Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (summary till know)


Hello everyone how are u all I think no one excepted that I’ll write because its more than 8 to 10 months that I had stopped writing this ff but what to do one of my friend got to know that I write this ff she forced me to continue I hope u people remember me if not let me introduce myself I am poonam wo was writing an ff everything is fair in love and war then stopped in middle due to some issues sorry for that
So I am here with summary of my ff let me know do u people want me to continue from where I left or start new as I am writing this again on wattpad with some changes in story line all would be same in new story but some changes

Its know on u people u want me to update as on wattpad or continue the story from where I stopped as both would have almost same story but what on wattpad some parts skipped and beginning some changes but rest same
So let me know what u people want
And summary

Swara gadodia: a bubbly cute and smart girl she is naughty and a mischievous girl love bike racing she enjoys her life she is studying in kvs college of Kolkata she is younger to ragini loved by everyone in house she lost her father when she was 7 years old she loves her sis a lot and can do anything for her
Swayam gadodia: he is twin brother of swara loves his sis ragini a lot can do anything for her swara and swayam are tom jerry always fighting but love each other Swayam and ragini have special bond he’s bit possessive about her he likes bike racing too both brother and sister have bike racing often he too studies in same college as swara
Ragini gadodia: she is a beautiful girl she is having beauty with brains she don’t belive in love she is MD of karama group of industries after her father’s death at a young age of 17 along with her mother and grandpa handled the company she is elder to swara and Swayam by four years
Sharmistha gadodia: she is a independent women after her husband death she took the initiate to handle the family and business loves ragini more than her own children swara and Swayam he world revolves around them after ragini joined she handed all her business responsibilities to her
Jaymal gadodia: he is grandfather of swaragini and swayam love his grandchildren’s a lot especially swara is his favourite but he loves ragini a lot he understands her better than anyone else

Parvathi gadodia: grandmother of swragini and swayam she likes swayam and ragini lot she is traditional women who has more cultural and traditional values very strict
Swara and dadi have quarrels ragini always gets struck btw these two
Dadaji also doesn’t speak btw them he is also very much scared of dadi’s anger everyone r scared of her a lot.
Sanskar maheswari: a dashing young business men love his family a lot can do anything for them he loves his brother a lot CEO of maheswari industries
Lakshya maheswari: a young handsome dashing boy he too studies in kvs college he is a big flirt always flirt’s with girls he is scared of his dad very much loves his brother a lot and can do anything for him
Uttra maheswari: sibling of sanskar and lakshya she is one year younger than lakshya she too studies in same collge as laksh, laksh loves her a lot she is life of sanlak
Aanapurna maheswari: mother of sanskar and uttra
Durga parsad maheswari: father of sasnkar and uttra MD OF MAHESWARI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES
Sujitha maheswari: mother of lakshya

Ramparsad maheswari : father of lakshya
Shradha singh: cousin sister of dp and rp her husband died in an accident she stays with her brother and his family she has son
Arav singh : he is in US. he is MD of AKL GROUPS OF company started by his father
Arav and sanskar r best frnds they share their every feelings, problems to each other arav is soon going to shift his office to Kolkata
The story started with all characters introduction and about their lifestyle then how ragsan met in a conference where ragini’ s and arav company was their to sign deal both felt pain of love and separation sanskar tried to talk with her but in vain
Ragini returned home and got to know about swara’s prank she saved her dadaji felt pain of ragini at night she was unable to sleep she came to study and started working dadaji asked her the reason and she said about sanskar he felt bad that she knows half truth and is blaming him and wants revenge from dp for shekar’s death dadaji and rest of gadodia family believes that dp is behind shekar’s death

The next day in college laksh plays a prank on swara to get her out of college but swara gets saved they both get into clash as a result principle calls ragini and sanskar
Both reach their and are shocked to see each other they both get to know about this sibling fight and both argue that whose fault it was
Sanskar says that how can anyone flirt with a girl whose sister is a black belt in karate and ragini blames that he’ s a jerk and big flirto
Swalak were shocked when their elder brother sister were fighting
Principal throws all of them out
Sanlak reach home
Sanskar blurt everything that happened from starting to arav and he gets shocked asks sanskar why did he do so then sanskar says that how ragini wanted to harm his company
Laksh says about what ever happened in clg to ap and rest all are shocked
Sanskar speaks about this to dp and dp decided that he would speak to dadaji because things were becoming worse

To warn ragini sanskar leaks that their was btw him and her in media the next day ragini comes to know about this and she’s dame angry on sanskar media and repoters were troubling both of them ragini in frustration makes statement that they loved eachother once and then broke up sanskar was shocked
The next day ragini’s friend kushi makes entry she’s common friend to ragsan but ragini’s best friend she knew everything about their love story and felt bad that she could do nothing
Swara being over smart hears ragini and kushi’s conversation and is eager to know why ragsan broke up

Laksh and uttra are eager to know but they know sanskar won’t say anything so uttra talks to swara and Swayam and makes swalak friends
Kushi goes to meet sanskar their she gets introduced to arav she feels attracted towards him and even he feels something trio talk and then sanskar leaves and arshi continue their conversation
Lakutt and Swayam swara decided to meet in night at some park
That same say ragini and kushi planned to see ghost movie
When Swayam and swara return by sounds kushi gets scared and she falls unconscious
Swayam and swara feels strange in ragini behaviour even sanskar
Ragsan fight and tashan continues and swalak started feeling for eachother and even arshi were dating without anyone’s knowledge
Swalak confess

One day swaragini and Swayam kushi went to shopping and arav uttra laksh forced sanskar to come with them for shopping fate played its game ragsan gets locked in lift
During that time they get closer and sanskar failed to control himself kissed her passionately ragini got angry by his this move
At holi party
Sanskar comes to know about swalak he was happy

Ragini drinks bang and troubles sanskar a lot she confess that she still love him
Dada ji and dp meets swalak and rest youngsters listen to their conversation and are hell shocked swara had stopped talking to laksh he was sad about it laksh tells everything to sanskar he was hell shocked he decided to speak to swara he talks with her and makes her understand all problems swalak are back
Ragini was going to office when she was about to hit a lady it was ap ragini takes her to hospital and drops her to mm l ragini comes to know about this and in anger she questions dadaji where she comes to know that sumi is not her mother, her mother janki died after she was born
Ragini was completely broken by this
She takes her car and goes away kushi informs sanskar about this and he follows he dp and other maheswari’s reach their where shardha tells everyone that it was arjun arav’s dad who was behind shekar’s accident dadaji apologies to dp
Arav was broken by this and kushi consoles him and he promised that he’ll unite ragsan

Swalak and rest youngsters comes to know about ragsan love story that how they met in London unvesity fell in love in clg yuvraj malhotra one of ragini’s enemy who is obessed with her tries to attack her but during that fight ragsan friend meera dies
Sanskar followed ragini and talked to her but she was not ready to listen
Dadaji and rest makes a plan to unite ragsan
Everyone acted as dadaji got hear attack and was on death bed and he made ragsan get married
Ragini and sanskar both were confused about what was happening
Ragini blamed sanskar again and he decided he would go far from her because he can’t tolerate her hatered anymore kushi makes ragini understand and asks her trust him
Dadaji forces ragini to go MM and sanskar is bound by the promise he gave to dp
Their life was all messed
Ragini decided to talk to sanskar and ask reason but he had lost his patience so he screams on her

Kushi calls ragini’s friend adarsh to help them but he denies and they agree o a deal that he too loves ragini and if he impressed her and ragini decides to move on with him all have to support him kushi and swara unwilling had to agree
Adarsh entry makes sanskar feels jealous and he claims ragini to be his wife
They all decided to go for a family picnic all enjoyed and ragsan came closer
They reached Bikaner their home town during ganghor festival
During that time some one tried to harm ragini tried to kill her by pushing her in lake sanskar saved her
Then sanskar and Swayam felt something fishy and they recollected all indicdents that some one is trying to kill ragini
Kushi family comes for arshi’s relation everything was going well

Ragsan were becoming good in terms but then sanskar’s accident happend which was again his and swayam’s plan ragini was broken when she came to know that he lost his memory and he forgot her she didn’t loose hope and decided that she’ll help him again her memory back
By sanskar activities ragini gets suspicious on him and she decided to expose him
For some meeting ragsan go to hong kong they both had to stay in same room and circumstances made them consummate their marriage they became one
Sanskar was guilty for whatever happened he asked sorry from her and ragini convinced him that nothing was wrong

So I stopped their
Know tell me should I continue or not

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