Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 5)

The NEXT day
Swara screams ragini di
Ragini: swara what happened
Swra: di see this what is in newspaper
Ragini is shocked to read headlines
Swayam: ragini di (he comes running inside GM)
Ragini : what happened
Swayam: di their r many media reporters outside the house
Ragini gets a call
Person: so how was my surprise ha
Ragini: u I won’t live u(in angry tone)
Person: I had warned u
Ragini: mr.sanskar maheswari u’ll have to pay for it
All get shocked to hear his name
Swara’s pov
What’s happening here di and sanskar they know eachother but so much fight so much tashan what is their past I have never seen di in so much anger and yesterday in clg how did sanskar know that di knew karate how come that only di’s closed one’s knew that………….. what’s happening
Sanskar: ragini u said na everything is fair in love and war

Ragini: the war begins know
She cuts the call
Ragini moves to her office
She is really frustrated because all news reporters follow her she is really irritated
Sanskar is to troubled by reporters
At sanskar’s office at his cabin
Arav: r u happy know
Sanskar: bro I had no other option
Arav: but u r too facing troubles what say
Sanakar: u r right I wanted her to trouble but I am facing problem know
Ragini comes to sanakar’s office
Sanskar is informed that ragini came
Sanskar: ragini u here
Ragini: come with me right know
Sanskar: where and why should I come
Ragini pulls him by holding his hand outside his office all media reporters r standing their
Ragini: u’ll wished to know what was relation btw us right
Sanskar is tensed to hear that(in his mind what she is upto know)
Arav, dp, rp comes out their
Sanskar: ragini what r u saying
Ragini: don’t behave that u don’t know anything
Sanskar: what r u upto
Ragini: u’ll wanted to know right
Ragini gains some courage she takes deep breath
I wand sanskar have completed MBA from same clg we fell in love we were in relation for a year and then break up
Sanskar was shocked he never accepted that she would accept it in front of media
Reporter: mam what was the reason for ur break up
Ragini: I said the truth know ask question what ever u want to sanskar
Sanskar gets angry

Sanskar: why should I u told them so say them the reason too
Ragini: u were the reason so u say
Sanskar: we both were in relation how can I alone be responsible for that
Ragini: no it was not u but it was ur family reason
Sanskar: don’t u dare to speak about them
They both completely forgot that their was media their
Ragini: I’ll and no can stop me
They both r standing in front of each other they r watching in anger to eachother
Sanskar: u r impatient u can’t see truth u always need a reason to fight
Ragini: how dare u and see urself u r still same sanky who is sanki kadoos akadu a big flirt
Sanskar: and u r a jungle billi who alwys fight with others
Ragini: u called me junlee billi
Sanskar: yeah I called u, ur
Ragini: and u, u r a big loser a big dumboo I just hate u
Sanskar: u r just sarcastic see ur self u look like bhoot u bhootni u quite junglee billi
Ragini: u again called me junglee billi
She spoils sankar’s hair
Sanskar: how dare u touch my hair
Ragini: if u call me that again I’ll not leave u.i just hate u sanskar……….
Sanskar: u r saying like I love u who wants to see a ghost face
Arav comes in btw
Arav: stop it gues u r infront of media behave urself
Sanskar: ask her to behave junglee billi
Ragini: just take him away or else I would kill him
Sanskar: ur warning me ha
Ragini: u oinly said na I am black belt in karate so be careful from me
She leaves from their

Dp:is this a way to behave
Sanskar: dad she crossed her limits not me
By saying this he goes to his room
At sanskar’s room he takes the same dairy which has photo
Sanskar: why its always me what wrong I did I loved u and still I love u(his eyes turned teary)
Dadi: ladoo what’s all this
Ragini: dadi plsz not know she goes to her room
Ragini’s room
Ragini: no I can’t I just hate him and his family I can’t become weak beause of dp I lost my father I won’t spare him

PRECAP:ragini comes to dinning table in night dress all r shocked to see her
Kushi’s entry in GM and shardha’s entry in MM

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam de
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
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