Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 28)


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Swara: come kushi fi lets go give them a heart attack
Kushi: r u sure
Swara: ha di come
Ragini:laksh how much time will u take yaar even girls r bit fast than u in selecting dresses
Laksh: bhabi its so confusing
Arav: what yaar we came to enjoy u r wasting our time
Ragini: shall I select
Laksh: good idea
Ragini is selecting t-shirts for laksh at same time swara comes their with kushi swara sees laksh with arav
Arav sees swara and kuhsi he signals laksh but he doen’t understand
Laksh: what bhai plsz not today u know today its my best day I never enjoyed so much I never thought girls can be like this also
Arav: yeah but we can talk later na not know
Laksh: what today no one is their to stop me u know when swara is with me she never allows me to speak always he bak bak bak he turns around and is shocked
Swara is eyeing him angrily
Laksh: sw….wa…………….ra……..
Swara angrily goes from their laksh follows her
Arav comes to kuhsi
Arav: u two here
Kushi: ha nay problem
Arav: no
Kushi:then why r u asking
Arav: hey hey relax ok just just leave it
Kushi in low tone: can’t he ask sory
Arav: did u say anything
Kushi: no I think u heard anything
Arav: yeah no woh just
Kuhsi: ok with whom u came here
Arav: us we came with (he about to say ragini but he thinks something )our frnd
Kushi: frnds where r they
Arav: she is here only
Kushi is fuming in anger she is burning is jealous
Kushi: where is she
Arav: she’s here only I’ll make u meet u will be most happy to meet her she is so good and beautiful wow
Kushi: stop it where she is
Kushi in mind: if I see her I’ll kill her how can he praise her so much till know he never praised me leave it he never asked me for anything
Arav: plsz come fast yaar know u r taking time
Girl(ragini): coming
She comes out kushi is awestruck to see her
Kushi: ladoo u here
Ragini: ha u here
Kushi: yeha she eyes arav angrily they have a eyelock
Ragini observes that
Ragini: something happened
Kushi: yeah oh god who will save lucky
Ragini: what happened to him
Kushi: wo swara
She explains what happened
Swalak side
Laksh: swara swara plsz listen to me
Swara: why should I go go to that girl
Laksh: what r u talking about
Swara: what a man u r u did a mistake instead of pleading sory u wnat me to tell u r mistake
Laksh: ok sory know tell me what I did
Swara: u said sory that also when I asked no I ‘ll not forgive u
Laksh: plsz yaar try to understand
Ragini comes their with arav and kushi
Swara see her
Swara: di u here
Ragini: wo I
Swara: di u know u r both devar’s came here with some girls how they can di
Kushi: swara they came with
Swra cuts
Swara: I don’t wanna know who they r
Laksh: swara u r misubderstanding
Swara: yeah I am misunderstanding u , u never loved me
Laksh: swara I love u bhabi u tell her na
Ragini: ha swara
Swara: di plsz don’t take u r devar’s side
Ragini: plsz listen to me
Swara: no I don’t
Kuhsi: swara
Swara: no I’ll not forgive him
Ragini: they came with me
Swara: what
Kushi: ha they were with ragini
Swara: but jiju told
Ragini: hey bhagwan this sanskar
Arav: we thought to trouble him but he
Laksh: ha bhai sanskar bhai can do anything
Ragini: come know lets give him a surprise
All go sanskar’s office
At maheswari’s office
Sanskar ‘s cabin
He’s busy in his work
Arav laksh ragini swara and kuhsi come their
They head towards sanskar’s cabin ragini enters first
Arav: may I come in
Sanskar who’s busy in some files without seeing let them in
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: ragini
Sanskar: no u can’t be here its just my deram u r with those two no no sanskar concentrate on work
All giggles seeing his behaviour
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: by this time u must have disappeared but u r still their I think I am missing u badly shall I call ragini no she would be angry and by the way swara nd kuhsi must have spoiled all plans of laksh and arav
Swara and kushi gets angry hearing this laksh and arav eyes him angrily
Ragini: I am not dream I am really here
Sanskar: ok why should I trust u I know my lady hitler would mever come in real to meet me
Ragini: I am not leing
Sanskar: ok if u r real come and kiss me
Arashi and swalak r awestruck ragini goes near sanskar all close their eyes
Ragini pinches him hard
Sanskar screams in pain: ah…………………….. ok oh my god u r real u came here he jumps in excitement he hugs her tight
All laugh seeing his behaviour
Ragini: sanskar leave me
Sanskar: ok I am sory but u here
Ragini: ha wo she forget for a while that why she came their
All come out
Sanskar: u all here
He sees arashi and swalak eyeing him angrily
Sanskar: ok what happened
Laksh:w aht happend bhai how can u
Sanskar: what
Arav: don’t be so innocent
Sanskar: what
Swara: jiju u said they went to watch movie
Sanskar: ha I said they went to watch with a girl is ragini not a girl
Kushi: we thought
Arav: this man is too much
Sanskar: ok I know I did something too more its effects swalak but I have one more reason for that
Ragini: and what is that will u plsz tell us
Sanskar: ha of course sweet heart
They have eyelock
All cough
Swara: um……………um………
Will u plsz tell
Sanskar: come I’ll tell u but not here
Arav: then
Sanskar: swara laksh and ragini come with me and u too stay here only
Kushi: why we too wanna know
Sanskar: I’ll tell u later
Sanskar takes three aside
Ragini: mr.maheswari know plsz tell
Sanskar : ok arav loves kushi but he would never except kuhsi I don’t know for that I did
Swara: jiju kushi di too loves him
Sanskar: these two will never except that for that I did all this and
He tells his further plan
Ragini: I can’t belive u did all this planning
Sanskar: what have u thought about me mrs.maheswari
Laksh: ok ok know leave we should go know
They all spend some time their
Ragini gets a call she leaves for her office
On her way she sees some boys troubling a girl
She gets down of her car
She moves towards those boys gang she’s shocked to see the girl she’s uttra
Ragini: uttra
Uttra: bhabi she runs and hugs her
Ragini: uttra relax see I am here na plsz
Boy 1: see one more came
Boy 2: ha today is party for us
Boy 1: hey beautiful
He moves close to ragini he tries to touch uttra he dress backside is bit tored ragini sees that
The boys hand about to touch her ragini helds his hand
Ragini: just stop their only
Boy1: if no what will u do
All laugh
Ragini slaps him hard
Ragini: don’t even ever dare to do that
Boy1: hey catch her
All attack ragini she over powers them and beat them nicely she gets them arrested
Ragini takes uttra to her office
Swayam is waiting for ragini ragini comes their with uttra she takes her to her cabin
She makes her sit their and come out
Swayan: di why she’s here
Ragini explains her what happened
Ragini: I couldn’t take her home in this condition so I bought her here hope she’s fine
Swayam: don’t worry di
Ragini: swayam I need ur help
swayam: ha tell na
ragini: I’ll go and bring some dresses of mine u take her care try to lighten her mood she is sacred
swayam: u go I’ll take her care
ragini goes
at ragini’s cabin
uttra is sitting their alone with teary eyes she hears a knock she sees swayam their
swayam: may I come in
she wipes her tears and nods
swayam comes their with two cups of coffee
swayam: coffee
uttra nods no
swayam: ok r u fine
uttra: ha
swayam:u were lucky
uttra gets angry as she thinks he’s telling her lucky as she got saved
swayam:ha u r lucky only rare people get chace to see ragini di’s fight
uttra eyes him shockingly
swayam: ha don’t see me like that I am serious
uttra: and why so
swayam: she’s a good fighter many times she has body gaurds around so less time we get to see her fighting scences live she’s more dangerous than anything
uttra: how can u talk about ur di like that
swayam: areh I am not joking ask jiju he explain u how much di is dangerous more than lion(he shows action like as if he’s fighting while talking)
uttra: if u didn’t stop u r nonsense about my bhabi I’ll punch u for sure
swayam: why whom ever I meet always try to punch me only ha he makes a pout face
uttra laughs seeing his expressions swayam is happy finally she laughed
swayam: u look good while laughing
uttra stops
uttra: thank u
swayam: not so soon take this coffee
uttra takes with both talk for a while ragini comes
ragini: u didn’t trouble my SIL na
swayam: no ask her only
ragini: no I am sure u must have ha na uttra
uttra: ha bhabi with his silly talks
ragini: see I said na
swayam: how mean I made u laugh and u r complaining about me
ragini: u r like that only
swayam: u always take others side leaving me I’ll complain to jiju
ragini: go and tell him uttra these days this saale jiju r too much na
uttra: ha bhahi u know na monkeys mingle with monkeys fast thay laugh and give hifi
ragini: uttra take this and change we have to leave for MM
she goes
ragini: thank u
swayam: for what
ragini: for taking her care
swayam: ha (he has a bright simile on his face)
ragini: ha taking her care like a brother
swayam: brother no I am not her bro
ragini: then
swayam: can’t u think anything better like fnd
ragini: oh…………… like frnd ha
swayam: ha as a frnd
ragini and uttra leave for MM
the next day
their was a board meeting where ragini swayam came dp sanskar and arav were also their
after meeting
dp came out of building he’s waiting for sanskar and arav arav went to bring car and sanskar is in
ragini came out she sees dp standing their a truck is coming in full speed towards him ragini sees that she runs in that direction the truck about to hit dp ragini pushes him and saves him but she is injured sanskar who sees this runs towards trhem
arava and swayam also come their
swayam helps dp to stand
sanskar helps ragini but she’s unable to stand however she stands but she got hurt a lot
ragini: dp uncle r u fine
dp: ha beta u
ragini: ha
sanskar:what dad she got hurt we should go to hospital
arav: ha she need medical care
sanskar: arav u take papa to house I’ll take her to hospital
ragini: no I can’t I have a meeting to attend and its important
swayam: di u go to hospital I’ll handle meeting
sanskar takes ragini to hospital
at MM
dp enters with arav
he too got some scratches
ap see that
ap: ji
arav helps him he sit on sofa
ap: ji what happened r u fine
dp: ha
ap:how this happened
arav explains everything
swayam also came their after meeting with dadaji
swayam: arav bhai how’s di where’s she
arav: they didn’t come still
all r waiting for them
precap: ragsan’s fight………………
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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