Swaragini Fan Fiction… (Chapter 2) Candle Light Dinner

Recap : SwaSan Is locked in bathroom.

Laksh comes to Swara and Sanskar room and see them streaming inside the bathroom and opens the door. He says “What are you guys doing here?”
Swara goes away. Laksh helps Sanskar to close the tap. Swara angrily goes to a park and sits on a bench. Sanskar plans to give a surprise to Swara, so he decorates their room with roses and flower petals. Garlands on the window. He sprays a Room Freshener. He makes arrangements that when Swara opens the doors Flower petals will shower on her. Swara comes after 1 hour and goes to her room. When she opens the door flower petals shower over her. She becomes very happy and feels special. She turns the light on and sees Sanskar there. She shares a eyelock.
Swara: This is so beautiful….and you did…
Sanskar: Before you say anything else I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU!!!
Swara: Huh??
Sanskar : Hmn…
Swara: I Hate you..
Sanskar: I’m sorry
Swara: I’m just joking 😛
Sanskar: Let’s go for a candle light dinner!
Swara: Yay!!! 🙂

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