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Swaragini went to the marriage leaving Sanskar behind who was watching his love Swara swaying, want to grab her.


Sanskar point of view
So it was her plan. Really i was scared till hell. My beautiful girl and she is wearing the same black gown i signalled her to buy that day. It means yes she loved me long back but we both took too late to understand it and now when we both know it my drama queen has found her own way to trouble me but dammit i love her.

And when Ragini told me that they have gone for marriage it felt like my life is going to end because this Swara can do anything in her childish behaviour..mmm..but no she can’t be of anyone else. I was really stupid to belive it. And this Ragini she also joined hands with Swara, good afterall blood is thicker than water. But when she started acting all psycho suddenly i was confused, frightened, angry..more more but really my mind got numb seeing Swara in bridal dress in the video call. I have to end all this soon otherwise i will soon die by the shocks my girl is giving me on daily basis. Like all were watching me in that venue like they will kick the shit out of me as i tried to stop the marriage. Oh my goodness i can feel the hands that were grabbing my collar even now . But then came my saviour Swara who proved me mad in front of all. But yes seeing her happy, laughing, enjoying was the best moment of my life.
I love my girl and her heart throbbing movement is killing me. Now soon u will yourself say you are mine. I will surely do something as i cannot wait more to be with you, feel you , hug u and i just want to grab your waist and claim your lips my love.


Swara and Ragini were enjoying the function yet Swara eyes were searching for Sanskar who has not shown in the function till now and Ragini was searching lakshya. ‘Have i done too much, he has not shown up in the function yet ‘ asked Swara. ‘ No dear he was also laughing at the end so don’t worry , he must have stuck up somewhere and also we have to leave tomorrow morning so may be preparations and all. Don’t worry my sister ‘ said Ragini calming Swara keeping her both hands on her shoulders and pacifying her.

Swara looked up and said ‘ Ragini i love Sanskar too much and i have done much to annoy him. I want to be with him now and due to my stupidity i am keeping him away. And he has done all that planning drama for my happiness. Now no matter what i will end my drama. What my poor boy will do to my stubbornness. I am mad and he has accepted me the way i am and i am dragging this drama too long. Today is our last night in jaipur and today i will accept him with whole my heart and will tell lakshya clearly about everything. ‘ saying this she smiled partially with confidence. Ragini nodded with faded expression as the thought of lakshya passed over. Swara understood and cupping Ragini’s face she said ‘ Ragini i will try my best and i am sure Lakshya will se your love and eventually fall in love with you as i fell for Sanskar. ‘ Ragini’s eyes sparkled and she hugged Swara.

Suddenly lights were gone and spot light was on Sanskar. Swara’s face glowed seeing her love . ‘ He is gorgeous, and his charming style. My boy. ‘ thought Swara. As she stepped ahead to go to Sanskar she was stopped by his mesmerising voice.

‘ So this song is dedicated to my love’ said Sanskar as he held mike at a proper distance from his mouth.

‘ I really love you Sanskar, i am so lucky to have you’ murmured Swara.

Tujhe apna banane ka junoon….

The hall was full of applaud as Sanskar finished the song. He continued saying ‘ Attention please , today i want to tell you all that the day we came here we played a prank on our friends that Swara and Lakshya are married but it is me who is in love with Swara from head to toe and i just wanted to hear I love you from Swara, So we ; I and Ragini planned all this but now i cannot take it anymore. I can not bear you with anyone Swara. So today in front of all I apologise for hurting you and propose you for being my love till my last breath; marry me Swara please , be mine.
The blushing and happy Swara started moving towards Sanskar undoubtedly to accept the proposal ; to be of Sanskar forever and ever but abruptly stopped again by the mesmerising voice of her love.
‘ If you want to accept it then please come to the launge behind this hotel at 10 this night. I will be waiting for you and we will start the new journey of our love tonight if you agree to be mine, my love , my life and my wife. ‘
Swara blushed more harder and her heart skipped couples of beat every minute as she thought of meeting Sanskar alone passed by her heart remembering the last night incident.

Launge , behind the hotel
‘I just wish she comes. Hope she forgive me. I just want Swara to be mine forever’ chirped Sanskar, walking to and fro, alone, waiting impatiently for Swara.
Swara heard him as she reached a proper distance along with Ragini.
‘Swara you go ahead , i better stay here as Sanskar is waiting impatiently for you and i don’t want to disturb your privacy.’ said Ragini laughing gently.
‘Ragini’ , saying this swara blushed and proceed to Sanskar giving a thanku gesture to Ragini. Ragini nodded and smiled. As Swara took one more step forward she saw lakshya coming from the opposite end of the launge towards Sanskar whi has his back to Swara and was not able to see her as she was in darl portion of launge whereas Sanskar was in the lightining portin. Swara stepped back turning and said to Ragini, ‘ Sanskar has called Lakshya here too. I think he want to clear everything wirh him too and i think its important too as Lakshya must be suffering due to it. You too come with me Ragini. Let’s all make it clear.’

They both were shocked by a loud scream and Swara turned back atonce . The scene was horryfying. Lakshya had a knife in his hand and has held Sanskar in other hand.Sanskar tried to protest. It seemed Lakshya has harmed Sanskar and Sanskar led out the crying groan. They both ran upto the place and found Sanskar falling down the ground with lakshya stabbing him continuously saying , ‘ Swara is mine. You cannot take her away from me.’ Swara screamed, ‘ Sanskar’ and ran upto him. There was a pool of blood around him and Lakshya still uttering nonsense with his hands and clothes full of Sanskar’s blood ‘ No you cannot take Swara from me. What you thought she will come to you. No, she is mine and always be. How dare you call her yours in the party in front of all. You deserve this you betrayer.’

Swara lost all her senses as couldn’t figure out what lakshya is saying rather she tried to wake up Sanskar constantly but in vain.

‘ Sanskar wake up, what happened to you. Please come back Sanskar. Please. Oh my god blood is coming. Let me drap it with my dupatta. My love come back. Sanskar i am here to be yours forever. Wake up Sanskar. My love wake up fast.

Look Sanskar how am i looking. It really took effort for dressing you know. See its your favourite dress baby. C’mon stand up my love, my Sanskar lets go back to kolkata and get married and start our new life.’ Swara was constantly uttering these words kissing Sanskar’s forhead as she got in a state of utter shock, while she continued mumbling these and lakshya kept saying , ‘ i killed that badtard who tried to snacth my Swara’ . Ragini went upto Lakshya and gave him a tight slept. ‘ How can you so this to your own brother, you killed him’ asked Ragini in anger.
‘Yes i killed him as I cannot bear anyone else with Swara as she is always mine’ said lakshya with a expression as if he had not done anything wrong. Ragini fell down crying and cosoling Swara while lakshya took the knife again and went near Sanskar’s body.

Swara slept lakshya continously and again ran back to Sanskar’s body crying hard and burying herself on his broad chest.

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