Swaragini Fan Fiction.. Part 1


Hey readers i am new here..i thought to write about our favourite show swaragini..if u like it i will continue with it..please let me know in comments:

Starting: ragini truth revealed

Scene 1: ragini accepted her crime saying that day you were fortunate to be saved swara..but now you will surely die..ragini ran madly towards swara..taking the knife out of lakshya’s stomach..nd stabbed it many times into swara’s stomach..saying similarly in her psycho way..swara u deserve this..u snacthed away my lakshya from me..i am sorry swara..i am sorry an continued stabbing..lakshya wake up and slept her hardly..soon she realized whole garodia family there along with her parents, dadi and dida staring at her..she still in psycho state..said lakshya you are all right..now nothing will happen to you..i have killed swara..now she will not come between us..now only we and our love..she hugged lakshya in the same psycho state.

Scene 2
Lakshya forcefully took ragini away..slept her hard..and said are you out of your senses..she suddenly realises that swara is alive..she looked at the knife and realized it was a fake one..suddenly a lot of expression came in her face..she started apologising to all..amd told she did this to get lakshya love taking her stand (such a psycho she is). Shekhar says enough ragini. Dadi breaks all relation with her. Everyone apologises swara. Dadi asks sumi to forgive her and shekhar bend his hand in front of sumi and swara. They both stopped hon from doing so. Everyone is shocked amd boggled with ragini. She stood alone remembering all what she have done in past. Shekhar say to swara to bring her bags and come along with them. Swara, sumi and shekhar hugged..they looked like a trio happy family.

Scene 3
Swara came dowm with her bags..all got teary eyed in garodia family..all were there except lakshya..then he is heard coming down from the stairs talking to some one in phone about divorce papers..ragini still in tears seems to get into a shock..swara realizes this and starts going towards ragini..just then lakshya came in front..bend down on his knees..and said i lakshya maheshwari garodia..in front of all..apologises to you..for not beliving you..leaving you alone when you needed me most..but swara i really love u frome core of my heart..my shona..i want you to come back here as mrs lakshya maheshawari garodia..please forgive me shona..sansakar gets teary eyed seeing it..shekhar comes there amd said my daughter needs time..let her go now..dp said you are right..they bid good night.. lakshya sees swara crying..haa ho gai galti mujhse mai jaanta hu song plays..sanskar from window sees swara going..crying hardly..dil jude bina hi tur gae song plays..

Promo : function in baadi..all garodia family is there.. 🙂

Credit to: Heer

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  1. that was so good plz continue

  2. no swara should not forgive shekar bcoz he talked a lot…..she should accept sanskar bcoz he s d one who stood with her in her wrong times…..

    1. Shekhar aur lakshya?

  3. I want swalak back.hope swara accept lakshya.by the way good work.

  4. It’s a different fan fiction. Please it’s my humble request to continue……… And well-done

    1. Thanku jashia.mya surely i will continue it 🙂

  5. Thanku mumina,aaa and sparkle for you support. Guys plz tell your opinion for swarsan or swarlak.. i will go through the suggestions guys

    1. swasan plzz

  6. i agree wiv u Sparkle bcoz i really want swalak❤️ bck bcoz dey make a luvly couple

  7. Swara and Lakshya should unite and live happily ever after.
    But alas hindi serials are made like this. There will definitely be some twist

  8. Sawlak pls

  9. Swasan please

  10. Swalak plzz

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