserted in the finger of left hand’.

‘Because the nerve of this finger is connected to heart and engagement means now your heart belongs to your significant other’ said Sumi seeing the all four clueless.

They all smiled and Sanskar asked Swara , ‘ Will you give me place in your heart by wearing this ring’ .

Swara nodded happily in yes and forwarded her hand. Sanskar inserted ring into her finger. Then Sanskar forwarded her hand and Swara said, ‘ This ring will remind you always that i am yours and you are mine.’ . She inserted ring into Sanskar’s finger.

Lakshya then asked for Ragini’s hand saying, ‘ Ragini will u give me a chance to be by your side every time by accepting this ring.’ Ragini nodded happily and forwarded her hand . Tears blew our her eyes. Lakshya wiped her tears and said , ‘ i will not led you shed tears anymore once you accept this ring’ and he inserted ring into Ragini’s finger. Ragini then inserted ring in finger.

Their ring ceremony got completed. All congratulated the couple. Dp announced the wedding day after tomorrow.

Then the party began. Dance, food , coldrinks, gossiping. It was a bundle of joy.

Our four love birds were dancing happily. Suddenly a waiter collided with Swara and coldrink fell on her dress. She went towards Sanskar’s room to get drier and dry her dress.

‘ His room is all a mess. I have to do a lot of work in setting this room after marriage ‘ chirped Swara as she procedded to drier towards the dressing table.
‘ Strange’ she said to herself , ‘ Drier is kept here in such a way that someone knew my dress will be spoiled and i will surely come here.

As she switched the drier button on , electricity went off and someone put a tape over Swara’s mouth from behind and kidnapped her. She struglled but in vain. Soon she fall unconcious and the kidnapper took her out from Maheshwari mension.

Precap :
Swara in a mysterious place and shouting over a man. The man removed his mask and Swara get shocked seeing him and said ‘ Sanskar ‘ widening her eyes and hand on her opened mouth.
The man said , ‘ I thought to spend one last night with my girlfriend, no, my fiance and say her goodbye. As i don’t want you to be my fiance anymore.”
A mysterious man went to panditji and gave him money and said , ‘ This work should be done and i will shower money on you. My first plan got flopped but this plan shouldn’t ‘.
A pandit entering baadi.

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