Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 45)


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things were getting worse know ragini was sacred for the first time in life she was feeling sacred and the reason was sanskar and Swayam they were upto something which she was unaware and because of not being sure she was confused and struck by the promise she made to him
she decided to speak to them because she can’t sit ideal she didn’t trust shouraya malhotra and rajbeer malhotra and she was sure that something was definitely related to them
she returned soon to MM
“ragini u came so soon all good na” asked shardha
“ha buaji its just that I am tried”
“are u going anywhere” asked ragini
“ha some work”
“ok” “where’s ma and chachi”
“they went to temple”
“oh ok I think u must also be going their”
“ha ha their only” said shardha being a bit hesitant ragini felt quite confused but ignored
After she ragini headed towards her room
She was really all events from start some one wanted to kill her but why was it for property or what she was not understanding what could be possible reason that some one wanted to kill her
Business rivalry but who was it rajbeer shouraya if they were then she was sure that they would have challenged openly

Some one was trying to double cross them
And after she met sanskar all those incidents had become common
She was puzzled
She got swara’s call
“ha bolo swara”
“di I got to know something can we meet in ur office” she asked
“yeah what happened is everything fine”
“di u just come”
“ok I am coming” she left
At karma industries office
“what happened swara”
“di I found something strange”
“like what”
Swara handed a file to ragini
“I got this from dadaji’s locker which was behind that big photo frame”
“what locker behind photo frame”
“ha as if he wanted to hide all this from us and what most shocked me was this file”

Ragini checked it and was shocked
“what is all this”
“di I am myself confused”
“if any such property was their then dadaji would have definitely informed me”
“di what exactly this mean”
“swara I myself is confused”
“di why I feel something is related to all this”
“I am also thinking the same”’swara
This was another shock for her their was nearly 200 crore property on her name and she can’t take charge of it before she completes 25 years and what was most shocking that arav’s dad mr.arjun singh named it on his sister’s daughter name but why did he name it on her he could have transferred it on his son’s name or wife but why she and as per clause it would be my wish whom I give this property
Their something which I am unable to find
Ragini returned to MM
She was tensed she was sitting in her room going to those papers she even asked some of the lawyers
And she was shocked when found about a clause
If something happened to her the property would go to mr.singh’s wife
That was shardha many questions doubts arrised in her mind
Did she knew about it is she no no ragini ur thinking alot areh she helped u to unite with sanskar it was she who came forward and told truth so she can’t be if she wanted this property then she wouldn’t have done all that because it was her lose to somewhere if she wanted property
God what are u doing I am questioning my own family
At night
“adarsh where are u going” asked kushi when she came down to get water it was late in night
“some work”
“at this time”
“ha something really urgent” “ok catch u soon” saying he left
Kushi felt weried by his behaviour

at MM
Ragini was standing in her room’s balcony she was tensed about recent happenings she was tensed sanskar saw her and called many times but she didn’t hear finally she saw him he called her on terrace both moved towards terrace
Ragini was standing watching the sky
“why are u seeing their”
“thinking about my life” he gave her confused look
“so many things happened na sanskar I didn’t even know who was my mom my dad left me when I was too young my parents left me dadaji and ma supported me they made me strong enough Swayam swara they filled my life with happiness then u came I fell for u a misunderstanding separated us but destiny had something else for us we united again with u I got so many new relations I am happy but past is not letting us leave in peace some enemity and today we are here don’t know fighting with some unknown enemy” she said he was just blankly seeing towards her he pulled her in a hug and hugged back keeping her head on his chest she never wanted to leave him
Her grip on him told him that she was worrying about something, something was bothering her
“what is bothering u ragu” he asked cupping her face
“I am sacred sanskar sacred like hell from the time we returned my heart is fearing for something I don’t wanna loose anyone and this shourya he can do anything” she made her grip tight
“ragini relax bacha nothing wrong will happen and trust me whatever we are doing its for everyone’s betterment”
“when will all this get over sanskar ”
“just some days until we find whose the one helping them”
“ha some one from our house is giving all information about us to them”
“but who it can be and we can’t even question anyone like that sanskar It can’t be from our family”
“I don’t know ragini but its not just from know before some time also some one tried to attack dad kill him and chote papa”
“what when”
“it was some time back and know everyone are in danger”
“but how’ll we find that person”
“we did this memory loss drama so that u stay away from MM but u being stubborn started troubling us only”
“how mean I didn’t know anything about all this and I was just trying to help u and u” she made angry face
“u know what”
“u look more cute when u get angry”
She gave him ur too much look
“areh don’t see me like that I’ll loose my control and then don’t blame me if next day everyone asks why u wake up late” he winked at her she was shocked
“I seriously can’t believe we are in such a huge mess and u , urgh……… u r such a jerk and my fate is so bad that I got married to u”

“wow whatever it is my wife always blame me only” she was still in his embrace his hand around her waist and she close to him
“what do u mean by that”
“that u are a fighter cock” she huffed and pushed him
“just shut up u idiot”
“how mean” he imitated her
“oh god” she hitted her forehead and he laughed at her
“I hate u”
“and I love” he said pulling her in a hug
“ok need to go” he said breaking the hug
“so soon”she lifted her head
“if u want I can be with u forever”
“then who stopped u”
He pinched himself
“am I dreaming my wife Is talking romantic”
“wait a second when did I”
“just know”
“I just said”
“yeah u just say my luck is not that good that my wife talks romantically with me”
“oh hello I do ”
“when did u”
“I didn’t get a chance”
“so who stopped u”
“my dear husband had memory loss and he forgot me” she said cutely pouting
“I’ll take revenge for all this”
He said and moved forward towards her she stopped him
“u needed to go”
“bye” he said and left
She smiled at him but whatever he confused her, her doubts were getting cleared whom to suspect
Some isolated place
“bhai u need to be more careful”said shouraya to some one
“don’t worry shourya I can handle myself”
“that sanskar is getting on top of our head” another man smirks
“then he needs to die”
“and what about that person who’s helping us we can’t trust her too”
“ur right she can blurt my truth out don’t worry once sanskar is finished she too has to say good bye to all”
And both laughs
“u would get ragini” shouraya says
“ call her bhabi”
“sorry I mean bhabi u will get her ” rajbeer laughs and leaves
‘and I would get all this property once these two are finished then I’ll kill u also and get ur position” shouraya smirks
He calls some one
“yes”the caller responds
“ha all is set na”
“ha everything is going well here tomorrow sanskar so called drama would be exposed”
“seriously is anything like this called plan” shouraya asks
Both laughed

“ok tell about their”
“yeah everything is going according to our plan”
“and what about rajbeer what has he decided”
“he wants to kill sanskar” he laughs
“he must be most happy know but its soon going to be his end”
“u r right once ragsan are cleared from our path then it would be rajbeer u’ll get what u want and me what I want” shourya says and disconnects
Then moves inside a room he stitches on the light and moves towards the board which has all maheswari’s and gadodia’s family members picture
I never excepted that these two families would turn my biggest enemies but what to do I need rajbeer’s position and he needs u ragini he says caring her photo see because of u sanskar is also trying to get me so he has to die and u too have to and then ur obsessed lover rajbeer he laughs
The war began the day u entered our life ragini but I never thought that my both brothers yuvraj and rajbeer would get obsessed with u but I should thank u entry that cleared my way
He sat on sofa and on table near by chess is placed all coins are placed here and their as if the game is being placed
I’ll win this war for sure
he picks queen coin and hits another king
“check mate” he says and laughs evilly

The next day
Ragini was closely observing everyone’s activities she was suspicious about everything
All were gathered in house temple
All family members were disturbed by recent happenings
All headed towards dinning ragini was taking slow steps and observing all
She was standing in middle of hall under the huge jumar
Sanskar’s words were echoing in her ears some one tried to harm dad and chote papa
These papers were hided swara’s words came to her
She was not in her sense
Sanskar’s gaze fell on the jumar that was shaking and then towards ragini who was standing benath it being lost
Then he again saw toward that it was coming down with speed
He ran towards her
“ragini” he called many times while running but she didn’t hear he pulled her aside and jumar fell down
Ragsan fell aside sanskar was on top her he stood and made her stand all family members were shocked they hurriedely came to them
“ragini are u fine u didn’t get hurt na” asked a worried sanskar then ragini’s gaze fell on some one who was descending down the stairs
Sanskar cupped her face
“are u fine na” he asked she saw towards him
“yeah I am”
“ragini beta u didn’t get hurt na” ap asked carssing her face
“ma don’t worry i am fine”
“thank god nothing happened” shardha said
“but how did that jumar fell” asked laksh
“don’t know” sujitha said
“ragini how can u be so carless can’t u look around ur surroundings how many times did I call u” sanskar roared at her
Rest of the family members were shocked
“what if something happened to u”
“sanskar I am fine nothing happened” she saw towards the family members who had questioning look
“sanskar u got ur memory back”ap said
“ha jii he called her ragini not rajlakshmi I am so happy today” sujitha said
“ha bhai I am so happy finally everything is going to be well” said laksh hugging him
Sanskar looked towards ragini who was sad and deeply thinking something

Percap: whose the enemy and twist

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