SwaRagini Fan Fiction (Chapter 3) Candle Light dinner :)


Sanskar proposed Swara

At that night, Swara and Sanskar go for a candle light dinner in 5 star hotel named ‘Golden Palace’ Swara seemed very happy
and special. To their greatest amazement Ragini and Laksh was also there. They went to them asked what are you doing here??
RagLak: ” Um..Actually”
SwaSan: “It’s Ok

They have their dinner and come to Maheshwari House

RagLak Room
Ragini is removing her jewellery and Laksh goes and silently Hugs her from behind.
Ragini: Laksh what are you doing..Leave me.What if someone sees us.
Laksh: Oh I don’t care baby, and I think I have the right to hug you tight as you
are my wife.
Ragini: Go to sleep now
Laksh: No, Baby..
Ragini: OK
RagLak have a kiss..

Swara and Sanskar room
Swara: Today’s day was so nice
Sanskar: Yeah Darling..
They have a kiss

Credit to: ¤¤ Anna ¤¤

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