Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 8)

Kushi comes to dada ji’s room
Kushi: dada ji I want to talk to u about ragini
Dada ji:tell me kushi what happend
Kushi: dada ji sanskar still loves ragini and ragini know about it
Dada ji: what r u saying ragini will never except that
Kushi: why don’t u clear ur misunderstanding talk to dp once listen to him what he says
Dada ji: I know but
Kushi: dada ji ragini shares everything with u and then with me u know from past 4 years how much she changed herself plsz she is like my sis I can’t see her in pain
Dada ji: I am also not but
Kushi: just talk to them
Just then dada ji gets call of dp
Kushi dada ji pick up the call
Dp: hello chachi nameste
Dadaji: hello dp how r u

Dp:(he gets emotional to hear that) I am good(in crying tone) woh……………….
Dada ji: tell me what happened
Dp: can we meet I just want to talk about our childerns
Dada ji: ha sure we can meet
Dp: u say when I’ll come
Dadaji: we can’t meet at MM or GM
Dp: then
Dadaaji:we can meet in our old farm house what say
Dp: sure
Thank u for talking
Dadaji: it is because of ragini don’t think something else
They cuts the call
Kushi hugs dadaji
Kushi: thank u
Swayam heard all the conservation he is in shock
Swayam moves towards swra’s room

Swara: swayam what happened
Swayam: swra close the door I want to tell u something
Swra : ok tell
Just then laksh calls come
Swara: ha bolo lucky what happened
Swayam keep phone on loud speaker
Laksh: I want to talk to u can we meet (uttra is also their the phone is on loud speaker)
Swayam: I also want to tell something
Laksh: no I want first its important
Swayam: yeah this is also important
Swayam and laksh at at time its about sanskar bhai and ragini di
Swra: what u both came to know
We’ll talk about it tomorrow
Laksh: no I can’t wait I’ll die if I didn’t tell u
Swara: but know
Laksh: yeah
Swayam: ok but where

Uttra:we can meet at kvh garden
Swara:nice idea but we can’t come know dadi will not allow
Swayam: ok after everyone sleep we can meet
Laksh: ok that much time I can wait
Swra: ok ao meet at kvh garden their’s a shed in garden their we’ll be or if u come first u wait there
Uttra and laksh: ok meet at garden
At ragini’s room
Ragini is planning to watch a horror movie
Kushi comes their
Kushi: ragini what r u doing
Ragini: come we’ll watch horror movie tonight what say
Kushi: r u mad
Ragini: ok then fine after dinner we’ll watch it together
Kushi: I didn’t say yes
Ragini: who asked u I am just saying u to watch
Kushi was shocked by ragini’s behaviour
They all have dinner
In ragini’s room kushi and ragini r watching horror movie
All went to sleep swara and swayam after all went to sleep come out of their room
They both go out of GM to kvh garden in car

All r having dinner
Ap:sanskar come and have dinner
Sanskar: goes their
Ap Is happy
Ap: have this I made ur favourite desert rasgulla
Sanskar: thank u ma love u
Ap is happy to see him like that it had been 4 years that sanskar is so happy
All r shocked and happy
Suji feeds sanskar with her hands
Laksh touches rasgulla bowl
Sujitha beats on his hand
Laksh:ochhhh………………… ma badi ma this not fair only for him what for us
Uttra: ha ma………
Sanskar: so what its made for me not for u both they both love me ore than u
Shardha: don’t worry I am their for u both have this
She feeds rasgulla to both
Arav: this not fair with me badi mami and choti mami supported sanskar , mom is on uttra and laksh side no one is their for me
He makes pout face
All laugh at him
Dp: don’t worry we r their for u
Rp: ha we r ur side
They all laugh they have nice conversation
Arav: sanskar what r doing tonight
Sanskar: why’s this question
Arav: just……………
Ap is very happy she got her son back she missed him a lot in past 4 years he was not so happy
They all have dinner and go to their room
Sanskar: arav yaar tonight I am planning to paly video games what say
Arav: wow
Sanskar: yeah u come to my room
All went to sleep
Sanskar and arav r playing video games in sanskar’s room
Laksh and uttra goes to kvh garden in car
At KVH garden
Swra and swayam r waiting for them
Laksh and uttra come their
Laksh tell them what he heard and tells them he saw kushi their
Swayam tells them about dp’s and dadaji’s phone call
Swra: know I am sure because of some family issues they both got separated
Uttra: ha swra but what must have happened

Swayam: I think we should follow them to fram house and ask them directly
Swra: nice idea
Laksh: I am excited to know my bhai’s love story after seeing their fight I am feeling it is really very intersting
Swra: ur right u said that kushi di said that they were enemies it seems interesting because I know my di she don’t belive in love
Uttra: we should try to ask them fist if they say we can know why they hate eachother know
Swara:I think u r right
Laksh:ok gues we should move it getting late it is 1.00pm we should move
Swayam: ok meet u at clg
Swra: ok buye
Laksh stares at swra lovingly
Swayam and swra goes in their car laksh is seeing at them
Swara feels happy that laksh is seeing at her a strange feeling both r getting
Swayam and swra entrs GM
Ragini and kushi were feeling scared after seein the movie the have only one light on that too small their is little bit brightness it is creating a scary environment ragini is holding a torch in her hand her head is covered with bedsheet kushi is really sacred of her look
They both stare at eachother
Suddenly they see a shadow they both get sacred actually the shadow is of swra swra’s room is just beside’s ragini she is entering her room swayam is also moving towards his room
Kushi: ragini who’s their
They both r sweating
Ragini: may be theif
Kushi: how’s that possible their r security outside no one can dare to come in
Ragini to make her more scared say’s that she heard from ma that the house they live was haunted before

Kushi gets more scared
Ragini: come we’ll see who’s their
Kushi: no I won’t if it is a ghost
Ragini: we’ll meet and have fun with him what’s say superb idea na
Kushi: r u mad
Ragini: no………….. come on I am with u na nothing will happen
Kushi: that’s only my problem u r with me na
Ragini: r u sacred
Kushi: no
Ragini: then come show that u r not scared
Ragini pulls her they both go out swara has enterd her room swayam is standing their
Kushi: see we saw him here know how come he go their
Ragini: I don’t know I am also getting scared
Kushi starts blabbering human chalisa she has her hand folded she is sweating
They r holding a troch in their hand the trouch falls ragini picks it it gets off ragini tries to on it and finally it ger on but it is upright position the light of torch is falling on ragini’s face it is giving her more sacre look( she has her head covered with bedsheet)
Kushi seeing it get more scared and starts to scream a loud all hearing her scream comes out of their room
Swayam who was near by move towards their room he bangs the door hearing the sound kushi faints ragini opens the door and see all family their

Precap: kushi faints their nokh jokh
swalak’s converstion they have started feeling for each other
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du
Gues thanks to all who commented and all my silent readers who read it, I read ur comment I was happy let me clear the pairs r swalak ragsan ,arashi(arav and kushi) and swayam and uttra. I know many swasan fans wants them as pairs but I am really sory because pirs r ragsan and swalak and it can’t be swalak and ragsan because ragini Is elder than laksh she is elder sis of swara and swayam and MD of karma industries. Their lot of mystry what’s love story of ragsan, how swalak arashi and swayam uttra falls in love. What is the past that made ragsan separated ,will they ever unite if so then how , lots of fun and romance will come in next few episode. And sory because for some episodes their will be swalak and arashi chesmistry and ragsan nokh jokh. My ff is about ragsan but I’ll try to give equal importance to all their lots of drama coming so plsz read and my slient readers plsz comment ……………….. and plsz give me suggestions ideas I would be happy to use them thank u all and plsz gues plsz plsz comment………………………………………………………………………………………

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