Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Intro and Episode 1)


Hi guest hid is my first ff its hope u like that

Swara gadodia: a bubbly cute and smart girl she is naughty and a mischievous girl love bike racing she enjoys her life she is studying in kvs college of Kolkata she is younger to ragini loved by everyone in house she lost her father when she was 7 years old she loves her sis a lot and can do anything for her
Swayam gadodia: he is twin brother of swara loves his sis ragini a lot can do anything for her swra and swayam alwys have cat and dog fight the he likes bike racing too both brother and sister have bike racing often he too studies in same colllge as swra
Ragini gadodia: she is a beautiful girl she is having beauty with brains she don’t belive in love she is MD of karama group of industries after her father’s death at a young age of 17 along with her mother and grandpa handled the company she is elder to swara loves her sister a lot she is 4 years elder than swra

Sharmistha gadodia: she is a independent women after her husband deaths she took the initiate to handle the company after ragini joined the company she is taking care of home is a patient of asthama she loves her daughters and son a lot a lot
Jaymal gadodia: he is grandfather of swaragini and swayam love his grandchildren’s a lot especially swra is his favourite but he loves ragini a lot
Shanti gadodia: grandmother of swragini and swayam she likes swayam and ragini lot she is traditional women who has more cultural and traditional values very strict
Swra and her grandma alwys have quarles only ragini can save swra from dadi
Dadaji also doesn’t speak btw them he is also very much scared of dadi’s anger everyone r scared of her a lot.
Sanskar maheswari: a dashing young business men love his family a lot can do anything for them he loves his brother a lot
Lakshya maheswari: a young handsome dashing boy he too studies in kvs college he is a big flirt always flirt’s with girls he is scared of his dad very much loves his brother a lot and can do anything for him

Uttra maheswari: sibling of sanskar and lakshya she is one year younger than lakshya she too studies in same collge as laksh, laksh loves her a lot she is life of sanlak
Aanapurna maheswari: mother of sanskar and uttra
Durga parsad maheswari: father of sasnkar and uttra MD OF MAHESWARI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES
Sujitha maheswari: mother of lakshya
Ramparsad maheswari : father of lakshya
Shradha singh: sister of dp and rp she is married her husband died in an acciedent she stays with her brother and his family she has son named arav singh
Arav singh : he is in US. he is MD of AKL GROUPS OF company started by his father
Arav and sasnkar r best frnds they share their every feelings, problems to eachother arav is soon going to shift his office to Kolkata

A girl is sleeping peacefully her room is pink colored its like a princess room
Sumi comes and opens the curtains sunrays falls on her eyes covers her face with blanket
Sumi: beta wake up na if dadi comes to know that still ur sleeping she would get angry
Girl: ma plsz 5 more minutes
Dadi: sumi woh ab tak sau rahi hai kya
Girl hearing the voice sits up the girl is swra
Sumi is laughing seeing that
Dadi: sumi kya hua she is moving towards swra’s room
Swara: she will be coming
Swra runs towards washroom and closes door with sudden jerk
Dadi: swra kha hai

Sumi: she is in washroom
Dadi: what a micracle today she got up without any drama
Sumi: ma swayam is still sleeping I will wake him also
Dadi: no need he must be tired let him sleep na today is Sunday only
Swra in her act as dadi let him sleep na
In her mind he is so special for her know see what I’ll do for swayam
Dadi comes to hall and sees dada reading newspaper
Dada: ur daily drama over
Dadi: what drama because of ur love only she is spoiled
Then a girl comes wearing a white shirt black pant holding black blazer in one hand she is wearing black heels she left her hair opens she is moving towards temple she prays their
Dadi: dekho meri ladoo office ke sath ghar ka kam bhi kar sakhti ha
Dada: ha we r lucky that she is our daughter
She is our ragini
Ragini is coming towards dada dadi she took their blessings
Dadi: ladoo where r u going today is Sunday na

Ragini: ha dadi but their’s a important meeting today so I have to leave
Dada: with whom is it rago
Ragini: dada ji it is with AKL groups of company mr.arav singh is soon shifing his office to Kolkata and regarding deals he wants to talk
Dadi: today also can’t u take some rest
Ragini: I promise dadi i’ll be back soon
Dada: ok beta all the best
Ragini leaves GM
At swara’s room
Swra comes out taking a bath some idea flashes in her mind
Swra: wah swara so good idea u r really intelligent
Swra moves towards swayam’s room
Swara: swyam wake up

Swayam: just let me sleep if dadi didn’t let u sleep why r u spoiling my sleep(in sleepy tone)
Swra: beoz I am getting bored
Swayam: so wht shall I do go and fight with dadi gdnight
Swra: I am giving u lasy chance
Swayam: go do whatever u wnat to don’t disrub me
Swara brings a bucket of water and pours it on swayam
Swayam: he sits up suddenly and screams its flood flood
Swara is laughing seeing his expersion
Swayam: swra what’s ur problem ha
Swra: I need ur help
Swayam: for what
Swara: u know to trouble ur beloved dadi
Swayam : I am not going to
Swra: ok then I’ll say to ma about ur girlfrnd

Swayam: u r blackmailing me
Swra: I didn’t but know I will
Swayam: ok say what
Swara rells her paln to swayam
Swayam: r u mad di is also mnot here if she got to know who did it then who will save us
Swra: I have backup plan for that also

Precap: swra troubles dadi
Ragini and sansakr r shocked to see eachother…………………..

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam de
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja

Credit to: poonam

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