Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 43)


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hong kong
it was a bright morning
Sanskar woke up first he saw ragini sleeping peacefully he was admiring her angelic face he was lost in it he leaned towards her and kissed on her forehead she was having a bright smile he thought not to disturb her he stood up and went to wash room he came out he was ready his eyes searched for ragini but he didn’t find her
Sanskar: where did she go
“ good morning searching for me” a voice came from behind
Sanskar: where were u
Ragini: I was here only
Sanskar was memerised to see her she was looking beautiful as always he was admiring her beauty
He was disturbed by her brother’s phone call wrong timing he was cursing him in mind
Sanskar: hello
Swayam: is everything fine

Sanskar in mind: till u called it was
Swayam: jiju
Sanskar: ha
Swayam: ok I called to inform u that I am unable to come
Swayam: ha wo di gave me her work I am going to los angles
Sanskar: why
Swayam: all because of di

Sanskar: I have to meet him too
Swayam: plsz handle it
He cutted the call then he saw towards ragini who was watching me loviningly he always wished that she should be with me and when today when she’s he can’t be with her what an fate
Sanskar: I have some meeting I have to go
Ragini: ok come lets go

Sanskar: wait where r u coming
Ragini: with u
Sanskar: no ways
Ragini: yes dear come fast we have lot to do
Sanskar attend his meeting the whole day rgaini was with him he didn’t find time to meet that person
An house
A man eneters
Man: sir ragini is here
The person tunred
Guy: what she’s here r u sure karan
Karan: ha sir
Guy: thoh sikar kudh sikari ke pass aya hai

Karan:sir what have u planned
Guy: its non of ur business without asking rajveer bhai we should not do anything
Karan: shuray sir but why
Yes the other guy was shouray mittal rajveer mittal’s younger brother
Shouray: its non of ur business
Karan left
He called rajveer

Shouray: bhai they r here
Rajveer: don’t let that sanskar get what he wants
Shouray: u don’t worry bhai
He cutted the call he smiled evilly
At meeting
Clinet: sir we have organised a party for our companies success its great that u r here plsz
Sanskar: sorry we r busy I know its great its for our companies achievement but we can’t
Client: plsz mr. Maheswari we would be glad if u join us u don’t vist hongkong often its great moment of joy for us that ur here mrs.maheswari u plsz say something
Sanskar: we can’t

Ragini: don’t worry we’ll come
Sanskar: why did u agree
Ragini:what’s the problem
Sanskar: ur the problem
After some time they left for venue

Sanskar was waiting for ragini
Sanskar : where’s she
She was awestruck to see ragini she was looking beautiful she was wearing a beautiful red saree left her hair light make silver studs in ears her waist was clearly visible open she was looking hot…….. s**y
Sanskar didn’t knew how to react he was lost in her beauty
Ragini came forwards and waved her hand he came back to his sense
Ragini: where r u lost
Sanskar: nothing
Ragini: come lets go
Sanskar: yeah
They headed towards the venue
They reached the party hall

Everyone’s gaze was on rgaini she was looking so beautiful
Sanskar got angry by that
Sanskar: couldn’t u wear something else
Ragini: why what’s wrong in this

Sanskar gave her u r too much look
Sanskar: u r disgusting
Ragini was giggling in her heart she was enjoying his behaviour
Ragini: jealous ha
Sanskar: jealous my foot I am just concerned about u
Ragini: keep that with u

I don’t need it
Soon she mingled with all she met mr and mrs. Khurana their (old aged people they were like her dada and dadi) she was talking with them all started to dance
Mr.khurana asked ragini to dance with him she agreed to make sanskar jealous she was dancing with him sanskar was fuming in anger
He didn’t see that man he went straight to dance floor and dragged ragini towards him
Ragini: what happened to u
Sanskar: I should ask u what r u doing

Mr.khurana: what happened young man
Sanskar was shocked to see him
Ragini: nothing uncle he’s my husband
Mr.khurana: oh nice to meet u u r lucky to get her as ur wife
Sanskar just simply smiled
He left sanskar was about to go ragini helded his hand
Ragini: will u dance with me
Sanskar agreed both were dancing romantically
Ragini: shall I ask u something

Ragini: u were jealous seeing me with some one
Sanskar: no
Ragini: don’t lie
Sanskar: I am not
ragini: then why u dancing with me
sanskar: because they all r thinking u as my wife which u r not I am option less
ragini: really is this only the reason
sanskar: then what else can be
ragini: don’t hide any thing from me I’ll support all u decisions
sanskar: their’s nothing like that
he got a call he went from their

sanskar: hello
caller: he’ll meet u at XYZ place just 10 mins from know
caller: ha hurry up I’ll take around 7-8 mins for u to reach their from the place ur a cab will be waiting for u
sanskar: ok

he cuts the call he didn’t knew what to do ragini was not ready to leave him he was standing their
Ragini came near him she holded his hand he immediately jerked it away
Sanskar: what’s ur problem ha I said I’ll go alone I don’t want to be with u can’t u understand simple thing I am fed of u
Ragini: sanskar what happned to u
Sanskar: how shame less u r, u r married and then too flirting and roaming with me if u have any shame just get lost I don’t wanna see ur face
Saying this he went from their ragini was teary listening to those words she knew their was some reason for this behaviour and she’ll find that for sure
Sanskar was feeling bad for hurting ragini

Precap: sanskar accepting the truth
Some more romance

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother

Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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