Swaragini-we are a family (RAGLAK) OS

Friends Balaji back with another os WE are a family.

The morning,
Everyone goes to their office and some other place. The busy morning of Chennai.
A girl is waiting for someone.
A boy comes from her back.
Girl turns and says,
Girl: Laksh..
Laksh: Ragini.. It’s not fair. You always find me when I tried to surprise you.
Ragini: it’s not my mistake, Laksh.
Laksh smiles and take her hand” are you sure? Will you come with me ?
Ragini: I am sure Laksh. I also want to take blessings from your baba. I need his permission for marrying you.
Laksh takes a deep breath” then ok..”
Laksh and Ragini crosses road. Suddenly, Ragini holds Laksh hands. A car crosses both.
Ragini(little bit anger): are you not wearing your hearing machine?
Laksh observes Ragini’s lips movements.
Laksh scratches his head.” Sorry Rago.. I forget in hurriedness”
Ragini: how can you be careless Laksh? Ragini starts to scold Laksh.
Laksh: Ragini stop. If you want to scold me, then scold me slowly. I can’t understand your lip movements.
Ragini: shhh! You..
Laksh: Lets go, Rago.

Soon, They reached Coimbedu Bus Terminal and searches for Madurai bus.
Laksh holds Ragini hands and other hand holding bags.
Laksh: Rago, there is Madurai bus.
Ragini: haan Laksh..
Laksh makes Ragini go first in bus then he entered into bus.
Ragini slips because of bag in a way and her specs falls down.
Ragini searches it by her hand in floor.
Laksh sees it.
Laksh: Rago.. wait I will take this.
Ragini: haan ,, Laksh..
Ragini eyes seeing aimlessly. She blinks the eyes because she can’t tolerate the light.
Laksh comes there and Make Ragini sit in a seat and gives her black specs. Laksh places their bag in top.
Ragini feels thirsty.
Laksh: Ragini can you need water?
Ragini smiles”haan Laksh..”
Laksh makes Ragini to drink water.
The bus starts to move.
Ragini places her head in Laksh’s shoulder.
Laksh stares Ragini Lovingly.

Flashback starts…
A boy snatches the bag of a woman and runs.
The people starts to chase him.
Suddenly, a lady put her leg in a way and that boy fell down. The people start to beat him.
Lady(shouts): stop…
The crowd stares her differently.
Lady goes to boy and touches his head. Boy winces in pain.
Someone gives bag to the woman.
Lady: why are you theft her bag?
Boy: actually, me and my sister were starving for two days. I can tolerate but my sister can’t. I need money . anyone can’t give me a job. So I snatched her bag.
Lady turns to crowd.” Can you hear what he says? He forced to do this. I accept he committed a mistake. His situation forced him to do this .Give him a chance to regret his mistake.”
Crowd disappears to face their daily problems.
Lady: my name is Ragini. You can trust me .can you come with me? where is your sister?
Boy leads Ragini to her sister. she sees a girl who face is pale and so lean.

Ragini: what about your parents? What’s your name and your sister?
Boy: my name is sanskar and my sister name is uttara. My father killed my mother when he was drunk. He is in jail, now.
Ragini sees Sanskar eyes. They are so cold.
Ragini hugs him and take them to nearby hotel.
Ragini orders idli and sambar.
Sanskar and Uttara sees each other and starts to eat fastly.
Food is stucked in Sanskar’s throat and he starts to cough.
Ragini taps his head and make him drink water.
Sanskar remembers his maa and have moist eyes.
Ragini: Sanskar.. and rubs his shoulder.
After that Ragini take him to nearby shop and takes clothes for Sanskar and Uttara.
Ragini: sanskar, go to trial room and wear this.
Sanskar nods and after few minutes, when he comes out , he is surprised by seeing his sister in new clothes.
Sanskar comes to near Ragini: di..
Ragini understands his condition and smiles to him.
Ragini takes them to an orphanage and directly goes to meet Father.
Ragini: Father..
Father: come on Daughter. God may bless you.
Ragini: Father.. I came with two children. He is Sanskar and she is uttara. Can you please take care of them and their studies?
Father: ok.. beta
Ragini takes Sanskar face in her hands”Sanskar, you can stay here. They will take care of you. promise me that you never do wrong things.
Sanskar: I will promise you anjel I will never do wrong things.
Ragini: Anjel..?
Sanskar smiles innocently.

A sister took them outside.
Father: Ragini beta..
Ragini wipes her tears and hugs Father” when I saw him, it remembers my childhood father. If you didn’t take care of me, I don’t know what happen to me”
Father: beta.. god will take care of everything.
A pair of eye sees this. The eye follows Ragini from morning. It was Laksh.
Laksh(in mind): she is very good at her heart.
Laksh knocks the door” may, I come in Father?”
Ragini composes herself.
Father: get in.
Laksh enters inside and Father smiles to see him.
Father: Laksh..
Laksh: Father .. I want to donate 1 lakh money.
Ragini: father I will come after some time.
Father: no need beta.. you stay here.kk. laksh. sister (calls)
Sister comes inside and deals with Laksh.
Father: he is a cardiologist. He did free operation for orphan children and also donates money. He is very good man.
Ragini nods and goes to see children. Here Laksh is playing with kids. The kids make him fell in floor and sat on him.
Laksh: bachos.. please show mercy on me.
Kid 1: no.. I don’t show mercy on you. why you don’t come for two weeks? Do you know how we missed you? leave him and we can’t speak with you.
All turns their head .
Laksh holds his ears by his hand” sorry bachos. Can’t you forgive your uncle?
Kids remain silent.
Laksh stands up and walk towards door sadly.
One kid holds his hand and hugs him” don’t do this again”
Laksh hugs him back” I never do this again”
All the kids hugs him.
Ragini coughs. All the kids see her.
Kids: Di…

Ragini turns another side” if you have new uncle, then you all forgot about me”
Kids make her sit and one kid takes her face in his little hand” di.. we are sorry”
Ragini smiles and extends her hands. All kids fell on her.
Ragini laughs and play with kids.
Laksh adores Ragini.
One kid: Di.. he is Laksh uncle..
Ragini sees Laksh.
Laksh extends his hand” hello.. I am Laksh..”
Ragini shakes his hand” I am Ragini..”
Flashback ends…
Bus stopped for food.
Laksh taps Ragini’s face” Rago.. Rago..”
Ragini: what Laksh?
Laksh : come and take some food.
Ragini nods.
Laksh take her to motel and feeds her.
Ragini: Laksh, I want to go washroom.
Laksh (in mind): now, what can I do?

A lady comes there.
Lady: my name is Jhanvi. I also come with your bus. Can I help her?
Laksh: thanks..
Jhanvi gives her baby to her husband and takes Ragini with her.
After few minutes, both comes outside.
Ragini hears Laksh laugh .
Laksh is playing with Janvi’s child.
Laksh makes different faces to child and child laughs.
Jhanvi smiles by seeing this.
Laksh: thanks jhanvi ji.
Jhanvi: no need of thanks bhai sap.
Jhanvi introduces her husband Amar.
Amar: you both are made for eachother Laksh.
Laksh smiles and Ragini blushes.
All get into bus and bus starts to move.
Laksh remembers about past.
Flashback starts..
Ragini: I am Ragini..
Laksh didn’t know how he feels when he shakes his hand with Ragini.
Laksh releases Ragini’s hands.
Ragini plays with Kids and make Sanskar and Uttara mingle with children.
Ragini leaves in evening.
The next day,
In hospital,
Laksh sits in his cabin. Someone knocks his door.” May I come inside sir?”
Laksh: yes..
Laksh is busy in reading his patients report.
Person: I am appointed as your junior , Doctor.
Laksh raises his head and surprised to see Ragini.
Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini smiles.
Laksh:kk. I will guide you. but I need a treat.
Ragini: kk.
Laksh: I will meet you evening, in café.
Soon, they immersed them in their work.
At evening,
In café,
Laksh: Ragini,can we become friends?
Ragini: I thought we also became friends.
Laksh smiles by hearing her answer.
Day starts to roll, Ragini and Laksh loves each other. But they never confess to each other. Another side, Sanskar and Ragini bond is become stronger. Ragini decides to adopt Sanskar and Uttara.
At Ragini’s birthday,
Laksh didn’t wish her. Ragini feels sad.
Ragini(in mind): why I am feeling sad? If he didn’t wish kk. I have my sanky. I will go to orphanage.
Ragini goes to orphanage. She enters into Room. The room is dark.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Suddenly, all the lights on. The room is fully decorated with roses.
Kids: happy bday di..
Ragini gets emotional.
Sanskar: happy bday anjel and hugs her.
Laksh comes here and kneels down.
Laksh: Ragini, can you accept me as your husband? Can you accept me as your birthday gift?
Ragini is in cloud nine and tears flowing from her eyes because of happiness.
Ragini kneels down and hugs Laksh.
Flowers petal showers on them.
All the kids are happy.
Laksh takes Ragini to his home after enjoying with kids.
Ragini: Laksh.. I want to adopt sanskar and Uttara.
Laksh: I know Rago.. I already ready the papers. After our marriage, we can adopt them.
Ragini : thanks Laksh..
Ragini holds Laksh hands and Laksh and Ragini have a little eyelock.

Suddenly, Ragini(screams): Laksh…
A lorry was going to his their car.
Laksh try to avoid accident but he hit in nearby tree.
The next day, Laksh is wake up in hospital. He see his friends.
Laksh: Ragini.. where is she?
His friends try to calm him. but he can’t hear anything. It makes him more furious.
One of his friend make him understand that due to accident , he lost his hearing capability.
Laksh went to see Ragini. Here Ragini eyes closed by bandages. His friend explains that Ragini lost her vision due to glass pieces got into her eyes.
Laksh is broke down.
Laksh: I make your life hell, Rago. Please forgive me.
After some hours, Ragini wake up and understand her condition.
Laksh comes inside and holds Ragini’s hands” Rago..”
Ragini: Marry any other girl, Laksh who deserves you.
Laksh : kk Ragini..
Ragini hurts by Laksh’s answer but she composes herself.
The next day,
Laksh discharges Ragini and take her to temple.
Laksh: Panditji is all ready?
Panditji: ready beta..
Laksh makes Ragini sit and Laksh sit left to her.
Ragini: Laksh what are you doing?
Sanskar: it’s your marriage anjel.
Ragini: Sanskar..
Laksh make wear mangalsutra and fills her mang with sindoor soon.
Ragini: why you did this, Laksh?
Laksh: I keep your words, Ragini. you only deserves me.
Ragini: Laksh.. she cries.
Laksh wipes her tears.” It’s our marriage Rago. Don’t cry. You should be happy”
Soon they take pheras.
The next day, Laksh sent Ragini to classes. Sanskar and Anjel stayed in Laksh’s house to help him.
Laksh adopts Sanskar and Uttara as his child.

Days starts to rolled,
Ragini can observe her surroundings. She became independent.
Laksh receives a call that who raised him in his childhood wants to see him.
Laksh decided to see him and booked tickets to Madurai.
Flash back ends.
The next day,
Laksh and Ragini reaches Madurai and goes to see the person.
Laksh enters the orphanage where he grown.
In a Room,
Laksh: baba..
A old men raises from his bed.
Laksh make him sit and holds his hand” Ba..ba..”(cries)
The old man caresses his face” laksh..”
Laksh: baba.. I want introduce one person.
Laksh takes Ragini to room and make her to take blessings.
Baba: thirkayushman bhava.. I am happy for you , Laksh..
laksh chats with baba . by seeing Laksh’s happiness, Ragini is also happy.
At evening,
Laksh and Ragini goes to Chennai.
Bus is stopped in middle.
A lady entered the bus. She is so scared.
Laksh sees the Lady(whispers):jhanvi..
Jhanvi comes inside the bus and sit next to Raglak.
Laksh: jhanvi, what happened to you?
Jhanvi took a deep breath.
Jhanvi: actually, me and my husband belongs to different caste. We love each other. So , we decided for court marriage. One week ago, my parents come to see us and they invited us for my native. We are happy that we thought they accepted us. But they betrayed us. They killed my amar..
Laksh is shocked.
Jhanvi: now, I am running to save my child’s life.

Flashback starts..
Little laksh is running with his parents.
Laksh’s mom: we shouldn’t trust our parents, Ram.
Dad: haan Suji.. I never expect that they will decide to kill us.
Suji: Ram.. they are coming.
Ram takes Laksh in his hands and they ran.
They saw baba and request him to keep laksh safe.
Laksh: maa.. papa.. please don’t leave me.
Suji releases his hand with pain.
As soon as Laksh leaves with Baba, their relatives came there.
Suji: what’s our mistake papa?
Suji papa: you married one who didn’t belong to our cast. You are just a sin.
Ram: then please kill me. leave her.
Suddenly some one stabs Ram and suji’s papa stabs suji.
Ram holds Suji’s hands and both Share a painful eyelock.
Flashback ends
Suddenly , they heard a big bang. The lorry hit the bus which Raglak travels.
Someone is more injured including Jhanvi.
Laksh and Ragini takes her to nearby hospital along with others.
Jhanvi: Laksh, I know that I can’t live more time. Please take my eyes for Ragini and please keep my baby safe.
Laksh: jhanvi..nothing happen to you. you should be alive for your baby.
Jhanvi: my baby..
Laksh gives her baby.
Jhanvi kisses her baby and leaves the world.
Laksh: jhanvi..
Day rolled
Ragini get back her vision and Laksh adopts Jhanvi baby and named him as Ram Amar.
The next year, Ragini give birth to a son and girl. They named them as jhanvi and Raghav.
Sanskar and Uttara enjoying the arrivals of new babies.
Laksh and Ragini stands in a middle. Sanskar have Ram Amar in his hand. Uttara have jhanvi and Raghav in her hands. Their family photo is clicked.


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