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Sanskar looked on shocked seeing weard behaviour of Swara.

Sanskar came near Swara and said what are you saying shona. He became tensed and trembled at the thought of loosing his Swara. Now he cannot bear her name with any other person. Now she is his only his and he will not lose her. Unknowingly tears ran down his eyes. He held swara’s face and said ‘Swara, tell me your are joking. Please don’t do this please. I really love you ‘ Swara looke at him in anger and held his hand aparting them and said ‘ I am someone’s would be wife and your are spitting nonsense. Are you crazy Sanskar. I warn you leave , just leave otherwise i have to call someone.’
Sanskar was shocked till hell. He stood there widening his eyes. The thought of loosing Swara when she also loves him dearly is a panicking one.
“What my darling is saying. My Swara .. no i will not loose her. I love her madly. And now when she also loves me , i will not let her go. I will bring her back. Shona i love you. How can you forget me, our love. Now will you bd forever of lak.. . No , this not gonna happen you have to come in senses and yes you will come.” , thinking this in his mind he rushed to Swara. He held her face again, tears rolling out his eyes. He said remember shona, we are married. We are couples. We both love each other. See this room, we are in jaipur, remember please, for my sake. Swara you cannot forget me, our love. Saying this he tightly hugged Swara.
Swara parted her and said , ‘ are you sure we are married and love each other’ . She looked at Sanskar in a confused look and examined the room. Sanskar cupped her face and said , ‘ yes my love, we are married and
I have got you as a blessing in disguise. Please belive me. I love you ‘. Swara looked at him and said ‘ i want to belive you but if we are married and love each other then why were you leaning over some one else to kiss.’ Sanskar said ‘ ohh that was only a plan as i thought you still love..’ suddenly the pain expression changed on sanskar’s face and he said.. ‘ wait what you just said. It means you are fooling me. You are allright and you made my hear out do u realise. You remember everything right and he hugged her. ‘ please don’t do this ever again, i cannot loose my shona’.

Swara mischievously said with a smile ‘ sanskar, i don’t remember anything amd you have to make me remember by proving your love to me. And its upto you how you prove it and till u not prove it , i will not remember anything ‘. She then giggled and winked at Sanskar.
‘ So i have to give agni pariksha to prove my love’ said Sanskar with a mischievous smile on his face. Swara giggled and made a pout face.
Sanskar kissed her lips gently and she blushed. She leant further to indulge in a lip lock kiss and closed her eyes. But Sanskar voice interuppted her ‘, iss sey aage tumhari yad shat waspas aane ke bad.. ( we will proceed it further once u gain back your memory. )’ Saying this he burst out laighing. Then he leaned to her ears and whishpered ‘ kuch yad aaya (.do you remember anything now ).
Swara shivered with a sensation due to the whishper of sanskar in her ears and his breathe on her neck. But she composef herself and pushed hin saying , ‘ not so easily dear ‘ a shyful mischievous smile covered her face. Sanskar was still laughing at her cute little childish Swara.


Swara’s point of view

Aww i made my Sanskar cry. He was looking like a little puppy, my little puppy. I cannot bear his tears, i love this naughty boy. And finally i told him i am all right but i will not agree with him so soon. You love making plans na mr planner so make plans for me now. But how will i overcome your seductive moves, its a cheating sanky you canot break our kiss in between and then omg he will not leave any way to break me. He is giving sensations to me, the moment his whishper reached my ears along with his heavy breath i was about to break down, i just wanted to grab him and mingle my lips into but no mr hotty you have to try more hard.


Swara laughed at her own silly thoughts. Then she said take aside sanskar, ragini and laksh must be searching for us . Sanskar who was completely lost in his new found love has completely forgotten everything except swara suddenly realised thay they were out whole night and its have been morning, 9’o clock by then. He said lets go to our rooms. Swara nodded. They left to their rooms.
Ragini was walking about her room and was tensed . As swara entered the room, Ragini hugged her and said where were u Swara. I was wondering for u and why you phn is switched off i have called u enourmous of times. Swara hugged her back tightly and said , thanku ragini for making me realize my true love. Ragini who was not able to understand what she said..rubbed her shoulder and said , ‘ what happened dear , are u angry with me due to last night incident that i hid the fact from you of dating Sanskar. ‘
Swara broke the hug and looked at her saying, ‘ Ragini, you made a mistake before becoz you were blinded in lakshya’s love. But now i get my old and pious Ragini is back who is thinking only of my happiness and doimg so much for me. Due to my happiness you are ready to sacrifice everything. My sister Ragini i am lucky to have u ‘
Ragin exclaimed and said , ‘ what areu saying about i am not getting u ‘. Swara cupped her face and said , ‘ i know everything about your plan and due to your plan i have understood my true love. ‘
Ragini said ‘ i am very happy shona, finally u are ready to give lakshya a new chance. Now you both will unite. ‘ with tears shedding out her eyes. Swara wiped her tears and said , ‘ Ragini i know how it feels when we imagine our partner with someone else, the person whom we love deeply is unbearable with anyone else and though u love lakshya, you are ready to sacrifice everything for me. ‘
Ragini faked a smile and said , ‘ its not like that , nowi have no feelings for him infact i and sansk..’ Swara stopped her in between and said ‘Ragini i cannot bear anyone else name attached with Sanskar rather it be a faking one.’
Ragini looked on shocked and said , ‘ what are you saying Swara ‘. Swara smiled widely holding Ragini’s hand and said , ‘ darling seeing u an Sanskar together the unbearable pain i felt made me realise that how dearly i love him. I love Sanskar only Sanskar and i cannot imagine him with someone else. And now i know everything about your plan. Even i have confronted Sanskar over this. And he has admitted he loves me. You both were sacrificing your happiness for me and lakshya. But trust me Ragini, my happiness lies with Sanskar. ‘
Ragini’s eyes sparkled and she said ‘ are u sure about your feelings, i mean now you are over lakshya and if i want him then..’ . Swara hugged her and said i will try my best that lakshya gives you a chance. You love him a lott and i will make him realize that. ‘ Really ‘ exclaimed Ragini. Swara nodded. Ragini kisses swara’s cheek and they both have a laugh.
‘But where have u gone early on the morning Swara’ i was wondering for you. Swara said i will tell you everything but for niw i have to teach that moron Sanskar a lesson for what he did to me. Swara winked and said ‘ i have a plan , will you support me. ‘ Ragini nodded . Swara uttered the plan in her ears. They both laughed heartedly amd Ragini said , ‘ sure, he must not be ready for this attack. SwaRagini giggled holding each other’s hand.
Someone is seen hiding and hearing them.

The Four reaching baadi. Whole garodia and maheshawari family present there and dp told about their decision happily of getting swalak and sanrag marriage. Swara and Sanskar looked each other shocked.


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Guys can you guess who might have heard their talks and why family is planning for sanrag and swalak marriage. Just guess an comment , i will love to hear from you 🙂 and also tell me whether u like the track or noty.

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