Swaragini everything is fair in love and war(spoilers)

Gues thanks to all those who commented and my slient readers thanks to u’ll for liking my ff
Gues I am in small doubt so I want u’ll to help me I have two ideas but which one u’ll select my story would go in that line I know many swalak fans want more scences of them but I’ll try my best to give them screen space gues I’ll reveal ragsan love story and their reason for breakup in upcoming episodes but before that u’ll tell me how u want ragsan to unite
1. U want ragsan to get married first and then reunite
2. U want first their reunion first and then grand marriage
Gues trust me both will have different storyline swalak arashi will also unite soon and soon swayam and uttra’s love story will begun. Ragsan will not get married so soon because first their would lot of family drama nad then their love story revealed but the option u select would decide when their love story and family secrets revealed both options lead to or have different story
So plsz gues help me and if u have any better ideas then I most welcome them I would be happ[y to use them if u don’t like my ff I’ll soon end it within 5-6 episodes I am getting less comments if u like it then plsz comment. how would I know that u like it or not so if u like then plsz comment if u don’t like also then too comment I was sad to see less comment plsz comment by reading them a bright simile comes to my face and if simile comes to my face I’ll get more naughty, cute ideas and that would benefit u too I promise while reding my ff u’ll would laugh simile and get happy so plsz comment atleast for for ur entertainment love u’ll who have commeted special thanks to those who commented and my silent readers I know u may like but due lack of time u may be unable too but plsz comment If u want to criticise then most welcomed plsz plsz comment. See I have requested u so many times so atleast know I hope u’ll would comment.
Love u all ……………………………………
Gues plsz suggest me ideas I am eagerly waiting for that……………………………………….
Plsz plsz……………………plsz comment……………………..

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  1. if i choose 1st means thrs a lots knok jhok btwn ragsan ri8???? so i choose 1st one

  2. Second one..nd ur ff is really amazing..plzz don’t end it

  3. Reunion and then grand marg !

  4. 1. Really your ff is awesome yaar. So don’t end so soon. I’m waiting for your update.

  5. Fisrt maariage and then reveal truth
    And plzz dont stop ff

  6. second one i want them to reunite first then grand marriage i like ur ff plsz don’t end i qm egar to know their lovestory…………. Update next part soon……….

  7. 1st one dea

  8. First ragsan marriage dr

  9. oh sorry dear if u felt that thr is no much comment coz am most rarely will comment but always waiting & liking including of most ff without commenting.. so dnt think of ending coz still ur not relieved thr love story & break up with lot of family drama but thinking of ending not fair yar.. remember onething in cvs also sometimes they bore us but also waiting for good episode na like that dnt feel that thr is no comment we r liking very much.. coming to ff am happy with 1st happy after thr reunion means it takes much time to thr marriage but if after marriage means they will b together & we may get lot of knok jhok with romance by that lot of chance will good for thr reunion.. about family drama also let just give a outline for thr break up & make the both family to agree for thr marriage after the marriage lets ragini get to know of they r not a culprit by herself ask the proper reason.. sorry for this lot of blabbering..

  10. 1st one is better.first marriage then reunion.plzz don’t end ff so soon.i love your ff a lot.

  11. 2nd vl be beter

  12. I like the first option.

  13. 1st is better
    dnt stp ur ff
    it ws amazing

  14. 1st one

  15. 1 option is better…. Wnt their cute nok jhok

  16. Awesome my option is 1

  17. 1st one is much better n if u choose second also no prob for me as i know u have fab writing skills ……..good luck n post soon

  18. i liked both….so m confused….

  19. first one is better…..

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