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Sanskar on ground with Swara requesting him to get up and talk to her. Lakshya with clothes full of  blood  justifying what he has done. Ragini slept lakshya and lakshya took the knife again going near Sanskar’s body.


‘You ought to be killed Sanskar for eyeing my love Swara. And whoever comes between me and Swara will be killed ‘ Lakshya said as he reached near Sanskar’s  body and once again stabbed Sanskar. It seemed Swara came in senses all of a sudden. Tears streamed out her eyes and her eyes became red. She understood Sanskar is long gone and Lakshya has murdered him. ‘ Due to me , you killed your own brother lakshya. ‘ said Swara in disgust and eyed lakshya in anger. She grabbed Lakshya’s collar and made him stand. ‘ You snatched my love from me. My Sanskar, my life, my everything. I will kill you, you rascal’ saying this she continiously slept Lakshya untill she fell down crying and screaming asking lakshya ,’ why you did that. Why lakshya. Please give me my Sanskar back. Please bring him back. ‘ . She crawled upto Sanskar again and buried herself into his chest begging him to come back.

‘Let’s call police and get the culprit punished ‘ said Ragini with a disgust in her eyes for Lakshya. ‘No , police will not come, i will not handover lakshya to police. Its my right to punish my love’s murderer. I will punish the bastard. I will kill him for sure’ saying this Swara took the knife which was near Sanskar’s body and she moved towards lakshya in extreme anger. Ragini held her and tried to stopped her saying , ‘ come in your senses Swara. Let him die in prison. Don’t take a crime upon you. ‘

‘ Its not a crime Ragini,  its justification of my Sanskar’s death. I will kill lakshya ‘ saying this she jerked Ragini causing her to fall down and before Ragini gets a chance of positioning herself and stop Swara, Swara reached till lakshya and stabbed knife into lakshya’s stomach once, twice, thrice enormous times. Pool of blood flowed out and Swara kept saying , ‘This one for hurting my Sanskar. This one for giving him pain. This one for stabbing him when he was waiting for me here doing no harm of you. This one for snatching Sanskar from me. This one for shedding blood out of my Sanskar’s body ; that Sanskar who has not harmed anyone in his love. This one for betraying our friendship. ‘ She continued stabbing even when lakshya fall on the ground motionless.  Ragini tried hard to stop her but she was not ready to listen , to stop. She was like a wounded lioness who is taking revenge of his partner’s death. Ragini slept her and threw her away from lakshya. Ragini took lakshya head on her lap and caressed his head shedding tears. ‘ It all happened due to me. Today i am the cause of death of both the brothers. The sin i have committed in past are unforgivable,  but why god, why they both. You should have killed me instead . What have you done lakshya. Why?? Its all due to me. I stepped on the wrong path and eventually i destroyed everything. Each and every relation. I should die, not you. ‘ saying this she cried hard, tears flowing enourmously from her eyes. She really repented each and every mistakes of past. She had thought life will be smooth now when she stepped again on right path but the wrong deeds are to be paid but why now and why with them who were right. Few hours ago they were happy couples;  Swara and Sanskar and there was also a chance of new relation between lakshya an Ragini. But what is now , two dead bodies. Her and her sister’s love is dead. And her sister Swara she is a murderer now. Everythingis finished, everything.

Ragini looked at Swara who was still buried in the chest of Sanskar, deep lost in pain who does not even know that she has committed a crime. She has killed someone.  She is a murderer.  No i will not let happen this with Swara  and said, ‘ no she will not pay for the mistakes she hasn’t done. Its all due to me and now its time for me to repent for them. ‘ She took the knife in her hand , holding it tight and said , ‘ Swara ‘.

Swara looked at Ragini. Her eyes were red and was looking very miserable. A heart that was broken as her beloved had gone forever. The person who has promised to love her forever has left her. Ragini said , ‘ Swara , i have killed lakshya as he killed Sanskar.  Call the police and tell them to come and areest me. And you go to home , take better care of our parents as well as maheshawari family as they have lost everything.  Tell them Ragini has killed lakshya and is arrested. And live rest of your life forgetting everything about me .’

Tears which have stopped flowing from Swara’s eyes after she stabbed lakshya started to flow again seeing Ragini who was holding lakshya on her lap and knife on other hand to save her sister Swara from the crime. She is sacrificing herself. Swara came to her hugged her and they both cried. Swara said , ‘ Ragini you cannot take my crime upon you. What have i done . To punish my love’s murderer,  i killed your love. I am a bad sister, a bad lover , a bad wife. I will end my life too. What will i do without Sanskar. Ragini you have done much for me now leave . Let me stay here. I deserve to be punished but not to kill lakshya but to kill your love, to annoy Sanskar with my drama. Its all my mistake. If i have not done the drama condition would have been different. Its all due to me Ragini. ‘. Saying this she broke down on Ragini’s shoulder.

‘ It all started due to me. I did all the mistakes in past and you three had to suffer. If i had not done those sins the condition would have been far better. I am sorry Swara and its time to repent,  to get punished and this knife has my fingerprints now so you please go and live rest of your life letting me to repent. ‘ said Ragini crying and determined. ‘ You have swear upon me Swara. You will not utter a word when police arrests me. Our family needs u not me. ‘ saying this Ragini hugged Swara tightly.

Swaragini hugged each other and cried. Swara said , ‘ Ragini i hope all this is a bad dream. I want my Sanskar back. Please bring him back. I want him Ragini, i want him in my life. I want him to be alive. ‘

‘I too want to be alive but what will i do of a life in which my Swara has a habbit of forgetting me continiously ‘ Sanskar’s voice came from backside.

‘ No i can never forget you Sanskar. Yes i dragged the drama too much but i will never do it again. Please come bac….’ saying this she stopped,  turned to Sanskar with wide eyes . ‘ He just spoke, didn’t he?? ‘. She ran upto him again and she shook him. Ragini was also shocked listening his voice. She also came near him. ‘ Wake up Sanskar. You just spoke i know’ Swara shook him vigorously. 
‘ Bro, please get up now. Otherwise i will die for sure ‘ a voice again came but not from Sanskar;  from the other side where lakshya was lying.
SwaRagini got confused, amused ,happy, shocked, surprised  at the same time.

‘ What if Swara loses her memory again. What will i do of being alive than lakshya. Let’s remain dead.’ Sanskar said again.
‘Bro she has promised just now that she will never forget you. Let’s be alive now. Our mission has completed’. said lakshya again.

They both stood up laughing hard clutching their stomach.
Swara ran to Sanskar and hugged him tightly weeping bucket of tears. ‘ you are allright Sanskar. I was frightened at the thought of loosing you..my love..my life..i.lov…wait a minute. You moron , you pranked me right. I hate you . I was crying in front of you and u were unaffected. How can you let me shed tears. I really hate you Sanskar ‘ saying this she pushed Sanskar away.

Ragini also ran upto lakshya and hugged him Unknowingly. As soon she realised what she have done, she got embarrassed and hesitatingly parted him but she realised that lakshya was also hugging her back. Her heart throbbed loud and she blushed with an unknown intense feeling. Then lakshya parted Ragini slowly and lovingly. Wiped her tears and headed upto Swara. Ragini stood there shivering by thr touch of his love, lakshya. The very first touch with love. She smiled and blushed,  her cheeks became red due to hotness. Yes she has a pure love for Lakshya. The only boy she has loved in her life and theonly boy who has touched her. She is only his and always will be. But this time her love was not obsession but the pure one in which she doesn’t want to force herself on him rather only unconditional love.

‘ Yes Swara and Ragini you both got pranked. And why are you overacting, you also pranked on my bro. So why can’t we. At least we didn’t prove you mad like you did to my brother ‘ saying this lakshya moved to Sanskar and placed a hand on his shoulder.

‘So this was a prank and how you managed to do so. You both united in a plan but how come. When you planned all that and how’ said Ragini surprised.

‘ Well its a long story,  listen ‘said lakshya

Flashback starts

Sanskar was standing outside the hall seeing SwaRagini going to marriage hall, thinking of a way to get Swara out of her memory drama. Lakshya came there and said ‘ bro,  i have a plan ‘.
‘ A plan !! For what??’ Asked sanskar.

‘ bhai,  don’t act like this. I know everything how they both got united and proved u mad ,u know i have understood that something is fishy when they sent me here in the evening before them , saying ti look arrangements for the wedding and then Swara came here  and was arranging some boards. I was searching for you but before i could tell u anything this happened. Bro if they both can get united.  Why can’t we? Bhai i have a plan and i asuure u after using this plan they will never ever prank on anyone.  And yes you will get your Swara back too.
‘ Lucky , you love Swara right. I am sorry yr. I don’t want to snatch your love..’ Sanskar said but lakshya interuppted him saying , ‘ bro Swara loves you. My love is one sided and also i don’t deserve her. I left her at that time when she needed me the most. And in love what matters is happiness of your partner. And she is happy with you’ said lakshya with tears in his eyes.
Sanskar hugged him and said , ‘ when my little lucky became sp big. I always thought to give everything to my little bro but today my bro is sacrificing his love for me ‘
‘ Bro she is your love. Now listen to my plan’;said lakshya.

He told him his plan that you call Swara in the launge and i will stab you . Seeing you dying she will surely break down and will aceept her mistake.
‘ Lucky is it right to give her this much pain. I will not be able to bear her tears . I am thinking that i will sing a song for her in the hall and apologise her ‘ said Sanskar.

‘ Sanky bro do you know Swara’s stubbornness.  She will make you suffer more. Rather i got a more brilliant idea. Mixing our ideas together.  First you sing for her and then my anger is justified to kill you ‘;said lakshya laughing.

Sanskar said , ‘ i know she will get sad but let’s try it once. May be her drama ends and lucky give a chance to Ragini if you can. She loves u truly and true love is hard to find.’

‘ Bro first your mission and then i will think about myself. Now mission starts bro and yes don’t get melted by seeing her tears. If they can be SwaRagini, we can also be SanLak ‘ said Lakshya laughing.

‘ Ok lets give them a taste of their own medicine’ winked Sanskar.

Flashback ends
‘ And then here we are.’ Said Sanskar laughing.

Swara looked him angrily. And then at lakshya ‘ so u both got together and planned to prank us’

‘ So what if you sisters can join hands why cannot we brothers. ‘ said lakshya.

‘And how that blood came’ asked Swara and Ragini in unison.

‘ Ohh that is the miracle of this fake knife. See when it is pushed over a surface, its top goes inside and sparkel the colour filled inside it.’ said Lakshya laughing.

‘ We hate u both’ said Swara.

‘ Well hate us ok but first tell me, don’t u girls have a common sense. When a person get injured we take him to doctor not declare him dead ourselves. ‘ said lakshya.

‘ What do you mean’ asked Swara in anger puffing her face.

Lakshya turned to Sanskar and said , ‘ Bro it is said na a intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend. That thing is absolutely true. Look if we both would have been seriously injured they might have killed us only weeping here and even they didn’t bother to call the doctor. The whole time Swara was hovering over your chest and she didn’t even checked your heart beat. And bhai if u would have taken one more minute in speaking i might have died in real seeing their melodrama . They were talking about sacrifice and all despite of using their mind to check pulse or call a doctor. Oh my god it is proved for real that girls don’t have a common sense. ‘

Both Sanskar and lakshya laughed hard more hard causing SwaRagini to get more angry.

Swara turned to Sanskar and said , ‘ Do you realize what would have happened if i had killed myself seeing your drama, then you would have realised what blunder you had done ‘

‘Killed yourself!!!, by what..by this fake knife ‘ said Sanskar laughing and started playing with knife to tease Swara by pushing knife on his fingers causing red colour come out.

‘ I really hate you Sanskar and i am not going to forgive you ‘ saying this Swara smashed Sanskar’s feet with her heels.

‘ Ouchh shona,  it hurts . I love you baby , it was just a prank . ‘ said Sanskar holding Swara by her shoulders.

‘ Whatever ‘ Swara jerked Sanskar’s hands and moved upto Ragini who was lost somewhere.  May be in the touch of lakshya or the hug. Or the sensations that were arising from the pit of her stomach from when Lakshya has hugged her, touched her.

‘ So we are not going to forgive them,  right Ragini’ said Swara folding her hands across her chest and making a pout face.

‘ Oo madam, don’t brainwash my Ragini. She is not a stubborn like you. So don’t provoke her Swara’ said lakshya by taking Ragini beside her clutching her waist.

Ragini blushed, by the touch , by the clutch of lakshya and the mention of word ‘my’ with Ragini. ‘ what has happened to him. Is this his another prank.  But his this prank will surely cause me a heartfail by tge increasing throbbing of my heart beat. ‘ thought Ragini letting out her breath out that she has hold for so long.

Laksh realised what he has done when he found Sanskar and Swara staring him with eyes wide open.

He then parted Ragini and turned to her saying,  ‘ I am sorry Ragini . Well i have to tell you something,  you know when i came to know that you are ready to sacrifice your everything for my and Swara’s happiness  a respect came for you in my mind. And then i came to know Swara loves Sanskar . So its their life now. Ragini you are a pious girl and i have done much wrong to you. From engagement to loving Swara,  i have just played with your emotions. But Ragini i want to rectify my mistake. Only if u can give me a chance , i want you to be my wife. I am not saying that  i love you now but Ragini i can promise i will never let u shed tears in your life. I didn’t get my love but i know i am lucky that someone loves me deeply . I know u still love me. The way u blush when you come near me tells everything.  Ragini i just want you to get your love and i promise sooner or later i will start loving you. Ragini will you give me a chance and make me the happiest person of the world by marrying me.’ Saying this he bent down on his knees and held Ragini’s hand asking for her approval.

Tears came out of Ragini’s eyes . She was not able to believe the sight in front of her. She was lost in her world when distracted by a voice  , ‘ please say yes Ragini , my legs are paining. ‘
Ragini nodded her head in yes tears streaming out her eyes. She started sobbing.  Lakshya stood up atonce and hugged her. Ragini said ‘  I am sorry lakshya for every mistake i did in past but i promise you i will never let you down in ant aspect. I really love you lakshya and thanks for giving me a chance ‘

Seeing them together Swara also hugged Sanskar . Their hug was broken by Lakshya’s voice. He said , ‘ before marrying you, i have a condition Ragini’ . He parted her and looked her.

All looked at him in surprise. And what’s that lakshya, asked Ragini.

‘ I will marry you only in one condition that you have to promise me, if ever in our life any situation comes in which i get injured you will conult to a doctor rather than declaring me dead yourself. ‘ saying this lakshya started laughing and Ragini made a puppy face,  embarassed and hesitated.

‘ The same condition applie to you Swara ‘ winked Sanskar.

‘ You know what i am not going to marry you as i am not going to forgive you huh’ said Swara twisting her lips.

‘ Shona,  i knew you will not forgive me easily so see what i have brought for you. Your favourite choclates. I love you yr and i promise i will never do anything like this in future’ said Sanskar with love in his eyes.

‘ Promise??’ Swara grabbed the choclates and asked.

‘ Pinky promise’ said Sanskar and the four began to laugh.

Swara hugged Sanskar and seeing them lakshya looked at Ragini and said , ‘ Its true that for now i am not able to show love in romantic manner like Sanskar do but i promise you, i will change myself soon and will keep you happy.’

‘ You don’t need to be changed lakshya. I love the way you are. And my happiness begins with you. When you are with me i will always be happy. ‘ saying this Ragini hugged lakshya. Lakshya also hugged her back. 

Ragini smiled and thanked god for giving her such a happiness.

The two couples deep lost in hug, in love. Coming jaipur has made them found their love, the greatest happiness of their life. Yes they were forever and ever in love with their partners.


The Four reaching baadi. Whole garodia and maheshawari family present there and dp told about their decision happily of getting swalak and sanrag marriage. Swara and Sanskar looked each other shocked.

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