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Sanlak prank exposed. Lakshya proposing Ragini . Ragini said yes. Swasan light moments. The two happy couples hugging.


Swasan and Raglak left for the airport.

Jaipur airport :

It was their flight . They left in a hurry and by God’s grace they were able to reach the airport in time.

In the plane Sanlak and Swaragini, happy for their future life are lost in deep thoughts. A smile covered the faces of all . After few hours they will reach jaipur , their home but things will not be like before. They have got their love now and soon they will complete their love by writing their marriage book.


Ragini’s point of view :

I am really feeling blessed, still not able to believe that my dream has come true. I have got the love of my life.
Today when i saw lakshya stabbing Sanskar my heart cursed me as i thought it all happened due to me. The path i took long back is now making me to pay back. But all of a sudden happiness touched us again. How could i have thought that lakshya will do a sin like me. He is not a sinful person like me.

Ohh these tears. I will wipe them fastly as i don’t want anyone to see me crying.

The moment lakshya wiped my tears i can clearly feel the sensations coming from the pit of my stomach. And the two strong hand that were hugging me back . I can feel its presence even now.
Lakshya is my one and only love. There was a time when i was obsessed by this feeling called love but now i realised truly, love is not an obsession rather its a pure feeling which craves for your partner’s happiness.

(Smiles sheepishly )

And now when lakshya has proposed me i make a promise to myself that i will try to be the person who deserves lakshya. I will always keep his happiness upper than anything. I know i don’t deserve him and will never deserve him but when he has given me a chance i will try my best to be a good wife.

(Looking at lakshya )
I promise u lakshya i will never let u regret your decesion. I will love u more than anything. You are my first love and the first person to touch me , my waist ( shying) and offcourse the last too. Thank you lakshya and thank you god.

‘ Janki ma’ i miss u. Today your daughter has got her happiness. I miss u and i want you to be with me. Ma i am sorry for my past deeds. I was deprived of your love in childhood and i don’t know when and how the evilness grew inside me. The sleepless night that i have passed crying and in morning acted normal. The decisions which my heart opossed screaming loudly inside. But nodding head in yes smiling fakingly. All those things arose with me and took the disastrous look once i thought i will loose everything as i lose lakshya and it happened ma i lost everything even after getting lakshya. But it was too long since i realised my mistake. Ma i think if u would have been with me i have not done that. But ma i got your shadow in sumi ma and i promise my both maa i will never let down their pride again. I will be a good person, a good daughter , a good sister ( looks at Swara ) and a good wife (looks at lakshya again and smiles sweetly )


She came out of her thoughts when Swara shook her.

‘ Where are u lost at Ragini, till when i am calling you. You are not responsing at all’ asked Swara making pout face and narrowing her eyes.

‘ Ehh, Swara.. nothing..u tell what were u saying’ Ragini stammered a little as if someone has caught her stealing.

‘ Ragini, stop this stammering and listen. It’s important’ said Swara making her mouth close to Ragini’s ear and chirped , ‘ what i am thinking Ragini. These boys have pranked us and made us cry too , let’s also plan someth..’

Ragini interuppted in between pointing a finger towards Swara ( not in anger) , ‘ No more plans Swara. Everything is sorted out now. Don’t use any of your wicked ideas now.’

Swara nodded making puppy face. Ragini careseed her hairs and said , ‘ there will be much fun in our upcoming lives. So just enjoy the moment of love’.
Swara nodded happily.

Flight landed in jaipur and the four caught a cab :

‘We will leave them to baadi first then we will go to Maheshawari mension as its night and we cannot let them go alone’ said lakshya .

‘ We are not weak and big enough to travel alone. We will go ourselves ‘ said Swara in an order giving way.

As Sanskar was about to say something his phone buzzed. After finishing the call he told the four that bade papa has called all of them to baadi. They have to discuss something important.

‘ Something important at this time of night’ exclaimed Ragini. ‘ Hope everything is fine, i am worried. ‘ added Ragini.

‘ Nothing will go wrong Ragini’ lakshya consoled her holding her hands and said , ‘ Let’s go to baadi .’

‘ The phone call was none of your plans na ‘ asked Swara pointing a finger towards Sanskar and putting a hand on her waist.

‘ Swara , i promised you today only na that i will not play prank on you anymore. At least i will not make another plan today itself’ said Sanskar winking and smiling partially.
The three started laughing and Swara puffed her face and went to sit in the cab in anger. Sanskar smiled seeing her and followed her. Lakshya still holding Ragini’s hand took her to the cab and they moved to baadi.

Baadi :
They four reached the baadi. They found all Maheshawari family there. As they entered the house Sumi hugged SwaRagini and kissed their forheads.
They could sense that something important was going on. They were trying to figure out just than dp said , ‘ We had already spoiled your lives by taking a decision in past and then forcing it on lakshya. But now we have realised that love marriage is not a bad thing. And now we will not come in between your happiness. Any of us donot want to repeat the mistakes of past and we have decided to not ruin your happiness this time. We are aware of what happened in Jaipur and we are happy too that you have found your true love. So i gladly tell u that we all are very happy to get Swara lakshya and Ragini Sanskar married. I am very proud thay Swara will be our daughter-in-law and yes i hope Ragini you will also not let us down. Here is the shagun and we will do shagun now only and marriage on the very soon possible date. ‘

Swara looked at Sanskar shocked. Ragini looked at lakshya nearly in tears. They were not able to understand what is going on.

‘ Shona , laddoo come here and wear these suits’ get ready for your roka fast. ‘ said Sumi smiling.

‘ Lakshya and Sanskar now stop staring the love of your life and go change in these sherwani ‘ said their bhabhi parineeta teasing.

‘But things are not like that bade papa, u are mistaken ‘ said Sanskar.

‘ Now don’t lie . I know u might be fearing that how will i react to your love. But trust us Sanskar we are ok with it. And from Swara and Lakshya relation we are very happy from beginning. ‘ said dp smiling.

Swara came ahead and said , ‘ uncle who told you that. I mean there is nothing between me and..’ but Annapurana interuppted her in between and said ‘you four have no reason to lie. I know you all have suffered so much in past due to the complications of love and marriage but trust us love is beautiful and it becomes more beautiful by giving it a social aceeptable name marriage.

‘ One minute , who told you all that’ asked lakshya in a very confusing tone.

‘ We got to know everything through this video of yours. You may lie to us but this video us true and obviously one of your well wisher sent it.’ said DP pointing to the direction of laptop.

‘ Which video ‘ all asked in unison.

‘ See it yourself, well papa was a little disappointed seeing this and its not appropriate to play it again and again but as you all are not aceepting it that is why we have to play it. ‘ saying this Annapurna played the video again that the family already has watched before.

Video Starts
Lakshya holding Swara’s hand and eyeing his name on her hand said ‘ swara i knew u love me still, its not easy to forget first love. ‘ saying this he hugged swara and kissed het on the neck portion that was revealed by the choli swara is wearing. Lakshya then cupped her face and kissed on her eyes. Swara hugged him tightly .
Another scene of video is when Sanskar and Ragini leaning for a kiss and then Sanskar telling Swara Ragini and he has been dating and are couples.
And then Ragini saying to Swara ‘ i am very happy shona, finally u are ready to give lakshya a new chance. Now you both will unite. ‘

Video Ends

All four were shocked and were not able to react . What is this . Who have sent the video which is perfectly editted to prove that they are couples with each other’s partner

‘ Ma this is not true ‘ Ragini murmured almost in broken tone.

‘ Well yes its a matter of shame, that we all are seeing you like this but it is also not your mistake as it was your privacy but someone has captured it and sent us this video. And after such closeness you cannot deny the fact that you love each other.We are already searching for the person who sent it but we want before this video reaches to internet and someone try to put a spot on our name you all get married and officially announce your engagement and marriage. I hope i am clear’ said Dp in a firm and loud voice.

‘ Come and get ready SwaRagini ‘ said Sumi but dadi interuppted in between and said , ‘ i will take the girls with me, come u both upside ‘

Anaapurna called for SanLak and took them with Sujata to make them ready.

They four walked like a lifeless statue. Destiny has again played a game with them. The video was revealing a different side which was such a closeness that was really shameful in the eyes of their family. And it will be more shameful if they will come to know that that Swalak and Ragsan are not partners. Family will doubt their upbringing that what made them to come so close of they are not in love. There was a thunderstorm in the mind of all four. So they decided to quitely follow the elders and to get a way to talk to dadi and annapurana and Sujata in alone.

SwaRagini and SanLak dresses in their suits and sherwani with a sad face sitting for their roka. Dp announces of engagement tomorrow. SwaRagini in tears.

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