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Swasan sleeping peace fully in each other arm .

Sanskar woke up and remembered last night incident. Her princess Swara wad still sleeping in the warmth and comfort of his arms. Smiled covered his face as he saw her and he caressed her hair.
‘You are my Swara, my shona , my little child. I will not let you go anywhere now. The bold step you took yesterday to confess your feelings make me realize that ho much you have been hurt by me. Sorry Swara but i will never ever hurt my darling shona again’ saying this her kissed gently on Swara’s lips.

Swara eyes moved. She rubbed her eyes and looked at sanskar with eyes half opened who was looking at her in deep love. At the very first moment she was not able to realize what is all that. She sat up in a hurry but the wine engulfed last night stroke right in her head. She held her hand and sighed in pain. Sanskar sat too seeing this, ‘ wanna drink more my darling’ he teased her. She looked surprisingly at Sanskar as she till now was not able to memorise last night moments and was focussing on to overcome her hangover. Sanskar took the phone and ordered lemon water to relieve Swara from hangover.

As i woke up my head was bursting and eyes were burning. I was not able to recall anything and then i saw him, i think its sanskar, shirtless lying beside me. Oh no my mind is again playing games with me. How can he be Sanskar there supposed to be Ragini beside me. Ohh god this headache and what is he murmuring, did he just say me darling. Damn it ,first let me come out of this pain then i will focus on his stupid talks. I am in pain and he is ordering something for him how mean of him and yeah now i remember he was leaning on Ragini and yes i read their message , they were planning and then i got drunk. And this headache is due to that. It means Sanskar is the root of all rhis. I will surely teach him a lesson once i overcome this headache.

Knock knock.
Sanskar who was holding Swara got up and went to the gate. Took the lemon water and brought it to Swara. ‘ Drink it baby and you will be fine soon ‘ sanskar said. Swara took the glass, Sanskar supported her hands and made her drink the lemon water. She drank it and composed himself. After some time when she was feeling better she gave a weard look to Sanskar and threw his shirt on him and said ‘ at least wear something Sanskar, have some shame’ saying this she turned her face on other side. Sanskar looked on shocked.

Sanskar’s point of view
What she just did, she is asking me to have shame. Last night she was a bold tigress ready to eat me. And now yeah now she is also bold tigress ready to eat me. But last night she was about to eat me in love and now in anger. Doesn’t she remember what happened last night. Has she forgotten her confession . Whatever darling but now i will not let you go now away from me. And yes if you have forgotten dear baby then i have a plan. I will cook up my own story to tell you darling.


‘Wear it you shameless moron’ said Swara. ‘What are you lost at.’ Sanskar looked at her and said’ what’s the use of showing shame now. It all happened last night .’ Swara widened her eyes opening her mouth and said ‘ what do you mean Sanskar. ??.
Sanskar bent down and picked up Swara’s dress that was lying on floor and handed it to Swara. Swara looked at it in deep shock and tried hard to remember what happened last night. Sanskar sat by her side and said , ‘ swara u molested me last night, seeing me alone and helpless you molested me , now how will i be able to show my face to anyone.’ Saying this he kept his hand on his face dramatically.
Swara tensedly looked at him and chirped in a weak tone , ‘ no Sanskar, i can’t do this and this cannot happen. ‘ She was about to cry by then. Sanskar held her by the shoulders and said , ‘ ‘Swara don’t u remember anything about last night ‘said Sanskar.
Swara said offcourse Sanskar, ‘you were leaning on Ragini and she is your girlfriend right ‘ . She looked at Sanskar as of she will eat him. ‘ And something after that , something that you did??. Said Sanskar raising his one eyebrow a little and confused look on the face.


Swara’s point of view
Now i have recalled everything but really i am enjoying this state of yours. And yeah i have to teach you a lesson too. So i will keep my mouth shut untill u aceept yourself on front of me that u were working on a plan and you love me madly. And now i have your weakness mr maheshwari , you became jealous when i go near lakshya. Now i will trap u in your own plan my love, just wait and watch.


Wait Swara i will make u remember everything ok said Sanskar as he went upto the door. And imitated the same as Swara did yesterdaty. Locking the door, lusty and s*xy moves and Swara brust out laughing.

‘ Stop it’ she said and stepped out the bed. She picked her dress that she was wearing in function and went to the washroom. After a couple of minutes, she came out in her lehnga choli and as she was walking upto him suddenly het feet slipped and she fall down causing her head to bumped against the bed. She fall there unconscious.

Sanskar ran upto her tensedly, trying to bring her in senses but in vain. He took her to ned , made her lie down and sprinkled a few drops of water. She begin to come in senses slowly. She opened her eyes slowly and looked blankly at Sanskar. He was leaning over her face ang hugged her saying thank god ‘ you are all right my shona’.

Swara pushed him with a jerk and said ‘ Sanskar be in your limits. I know you are not mad and you confessed it to me last night when y saved me from dayan. And now you know today is my and lakshya’s marriage so you are again planning something. See i have told you i will not tell anyone about you deeds then why are you doing all this again. Be a good person Sanskar and please leave this room. If anyone will see us like this then , its my wedding today.’
Sanskar looked on shocked.

No precap as story is on the way and its as previous one. I will give next part in one hour.

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  1. Awesome story..
    Eagerly waiting for next part..
    But plzz memory loss drama nhi..its very common.

    1. thanku kiara for supporting it 🙂
      and yeah i will give next part today only 🙂
      and in next episode u will come to know about memeory loss 😉

  2. Don’t make swasan separate pls unite swasan

    1. hey dear ahana don’t worry..because swalak is not possible after such intimacy of swasan 🙂 and sorry to swalak fans..but my new ff,,swaragini sisters love is swalak 😉

      1. Hi heer ,finally u break the suspense.I commented on one of ur episode about closeness of swara and lakshya and sanskar in pain and u replyed me to wait for next episode and i read ur update ,didn’t expect this twist haha its swasan…good job dr u rocked.,story and track is superb.

  3. Heer..is swara really forget her past?if she forget plz don’t make laksh close with her.and story was superb..you are really amazing writer.I’m eagerly waiting for next part.??

    1. krish..thanks a lottt for supporting my story and you are an amazing supporter dear ..next part will be updated soon.. don’t worry swalak is not possible now as swasan has moved to a next level 🙂
      and yeah what do you think has swara lost her memory ??

      1. Plzz make swalak

      2. Heer .. if she act… swara act will effect on laksh.?
        If she forget her past.. how can she forget total Sanskar help and her marriage..?in my point of view this question makes me confused.that’s why I asked you.but you reflected same question on me..k my answer is.. swara didn’t lost her memory…she is acting.?

      3. Hai Unknown…if you want to read swalak pair luv track..pls read swaragini sisters love…that’s heer new ff..don’t get disappointe.cool…

      4. haha krish..just wait for next episode..u guessed right haha.. u seem to be a great swasan fan dear 🙂

      5. and yes unkwn.. after such intimacy how can it be swalak yr.. love is pure and if they are now in a new move then how can it be swalak..sorry to hurt you dear but if you are swalak fan..my new ff is swalak juat what krish mentioned and yeah this was going tpo be swalak too before but on my buddies demand its swasan as majority wanted it but really sorry if u are disappointed 🙁

  4. so nice

    1. thanku dear sravya for supporting 🙂 stay tuned dear 🙂

  5. Nice dear! But bit confused, waiting for the next

    1. thanku saba, next part will be updated soon..but may i ask why are u confused ,,i mean on which track..please tell me so i can be more clear in writing next episode 🙂

      1. Thanks heer for replying me, I again and again read your ff specially sanskar’s part, I wish it can be done in original track! And yeah you’re right heer, im the one who’s writing swaragini ff…

    2. Hey heer! Thanks for reply, I’m confused about Swara’s behaviour, ok she forget about night’s incident, but she loves sanskar why is she treating with him like that?
      Otherwise your ff is really cool, specially sanskar part”main Kisi Ko munh dikhane k laiq nahi raha!! Swara ne uski izat….” Hahaha nice dear! Eagerly waiting for next

      1. Dear saba..actually at first she was recalling what might have happened last night..and when she recalled it she was angry as he planned and she wanted to make him confess and want to be pampered..hope u understand 🙂
        And yeah i literally laughed writing thay when sanskar said about molestation to Swara 🙂
        Thanks for supporting dear..
        Are you the one who is writing Swaragini fan fiction too that Saba? ?

      2. thnku saba for your comment that u lovedv sanskar part..well i am gonna read that ff from starting dear 🙂

  6. i think swara doing her memory loss drama to confess about sanskaar plan .. is it correct ? i dont think she loss memory? as u already said she want to confess him about his plan with ragini infront of her and all so hope that its swara ki nautanki…

    1. haha..dear anu nice guess.. loved it that u showed interest in my story dear and yeah now it is reality or swara ki nautnki ,,it will be revealed in next episode.. keep supporting dear and stay tuned 🙂

  7. WOOOOO ….. it was tooo goood!!!!!
    Beyond my imagination.

    1. thanku dear appu.. i really love tpo read such feedback and i get more motivated to write better.. thanku yr and keep supporting and stay tuned dear 😉

  8. the way sanku made plan, swara is doing the same to reveal live u from sanky’s mouth.. right??

    1. Dear kashis thNku for showing interest and really nice guess..well it will be revealed in upcoming episode and if swara is acting than she will surely take a class of sanskar..haha 🙂

  9. Plz don’t separate plz

    1. Dear priya noe swasan cannot be separated they have moved a level ahead pf their relationship 🙂

  10. Plus….ya let it be swaras… Drama..

    1. Subi don’t worry the next episode will not disappoint you..keep supporting dear 🙂

  11. Hi yar ur ff is nice…and I don’t think swara had lost her memory she just acting….it’s just my thinking…I don’t know how u have planned it…by the way excellent yar

    1. ThNkuuuu dear Sabrina.. i really feel glad having readers like u 🙂
      And it will be clear in next episode dear.keep supporting and stay tuned 🙂

  12. aww..so cute..both are dramebaz..I guess swara is doing memory loss drama only.. bt ur suspense is so cool.. I like ur ff..hope they both will unite very soon..plz update fast..

    1. Hey dear niti..thnkuu for giving your time to comment here..it really makes me glad listening from you..and i will give next update soon and your doubt will be cleared 🙂
      Keep supporting and stay tuned dear 🙂

  13. Really awesome

    1. thanku tara for commenting here..keep supporting dear 🙂

  14. Ye kya hua…. Ye q hua…. Plz plz swasan ko alag mt krna…. I really hope swara natak kr rhi h… Cant see sanky in more pain 🙁

    1. haha..silly..its very nice..ye kay hua..kyn hua..haha..by ur comment u just seemed to me like swara character in my episode..naughty and childish but trust me swasan will not be separated after such intimacy and confession 🙂

      1. Yes u got it ryt.. i m a lot like swara in my real life… N i luv reading ur FF… M excited after knowing u wont separate swasan… Eagerly waiting for them to be together… Forever… 😀

    2. yes in my ff they will be together forever dear silly.. well wait for next episode swara 😉

  15. its superb … swara is just faking mem loss na… wtng for next episode

    1. thanku sri..
      dear just dont worry now my ff has lead to the path of swasan and they will not be separated and soon there will be raglak too 🙂

  16. Go ahead dear

    1. thanks for supporting vishika..keep supporting and stay tuned 🙂

  17. i.am.a.silent.reader.urs.ff.is.really.awesome.infact.its.is.better.than.the.original.one

    1. tahnku mary for commenting.. 🙂
      please keep supporting and saty tuned 😉

  18. Nice….. superb heer… continue the next part… waiting for it…
    And by the way thnk u for giving the link for previous part.. it makes me to read it without struggle… and al the bst for part 11… excited to read it..

    1. thanku daniela :)please stay tuned 🙂
      and thanku for showing such an interest in the ff 🙂

  19. Just now I finished al ur episodes..it so good dear…..let swara play starts…waiting for next one….

    1. thanku leku for reading with such a interest.. will update next part soon 🙂

  20. waiting for the nxt one

    1. dear ammu very soon it will be with you..the next part 🙂

  21. Mind blowing yar

    1. thanku surbhi for your support 🙂
      please keep supporting and stay tuned 🙂

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