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Hii everyone. This is Tanya. I am a silent reader of every ff. Now a days everyone is doing analysis so I thought of doing on my favorites too. My favorite serial is Swaragini. This serial has the maximum fan fictions. Each and every writer is very talented.Hope you all were the real writers of the serial. Let us begin our analysis. I am going to include both current ff and which have ended too.
1.SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love! by Jyotii. This is d most beautifull ff of this page. Started with revenge and ended with love. I loved Sanskar’s character in this ff.
2.Samjhota by Eva. Both of its season were fabulous. An ff worth reading. Beautifully depicted to the title. This ff taught everyone to search a good story not pair.
3.Swaragini blooms again by Rini. This is the first ff which I had started to read. Still now whenever I get time I read this ff.
4.Swasan a path hate to love-No words for this ff. This ff made me cry. Love this ff from the core of my heart. Brilliant effort.
5.Swasan acceptance by Sree Harini. I never commented on this ff but I am very much greedy for this ff. I search for its daily. Swara in this ff is my favourite.
6.The hug that change meby Neha. Till date I read this ff. Sanky was just awsm in this ff. This is my 2nd fav. ff.
7.Swaragini(sorry) by ???. First and only Ragsan ff I read. Literally I hate ragsan as a pair but don’t know why I am attracted to this ff.
8.An incomplete scrapbook by Kashish. Tough it is not being posted here but I have read it on fb. Sansakr as a slayer.! Mind blowing. Swara as a carefree,bold gitl is fantastic. Just awesome.
9.WE are perfect for each other by Kritika.. I love Swayam in this ff. His love for his parents are spell bond. Waiting for next.
10.The curse. Ek paheli by Duggu. A supernatural love story. Waiting for the story to unfold.
11.Sanskar… Zindagi meri by Eva. A perfect story depicted everything love,family,friendship n all.
12.Swasan fan fiction by Vini. Both of its season are excellent. beautiful attempt.
13.The devil met his angel by Ruhi. Ach character were potrayed very well. Everyone’s POV were written very well.
14.Rishton ke dastan by Eva.This ff have made me crazy. Love this ff. But still confused about its pairs.
15.Swasan-An incomplete love story by Jyotii. A simple love story. But simplicity is the best. This ff is going to end soon but it will always remain in my heart.
So thiese all were my favorites ff. Sorry if I had hurt anyone. As I had said I read every ff. I love every ff. Bashers stay away.

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. Pls include sha’s falling for you also it is too gud

  2. Why is my name credited? Tanya why have you given my name??

  3. U missed Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls by Anu.
    D3 by Namrata
    Mr. Maheshwari and I by Anjali

    And so many!!

  4. Awwww..Tanya..thank u dear..u added so many of my ffs…I’m glad to see that…and about rishto ki dastan..i won’t reveal the pairs but u will get to know about the pairs very soon..u knw right..i never declare pairs…thank u once again for this honor dear..??? btw r u Jyotii or Tanya?

    1. Sorry yaar. I am Tanya. But dont know why telly updates have credited Jyoti’s name.

  5. Sorry everyone,I had given my name. I dont know how come her name came. Extremely sorry. 🙁

  6. Tq soooo much dear…… I m glad dat u like my ff…so u r the same tanya, jyotii di was talking abt…oh….tq once again…

    1. Welcome. But I love your story very much.

  7. Thank you tanya for ur lovely support its said that our first story is the best one no matter what and keep on encouraging friends

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