Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 44)


Hello everyone hope u’ll remember me first of all a big big big sorry to u all for making u wait so long I am busy with my assignments and all so no more time waste and start hope u enjoy it
Recap: ragsan marriage consummation
At hong kong
It was a bright morning ragini was sleeping in sanskar’s embrace she woke up first and found herself on his chest she smiled remembering last night she kissed on his forehead and wrapped a blanket around her and went to washroom
When she returned she found him still sleeping she went near him and tried to wake him
Ragini: sanskar wake up
Sanskar: let me sleep
Ragini: we have flight today get up quick
she was about to go he held her hand
sanskar: is it necessary to return today
ragini: sanskar
sanskar: ok

ragini: get ready quick they were about to leave
sanskar: ragini
ragini: um………
sanskar:I am sorry
ragini: for what
sanskar: for everything for hiding truth from u for hurting u for memory loss drama everything
ragini: I know u have a reason for all so I’ll forgive u for only some time
sanskar: ok I need one more favour
ragini: what
sanskar: u’ll not tell anyone that I was acting to forget u, we have to continue our drama that I forgot u plsz and u have to help us also know and I can’t tell u why I am doing so when right time comes I’ll tell u
ragini: ok ……… shall I ask u something
sanskar: yeah
ragini: until when u r drama will continue
sanskar: for some more days
after that they went to airport
returned to india
at MM
all were waiting for their arrival
they came
all were happy they took everyone’s blessing
laksh: bhai how was the trip

sanskar: good could have been bad because of someone he gave a death glare to laksh
laksh was fearing because he booked honey moon suit
they all were talking for long
after dinner
at sanskar’s room
he was talking to swyam
sanskar: I have that pendrive with me
Swayam: jiju I think we should talk to di we can’t handle it anymore alone we need her help she can only make our work easier and after what happened In hongkong that attack her life is in danger all time its better if she knows everything on time
Sanskar: u r right but ur di
Swyam: what di
Sanskar: she know’s that I am acting
Swayam: what but how
Sanskar: a long story u r di caught me red handed
Swayam: I knew its going to happen anyways we should finish our work soon
Sanskar: ok call u later
After he cutted the call he was thinking about recent happenings

He was feeling guilty for what he did
He thought to ask sorry from her to his luck she called him
Ragini: hello patidev
Sanskar: hi
Ragini: why r u sounding so dull missing me ha………..(she asked in a naughty way)
Sanskar smiled listening to it
Sanskar: umm…………. I think ur missing me more shall I come to u
Ragini: ha I am missing my hubby but what can I do he forgot me na
Sanskar felt bad of her words becasue he did bad to her
Sanskar: ragini I need too talk to u
Ragini felt some worry in his voice
Ragini: sanskar r u fine

Sanskar: I wanna meet u I am coming to ur room
Before she could say anything he cutted the call
Ragini was getting worried because it was late in night and if he comes to her room directly and anyone saw him then it could create problem in tension she was walking from here and their
Suddenly she heard some noise she turned around and was shocked to see sanskar their
She moved towards him
Ragini: sanskar what’s this why u came from window
Sanskar: idiot if I came from door anyone could get doubt
Ragini: I know but what’s that important that u came here all of sudden
Sanskar was seeing down she cupped his face
Ragini: sanskar r u ok
He hugged her immediately
She too hugged him back he had a tight grip on her ragini felt his worry his nervousness they broke the hug
Sanskar: I am sorry ragini for what ever happened I know it should not have happened atleast in that way I hurted u from starting I just messed up everything
Ragini: sanskar listen to me

Sanskar: no u listen I hided many things from u even the fact that it was all my swayam’s plan I hided that why I am doing and In hong kong that night it should have not its all my fault
Ragini was just stunned because her brother was also involved in it and he was having guilt
Ragini: listen to me sanskar she helded him from his shoulder
Sanskar: ragini I know u had many dreams everything whatever happened on wrong timings our misunderstanding was just getting cleared and ur life is at risk and
Before he could complete she placed her lips on his he was shocked by this they broke it, it was a gentle
Ragini: sanskar I forgave u long back and whatever happened in hong kong no need to feel guilty for that I know u r guilty because u feel that it was on wrong time and I too agree to that but that doesn’t mean u held urself guilty for that
He was just looking into her eyes
Ragini: do u trust me
He noded like cute child
Ragini: ok don’t feel guilty for that we love eachother and it was not wrong
He was feeling relaxed listening to her words
He hugged her
Sanskar: thank u so much for understanding me and sorry
Ragini: its ok but don’t be sorry know after this drama gets over u should be
He broke the hug
Sanskar: what do u mean

Ragini: u’ll get to know that soon and Swayam I am not going to spare him
(she said in angry tone and he was seeing her sacred) and she pointed towards him
And u also
Sanskar: areh what I have done u only said na don’t feel guilty and all
Ragini: ah I said that doesn’t mean I forgave u understand that
Sanskar: why its so difficult to understand u girls first u said don’t be sorry and know u r telling that u didn’t forgive me decided one thing he said making innocent face
She giggled seeing him
She pulled his cheeks
Ragini: oh u look so cute my cutie pie
Sanskar: don’t call me that
Ragini: ok
They talked for a while sanskar asked her to act as she was doing before ragini and rajlakshmi so no one doubt them and especially in front of their families and in office
the next day
everything was going as it was going on
at office
sanskar was sitting in his office and working when he saw ragini a naughty idea flashed in his mind
he called her in and gave some files
sanskar: get mr.verma’s file
ragini got them it was in his cabin only (so lazy na)
ragini was feeling something fishy
he again called her in and gave some files
sanskar: complete this
she simply nodded and went out he again called her
sanskar: a coffee for me
she went and brought coffee for him
and continued her work
he called her again
sanskar: this coffee is too cold
she got a hot coffee for him she was standing their only
he took a sip of it
sanskar: ah…… Its so hot u wanna kill me
know she got irked she was about to shout at him but on wrong time arav came
sanskar was controlling his laugh seeing her condition she saw his smile and was sure that he was finding ways to troubling her
she simply went
and again brought coffee for him

sanskar: its too bitter
ragini’s was getting angry but was helpless and he was enjoying it
after some minutes she entered in arav was not their
sanskar took a sip of it he made a face ragini thought he’ll say something before he could say
ragini came in near him she was so close to him he was sitting on chair and pointed her index finger towards him
ragini: don’t u dare to order me I know ur enjoying troubling me but if u ever tried na I’ll tell everyone that ur acting then just think what they’ll do to u don’t test my patience
he was just seeing her with lovingly ragini saw his gaze
ragini: what r u seeing
he pulled her towards him and she fell on him he was holding her by her waist
they were having cute eyelock
sanskar: watching wife is not a crime
ragini: leave me
sanskar: why should I ur my wife
ragini: we r in office
sanskar: so
ragini: u don’t remember me and I am ur PA

sanskar: so
ragini: so leave me
she pushed him and got up she was adjusting herself
sanskar: waise chipakali ur looking beautiful
she was bit shocked and smiled to him
ragini: thank u for compliment and I hate u she said leaving out
both were smiling remembering their moments

Precap: a big shock

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