Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 6)


Shradha arrives after a trip
Ap: di u came so fast
Shradha: I thought to surprise u all but u have surprised me
Is everything fine
Arav, lasksh, uttra take her blessing
Shradha: where’s sanskar
Arav: ma woh……………. he’s in his room
Shradha: what happened bhaisya u r tensed
Dp: nothing he goes to study room
Shradha: I’ll just come she too goes to study room
Shradha: bhaisya I know what happened I saw in news and arav informed me
Dp: they think I was responsible for shekar’s death which is not true
Shradha: it was all because of me that first ur frndship broked and then
Dp: we can’t tell them if we say ragini will be completely broken because one truth will bring everything in front
Shradha:we can’t be so helpless why don’t u speak to cahachi once
Dp: I don’t have that courage
Shradha: sanskar’s and ragini’s life is spoiling by all this atlest for ur son
Dp: I’ll try
Shradha: thank u

All r at breakfast table
Dadi: where’s ragini
Swara: dadi she’s in her room
Just then ragini comes she is wearing her nightsiut her hairs r messed up she is looking cute like a small girl all r shocked to see because ragini never comes like that infact she gets ready for office and she’s never late for break fast
Sumi: ladoo what’s this
Ragini: kaka bring hot chocolate for me
All r shocked because from past four years she never drank it
Swara: di r u all right
Swayam goes near her he toches her neack and head
Ragini: what happened
Swayam: I am seeing that if u have fever or what
Swara: swayam call doc di is not feeling well
Ragini: what rubbish u r talking
Swra: di u in this attire and also u want to drink hot chocolate
Ragini: so what can’t I drink it
Swayam: u can but u have never in past4 years
Sumi: u both don’t trouble her eat fast u have to go for clg
Servant brings hot chocolate he keeps it near ragini
Swayam gets an idea he gives swara a evil simile she understands it
Swara: di shall we have bike race
Ragini: not today on Sunday what say
All r shocked

Swayam moves from his place ragini about tompick mug swayam comes and takes it
Ragini: swayam what’s this it is for me give it to me
Swayam: di if u want then take it
They run in whole house
Sumi and dada ji r happy to see old ragini
Swara also joins them
Ragini: sawar u r also helping him know see what’ll do she chases him in whole house
They all r tried they t sitting on sofa
Jsut then a girl comes sumi dadaji and dadi sees her she signals to be quite
She comes and closes ragini’s eyes
Ragini:who’s that she toches her hand kushi u
(Yes the girl is kushi ragini’s bstfrnd)
Kushi: u recognised me
They both hug eachother
Ragini: how can I ever forget my best fnrd
Swara , swayam also hugs her
Swayam: kushi di u know ragini di chased us in whole house for hot chocolate
Kushi: I know I saw
she takes blessings from dadi dada ji and sumi
sumi: so nice to see u
dadaji: u here u were in los angles for some work so sudden u here
kushi: dadaji I got to know everything
dadi: I am happy to see u
kushi: dadi I am shocked to see ragini like this what a miracle
ragini: nothing like that
sumi: u both go and fereshen up

kushi: so u both met eachother
ragini: how u know that
kushi: what not only me whole world know u were fighting like small kids
ragini: it was all his fault
kushi: u said about ur relation then why his fault
ragini: because he tried to blackmail me with that
kushi: so u in anger did all this
ragini: yeah u know me better than me
kushi: I am happy if one fight can change u so much then their’s something fishy ha(giving a teasing simile)
ragini: just stop it nothing like that
kushi: arh………… see urself so much changed
ragini: yeah I am feeling like all my frustration and anger is gone
kushi: I am happy for u
they have nice chitchat
swara hears their conservation she gets shocked
she comes down
swayam : swra what happened
swra: we r getting late shall we move to clg
swayam: yeah sure
they move to clg

at GM
ragini and kushi have chit caht its already after noon they have lunch and they move to their work
kushi: ragini I should go meet someone its important I’ll come back soon
ragini: ok I am also leaving for office shall I drop u
kushi: no u go I want to talk with dadaji and go
ragini: ok bye
she goes to office

precap:kushi meets sanskar
arav and kushi team up and tease sanskar
laksh and swra become frnds

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam

Credit to: poonam

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