Swaragini – An example for love (Episode 1)


Hello guys. I want to say my way of story to Swaragini, Hope u people will like it.

Episode 1

The episode starts with showing the beautiful places in mumbai. Their in the city they will show a big temple. In that temple they are celebrating a festival. IT will be just like an exhibition. All reporters will arrive their and they will shoot whole celebration. Those reporters will go to one elder person of that person and asks about the celebration in that temple. He says that maa kaali is taking care of all of us so it was our duty to do these celebrations for her.

Reporter : Who is the person that managing these all things?

Elder person: Like in every city we also have an elder and great person in our city.

And then screen goes to one place where at starting shows the name of Maheshwari mansion.

Then we will see one person who is doing yoga in the garden who is a great business man in mumbai. He is very rich and all people will respect him. Then we will see his wife Annapoorna. We will see her by doing pooja to tulsi kota. She will do prayer to every god like jesus and allah also.

Then we will see their daughter in law parineeta by doing aarti to god. She is very pure and kind hearted. She is very dare to do any work. One day when one thief while doing robbery she will caught him and will send him to jail. Then the screen goes to adarsh who is elder son of the family.

Parineeta: Adarsh, I had send that thief to jail na so when he came out will he attack me? I am getting afraid adarsh.

Adarsh: Pari, you will do any work feeling like a hero and later u will get afraid. Nothing will happen to u. I will be their for u. He is a strict police officer and loves his family very much.But he has one weakness he will not keep secrets in his heart. That is a major problem for him.

Next the screen goes to Sanskaar. He has done course in visual communications. He want to make a film. He has titanic movie lot of times. He want to make great film than titanic.

Next the screen goes to last son Laksh. He will study well so all will say that he is very clever. but our secret is he is also a lover boy. All girls will easily fall in love with him.

Next the screen goes to radha who is elder sister to Dp. She lost his his husband in early age. She will do free hospital service by ayurvedic medicines to poor people.

Then the screen goes to uttara. One and only daughter to whole maheshwari family. All the family loves her very much. She is so sensitive that she cannot even type the keyboard fastly. Finally this house is full of love and care.

In order to give prasad in temple, this family will prepare prashad on their own in their house. During the preparation of prashad all the family members will support each other in doing prashad. I have forgot to say there is also one more person in the family. He is ramji who is the servant in maheshwari. He is not only servant but also like a family member.

Adarsh; Pari, why are u making us to do this prasad?

Pari: U have to do adarsh nothing will happen to u. Make fast every one will wait for us in temple.

Laksh: All are done bhabi. While all are doing prashad ramji will sit aside and is watching prashad of hunger.

Pari: Ramji what are u doing?

Ranji: Bhabi ji, i want to taste the prashad.

Pari; No ramji it is god’s prashad we should not taste it.

Ramji: But bhabi ji…….

Laksh: No but ramji first u go and do work.

Annapoorna : Pari u r amking all of us to do work but u have forgot about your father in law. He is nicely sitting inside and watching tv.

Next the screen goes to Dp who is sitting inside and watching tv. By watching he is also doing work of making garland.

Radha: Be careful Dp needle will harm u. By seeing pari she says finally u have succeeded in making my brother also to do work.

Pari: This work is done for god. So it is good for our family if all are doing work. Papa ji are u getting hurt by doing this work?

Dp: No beta. I am doing this happily. And also this is the order given by my elder bahu. All will think that if bahu came to house problems will start but u have brought happiness to our family pari. U will resemble just like god lakshmi if we see your face we will forget all our problems.

Sanskaar: Bhabi be careful don’t get so high.

Pari: Sanskaar please ……..

Ramji: Bhabi ji all elders persons are coming to our house to take prashad.

Dp: Ha lets go.

Elders: Namaste Dp saab.

Dp: Namaste namaste. All are u are fine? Sanskaar give that prasad to them.

Elder 1: Dp sahab as usual to kaali ma if u give clothes from ur house we can start program.

Dp: Ya sure.

They will from there.

Elder 2: Everything is going on very well.

Elder 1: No ji there is something wrong.

Elder 2: Y are u thinking like that.

Elder 1 : I don’t know but there is going to happen something wrong. My heart is saying this.

Next again screen goes to Dp’s house

All are getting ready to go to temple.

Pari: Papa ji everything is ready. Shall we go.

Dp: Uttara, u come in front of us. If u come front everything will be done fine.

Suddenly laksh starts laughing.

Uttara: Bhai y r u laughing.

Laksh: Papa we r going for good reason y r u saying her come front.

Uttara: Papa……

Dp: No beta he is just joking on u.

Laksh: No not for joke i am saying is seriously. Look at ur face. It is just like monkey.

Uttara: Bhai…. and ran back of him to beat him.

Dp: Laksh u know she is my princess and u should not tease her.

Laksh; Papa i have one doubt, now she is in our house so u r calling her. But in future she will go from this house to another house then whom u will call?

Dp: We can see at that time.

Laksh: Ok do one thing call her from here and she will come infornt u and we can go out.

Uttara: Bhai u r acting more. Sanskaar bhai when u make a movie give him one role.

Sanskaar: But uttara i am doing my first on animals yar.

Uttara: Then it will suit for him bhai.

Laksh: Bhai u did not understood it will take sometime to make ur movie.

Sanskaar: Y

Laksh: Because uttara will get married then u can give both of them roles.

Sanskaar: Not bad lucky.

Uttara : Adarsh bhai …….

Radha: Wait people. God will select the best partners to every one. For my uttara best person will become as her husband.

Laksh: But the person who is going to be her husband will look alike

Then the screen goes to one person who is coming on bike. He is cute and smart.

Laksh : He looks like sharukh of having beautiful eyes 100% she will not get. His walking looks like handicapped. It was fix. U get ready uttara.

Uttara: Papa see na………

Dp: I am watching. They are saying that willingly. If u want u only see one day they only will fix the best person as your husband.

Sanskaar: Ha papa u r right.

Dp: Your three brothers will love u very much.

Radha: Ok ok its getting late go fast to temple.

Dp; U also come na didi.

Radha: No Dp i cannot come their. U go fast. and he will take her blessings. U will see all our people as ur family all will done fine for u. Live a long life.

Then the scene goes to one place where they will keep dp’s photos and will keep garland on it which resembles like dp has died. One lady will come their and says to pandit that

Lady: Pandit ji he has died 14 years above. I am keeping this karmkand every year. This year also it should be done well.

Pandit ji: Yes madam. What he belongs to u?

Lady : He is my enemy She will do it and pandit will go away. He says her to leave this pind in water.

After that she will say that i am your biggest enemy. All will say that u r god. But one day i will prove them that u r wrong and i am right.

Screen ends on showing Dp while going temple and photo of handling garland.


That lady will be seen by getting ready to go to temple and the entry of new characters.

Credit to: Shivani

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