Swaragini Fan Fiction.. Part 12


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Swara told about her plan to Ragini. They both are in union. Someone heard them talking.

‘Swara has left for the venue ‘, said Ragini as Sanskar entered their room. ‘ What, but why without us?? ‘ exclaimed Sanskar with an expression of astonishment.
‘ Sanskar she has gone with lakshya and finally we both should be happy that they are spending time alone. We have tried so hard and finally today is her marriage with lakshya. So let them spend their moment. ‘ .. said Ragini, with her back to Sanskar and struggling hard to fix her kundan earing. She has worn that sky blue lehnga that they had shopped that day and Sanskar was also in the same indo western dress that Swara had chosen for him.

‘ Marriage! !! Are you kidding me Ragini. Swara and Lakshya marriage ‘ , said Sanskar with lots of expression changing in his face. Ragini turned to him and said , ‘ what’s wrong in that. We both wanted the same. Finally our plan succeeded and you know bingo situation, swara has completely lost her memory and she thinks that today is her and lakshya’s marriage. So i talked with lakshya and planned them to get married today. Finally our plan succeeded Sanskar’ saying this she hugged Sanskar ,trying hard to control her laughter. Sanskar held her shoulders parting her and said , ‘ Ragini she is faking memory loss. She is befooling you as you were also in my plan. Try to understand ‘

Ragini looked at him innocently and said , ‘ whatever but important is that she is going to get married to Lakshya finally and our plan is working. I am very happy for her and we have to reach the venue too to attend their marriage. C’mon Sanskar lets leave.’ Said Ragini holding his palm and proceeding towards the gate.

‘Ragini, what are you saying..marriage..venue.. do you realize what you are saying’, Sanskar grabbed her shoulders and yelled.

‘ Yes i realize, Sanskar finally everything is going to be allright again and i am very happy that she is getting her love back” chirped Ragini. And then she held his hand and dragged him towards the door saying ‘ now lets leave otherwise i will miss my sister’s wedding.

Sanskar went into a state of utter shock. He pulled Ragini and said ‘ Ragini listen first what i am trying to say. ‘ Ragini looked up and said ‘ Sanskar ji’ . Sanskar looked on shocked hearing the new slang ‘ji’ with his name while Ragini continued with a innocent look on her face ‘ you know what the last night incident made me realised my love for you. ‘ Then lowering her eyes she hugged him and said ‘ Let’s both make a new start too and change our relationship by giving it an social acceptable name “Marriage” and get married after swara and lakshya do. “Ragini, what the hell are you ..” yelled Sanskar but was interuppted by loud buzz ; a video msg on Ragini’s phone. It was Swara dressedin bridal dress and said ,’ Ragini come fast in 15 minutes otherwise i will take pheras without your presence as auspicious moment will pass by then.

Sanskar literally snatched the phone and dragged Ragini to reach the venue as fast as he can. With no waste of time he was speeding the car as Ragini told him about the venue which was same as their friend’s marriage.

Sanskar rushed their with Ragini following the sign board that were adressing to Swara’s wedding hall. There he saw bride sitting in the mandap with her face covered with veil beside the groom whose face was also covered by shehra. Without thinking anything he all of a sudden reached to the bride picked her up and said ‘ You can not do this marriage. ‘ All guest along with the groom were shocked at the sudden arrival of an unknown person in marriage who was trying to break the marriage . The groom removed his shehra and grabbed Sanskar’s arm. As Sanskar looked the groom and found out its not lakshya his eyes widened. The bride also removed her veil and Sanskar was shocked seeing its not Swara. Sanskar was deeply shocked as the males grabbed his collar asking him how dare he did that. Swara came from behind and said ‘i apologise u all, he is with us. ita a long story..actually her bride ran away from mandap few months ago and from that day he has got a problem with his mind. ‘Saying thus she made an apologise face with her finger on side of her forhead adressing Sanskar as mad. ‘And whenever she sees any marriage he loses control’ swara added and apologising to all she took Sanskar out of the hall.

‘ So Ragini and u bith scared me till hell’ frowned Sanskar. Swara burst out laughing and looked more prettier holding her stomach with a hand and laughing heartedly. Sanskar looked at her mesmerising and said , ‘ Swara if my fun be the reason of your happiness, you can use me anytime. ‘ saying this he hugged Swara. Swara lost in deep love hugged him more tightly. Ragini coughed in a naughty way. Swara composed her and parting Sanskar she said , ‘ i have not remembered anything till now. Better you make me remember fast otherwise this joke will turn into reality and for now i and ragini are going for diya’s marriage, our last function in jaipur. Better u make me remember in Jaipur only as more the day u take the more effect will be on my memory. ‘ saying this she winked and kissed Sanskar in air.

Sanskar looked at her as she left in the black gown that Sanskar has signalled her to buy that day. ‘ ohh my god, this girl is driving me crazy ‘ huffed Sanskar. Today she was going to kill me literally . Yes something is to be done soon for my naughty love in a naughty way smirked Sanskar in his thoughts , seeing Swara as she was walking towards the venue with a heart throbbing movement of waist, that Sanskar wanted to grab and place a kiss on her lips. ‘ yes i have to wait but not much’ Sanskar laughed and procedded to the venue.

Lakshya stabbed Sanskar causing him to fall down and shouted Swara is mine only.

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  1. Nice epi… shocked by precap..

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  3. missed this ff very much. .
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    precap very very sad.. don’t do that. .

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  5. Hey heer miss you soo mch now plz update it daily nd your second ff also plz nd give one more part today BTW happy new year

    1. hey anu i too missed u all.. and yeah after exam i will update regularly and i am thinking to write new story after this one completes as i have to focus on studies too.. but if u want i will try to write it too just tell me,,and yeah a very happy new year to you too dear πŸ™‚

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