Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 9)


kushi faints ragini opens the door and see all family their
Swayam: di what happened
Sumi on’s light
They see kushi fainted
Dadi: what happened to her
Swara sprinkles water on her face
She gains consciousness
Swara: di r u fine

Kushi: where I am I think I am in heaven
Swara: what happened
Kushi: swra ………. ah………… how can whole family accompany me in heaven how can u’ll come here
Ragini hits her head
Kushi: what r u doing
Ragini: know got to know where u r
Kushi: why u all r here
Swayam: because of ur scream
Dada ji: beta why did u scream
Kushi: this is all because of this ragini
Sumi: what happened

Ragini: ma nothing
Kushi: what nothing today u gave me heart attack and u say nothing
Swayam: know will u plsz tell us what’s the matter
Kushi points towards the TV
Swara: what
Kushi: ur sis forced me to watch ghost film then she scared me that this house is haunted
And that was not enough she took the torch and focused it to her face because of darkness in room she was looking like a ghost seeing her I fainted(she shows expression how she did it)
Swara: I can’t belive di u agained watched horror films
Sumi: what is this ragini
Ragini: what I did we saw a shadow near swra’s room and this idiot swayam if bangs the door so hard anyone would get scared
Kushi: u just shut up u know today how much I was scared I was feeling like I would die
They all starts to laugh seeing her expression
Kushi: I was almost dead today just because of u I’ll never watch any such movie and especially with u never ever in my derams also I can’t see such things

Swayam: wow di u r awesome they give hifi to eachother
Sumi: ok know u’ll sleep its already late
They all go to sleep in their room
Swra to swayam
Swra: I am happy di saw horror movies after so much time
Swayam: ha she has a habit to scare everyone
Swra: ok go and sleep we have to go clg tomorrow
Swara in her room
She gets laksh call
Laksh: hello swara
Swra: ha laksh bolo

Laksh: I called to u ask did u reach home
Swra: ha…..
Laksh: what happened
Swra: u know what di did today
She tells him everything
Laksh: oh my god I didn’t knew that ur ragini di would love horror movies
Swara: ha she likes but she didn’t watch them since many years
Laksh: u know bhai hates horror films
He starts to laugh
Swra: what I am sure during their clg di must had scared ur bro a lot
Laksh: wow yaar ur di is so cool
Swra: ha she is u know today morning she said that she would do bike racing with me

Laksh: wow I too like bike racing my bad fate bahi loves racing but hate horror movies u know
because of his fear me and arav bahi never used to watch ghost films though we wished to
Swara: so u also like ghost films ha
Laksh: I think u also don’t like
Swra: ha i do but I watch them but not with di I swear if u watch horror movies with di u would get so much scared that I life time u would not wish to watch such movies
Laksh: hey we’ll see that
Swara: u know laksh I di and swayam use to watch such movies because di used to scare me so much that after seeing the movie next day I used to get fever
Laksh: relly swra
They keep on talking they talk about what they like they don’t they were coming close to eachother
They r enjoying eachothers company they r feeling something very close to their hear

Ragini comes down at dinning table for breakfast in her office attire she is looking beautiful
They all break fast
Dada ji: ragini what happened u r tensed
Ragini: dada ji woh some work is pending so I am getting late
Dada ji: don’t take more stress of work
Ragini: yeah…………………kushi r u still angry on me… see yarr plsz forgive (by holding her ears and making a pout face)
Kushi: my dear ladoo after seeing ur cute face who can be angry on u………………ok I am getting late I should meet someone
Ragini : swayam swara come I’ll drop u to ur clg
Swara: di u’ll be busy we’ll go
Ragini: I am asking na come
Kushi: what a sudden change something something( giving a teasing simile)

Ragini: come fast its getting late
They move in ragini’s car ragini is driving
All r having break fast
Uttra: sanskar bhai will drop me to clg
Sanskar: sure…………………
By the way where is kumbhkaran he is not coming or what
All starts to laugh
Uttra: don’t know…………… I think he is still sleeping
Laksh who comes their hear all theis
Laksh: what is this bhai…………………………
Sanskar: what ……….. u r kumbhkaran
Laksh: ok from when u started calling me like that ha
Sanskar: u r always late so what’s wrong in that kumbhakaran
Laksh: badi ma see this bhai has gain strated
Ap: sanskar what is this

Rp: what’s wrong if this jannab is so lazy what can we do
Uttra: laksh bhai don’t worry I’ll not tell this to anyone that ur kumbhkaran
All starts to laugh
Uttra gives hifi to sanskar
Laksh: uttar can u see someone changed(in teasing tone)
Uttra understands it and says ha bhai something is fishy ……
Arav bhai ur bhai’s best frnd u know anything
Arav: what will I know its something really special
Sanskar: what’s all this u r getting late na ha if ur conservation is over then can we go to clg come uttra
Laksh: one minute u r coming but why
Rp: what why because of u uttra gets late so she asked sanskar to drop
Laksh: from when u started this duty
Sanskar: when u became kumbhkaran
Laksh: that’s not fair
Sanskar: come on yarr I am getting late

Laksh comes near sansakr ear’s
Laksh: bhai shall we have race
Sanskar: what happened to u all of sudden
Laksh: bhai say yes or no
Sansakr: no
Laksh loudly why
Sanskar: I have some important work so come its getting late
Uttra, laksh and sanskar leaves for clg in sanskar car sanskar is driving
Ragini comes their in her car at same time sanskar also comes they r opposite directions some mts distance is their btw their cars their is only place for one car parking they give a evil simile to eachother
Swra: di what r u upto

Ragini: just wait and watch
Laksh: bhai plsz not know
Sanskar: just be quite lucky
They both keep hand on sterring they have increased their car’s speed both the car’s r coming to that their and what’s that ragini has taken over it she has parked her car their
Swara gave a relief breath
Swra: di today I was so scared
Ragini: what have u thought about ur di ha
They come out of car
Sanskar has parked his car some where thei r he got the place
Ragini to tease sanskar
Ragini: u know swra no one can beat ur di(in loud tone)
Swara: di what happened to u she sees sanskar and understands it
She winks at laksh
Laksh: what is this bhai u lost to her

Sanskar: just shut up lucky …………. and yah by the way u know ur brother he lets others win easily but when it comes to his ego he don’t spare anyone by small win some people think themselves great I just wait for right opportunity and show them what r ill effect of messing with sanskar maheswari
Ragini gets angry hearing this
Ragini: swara u know some people can never change they don’t have guts to talk directly they try to black mail other but ur di can handle such people
Sanskar gets what she wants to tell
Sanskar: ragini if u want to scold me talk to me directly
Ragini: mr.maheswrai I am not talking about u
They face eachother

Sanskar: can’t u stop ur drama
Ragini: ur sadoo u can never change(in sacrtic tone)
Sanskar: and u chipakli see ur self then talk about me
Ragini: u……………….. what have u thought about urself
Swara tries to take ragini and laksh tries to take sanskar but they all in vain
Kushi who feels something fishy also comes their she sees them fighting
Kushi: oh no I was right she moves to wards them
Sanskar: see urself ur a ghost anyone would get sacred to see u chipalkili
Ragini: u again called me chipakali what u r sanky the sanki , sadoo, kadoos, akadu angry bird and a big filrt
Sanskar: enough is enough
Ragini: no what u’ll do
Kushi comes in btw
Kushi: cant u both stop ur tom and jerry fight r u both mad ur standing in front of ur siblings clg
And sanskar plsz go from here for heaven’s sake plsz
Ragini stamps sanskar feet
Sanskar: uu………….. I won’t leave u he comes towards her

Kushi: plsz sanskar for at least me go from here
Sanskar: today only for u next time if I met u u’ll face ur life’s worst day
Sanskar goes from their
Kushi takes ragini from their
Laksh: omg what a fight ha
Swayam: I have never seen di like this
Uttra: u saw their r showing all their anger on eachother
Swra: ha as if they were not fighting but their way to love each other
Swayam: we should find out everything as soon as possible if they keep fighting like this anyone of both would kill the other
Uttra: swara kushi di was right they were fighting like small kids
Laksh: more worst than that
They all laugh and go to their class

Precap:Swalak and arashi’s love chemistry
ragsan nokh jokh and romance………………………..

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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