Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 43)

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at hong kong
sanskar went to that man
at a XYZ place
sanskar was already their
He was desperately waiting for some one’s arrival
then man of age 40 entered
man: why u wanted to meet me
sanskar: u know that very well
man: lets sit and talk
they sat on chairs their
man: ok what u want to know about him
sanskar:where’s he at present
man: I don’t know much but from last 2 years he’s in India
sanskar: did u bring those files which I asked
man: yeah here they r
sanskar: thank u so much
man: I don’t understand one thing u have no enmity with him their’s no connection btw u both then why r u trying to enter his world
sanskar: for some one special
man: love …………. ah…………shall I tell u one thing rajveer is behind a girl he loves her madly but wants to take revenge for his brother’s death he’ll not leave her
sanskar:I need one more help
man: what
sanskar: files of all his illegeal business
the man stood from their in shock
man: r u mad
sanskar: yeah I am
man: u know why I am helping u just to take revenge from him for my daughter’s death
sanskar: tanu was a good friend of mine
man: she loved u but u
sanskar: I love my wife
man: u r obbesed lover who can do anythi9ng for his love even give his life know I’ll help u I don’t want any another father to loose his daughter as I lost mine without any reason
sanskar: it would be great help for me
man: its about shouray……
before he could complete their was a gun shot that man got hit
sanskar ran to him
sanskar:we need to go doc
man: I know I can’t survie shouray ……………..(he was breathing heavily) he’s cheating ………. cheating rajveer………… rajveer is guided wrongly ……………. shouray ……shouray has……….. shehkar …..shehkar……………
sanskar:what shehkar gadodia he’s alive plsz tell me
man: he’s in shou….shou….. ray’s captive…………. he handed a braclet that he was wearing to sanskar
he breathed his last their
sanskar was hell shocked to know that ragini’s dad was alive he didn’t knew what to do suddenly their was some smoke all around their sanskar was unable to see anything
when fog got cleared he found those files missing
he searched them all
sanskar: where r those files
oh god
then he saw that man giving him a bracelet he putted that in his pocket he got Swayam’s call
Swayam: did u meet him
Sanskar: he was shot
Swayam: what
Then he explains him everything
Swayam: where’s di if shouray is cheating rajveer then he attack di also
Sanskar: u r right
Swayam: hurry up
Sanskar in hurry reached the party venue he was searching for ragini every where but he didn’t find her then he saw her sitting at bar counter she was drinking
Sanskar went to her
Sanskar: ragini what r u doing here
Ragini saw him
Ragini: hi sanky…………….. (she said in drunken way)
Sanskar: what the hell is this u drank
Ragini: umm………….. she fell on him he held her
Sanskar:why u did this
Ragini: u care for me so much why snaky u love that much
Sanskar was sad because of all recent happening her dad was alive this news was something he wanted to share to her but he can’t and her present state he was feeling guilty for all this
Sanskar: ragini come lest go
Ragini nodded as kid
Ragini: no I’ll not go u with u……………….(she said keeping her index finger on his chest)
Sanskar: ragini come with me
Ragini: um……. I’ll go with my sanskar my husband u r not that I want my hubby whose sweet not like u rude
Sanskar: come with me he dragged her holding her hand
Ragini: leave me
She was trying hard to losen his grip but all in vain
Ragini: I am warning u if u didn’t leave see what I do
Sanskar: do what ever u want to
Ragini:Help help some one save me he’s kidnapping me some one save me
Sanskar placed his finger on her lips
Sanskar: stop it
Ragini:why no one is helping me
Sanskar: because its already late no one is here so all in vain so be a good girl and come with me
Ragini: I am black belt leave me
Sanskar: I know
Ragini: last warning
He was just dragging her
Ragini bitted his hand
Sanskar: och………… what u have done
Ragini ran from their
Sanskar was following her
Sanskar: ragini ragini stop
She was running from here and their then she hided near a bench in garden she sat their
Sanskar saw it he slowly went to her
He too sat next to her
She was peeing out and seeing
Sanskar slowly whispered: what r u looking for
Ragini in childish tone
Ragini: for mr.arrogant
Ragini: ha
Ragini: he always trouble me I hate him I want my sanku=y
Sanskar: I am here only
Ragini smiled brightly
Ragini: really u r my snaky she hugged him tight
Ragini: why did u leave me
Sanskar: I was always with u only
Ragini: u r a liar but I love u
She hugged him again
Ragini: u don’t love me
Sanskar: I love u too
They broke the hug
Sanskar: will u do something for u r sanskar
Ragini: ha anything for my sanskar
Sanskar: ok so come with me
Ragini: umm…………..but I need something
Sanskar: I’ll give u anything just come with me
Ragini: no first answer my question
Ragini: why mr.arrogant is acting that he don’t know me
Sanskar: for u r benefit
Ragini: he’s acting that he forgot me I hate him he called me shameless
Sanskar was teary that he hurted his ragini
Sanskar: sorry
Ragini:why r u saying that that mr. Arrogant should say that
Sanskar:ok come lets go
Ragini: no
Sanskar: u promised na
Ragini:when I don’t remember
Saying this she ran again
Sanskar was trying to catch her they reached the streets evey where lights , shops, people around their
Ragini was walking like a mad
(the song ek mian aur ekk tu was playing in background)
Ragini was moving from here and their followed by sanskar
Talli hai yeh zameen
Talli hai aasmaan
Sab talli hai yahaan (she was acting like a mad)
Yaa phir saara jahaan, vaise ka vaisa hai
Hum talli hai yahaan
Sanskar was trying to catch her he got hold of her but she again escaped
Mujhse baahein na chhuda [Ek main]
Kahin kho naa jaa [Ekk tu]
Jo bhi hoga I am with you [I am with you]
Yun naa ghabra [Ek main]
Thoda muskura ? [Ekk tu]
Jo bhi hoga, I am with you
Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you
Tere peechhe-peechhe main
Mere aagey-aagey tu
Ek main hoon aur ekk tu…
Ek main hoon aur ekk tu
I wanna be with you
She was walking holding one street light then other she was behaving as a small kid
Kitne ki hai zameen, kitne ka aasmaan
Bikte hai yeh kahaan!
Bhar lenge jebon mein
Dukaane woh sabhi
Chal chalte hai wahaan
Ragini ran to catch a open bus she went in that sanskar followed her
She was dancing like a mad
Mauqa aisa na ganwaa [Ek main]
Yunhi bewajah [Ek tu]
Jo bhi hoga I am with you (I am with you)
Yun na ghabra [Ek main]
Thoda muskura [Ekk tu]
Jo bhi hoga I am with you
Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you
Tere peechhe-peechhe main
Mere aagey-aagey tu
Ek main hoon aur ek tu…
Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you
Ek main aur ekk tu..
Ek main aur ekk tu….
After long time sanskar got hold of her they reached the hotel ragini stopped their
Sanskar:ragini come
Ragini: no I am tried
Sanskar carried her in his embrace
He took her to their room
He made her lay on bed
But she got up and started to throw pillow at him
Sanskar: ragini ragini stop that
Ragini: u r a liar u lied that u forgot me
Sanskar: ok ok sorry for that plsz stop it
She didn’t stop he started to hit him more sanskar tool pillows from her but she stared hitting him by her hands
Sanskar in mind: oh god this girl has drunken so much I have to lesser it’s effect other wise she’ll kill me for sure
Sanskar: ragini come with me
Ragini: no
He dragged her in wash room
Ragini: leave me sanskar I hate u
Before she could say anything more sanskar helded her tight under cold shower
Ragini was irritated by this
Ragini: sanskar let me go
But he was not listening to her she was trying to escape but his hold was tight
She got freed but sanskar held her again while escaping ragini accidentally slapped sanskar
He pulled her close to him and held her under shower she even pulled sanskar under shower both were totally drenched
Ragini: sanskar plsz its too cold
Both were so close to each other ragini in fear closed her eyes sanskar saw her those water droplets falling on her face increased her beauty sanskar was just lost in that
Those water drops making their way from her eyes down to her lips she was shivering because of cold her held on his shoulder and their closeniess was driving him mad on her, her beauty each cruve of her body was visible the saree she was wearing was clung ling to her body increasing ger beauty even more those strands of hair that came on her face because of water pressure all this was like something that can’t be described in words he was just lost in admiring her angelic face
She slowly opened her eyes and found him so close to her he was to totally drenched as her she saw him admiring her she wanted to express how much she loved him
Then something struck in his mind about her dad and their plan he was about to go when she pulled him towards her holding his hand before he could say anything she placed her lips on his helding him tight close to her
Even he reciprocated he kept his one hand on her waist and other on her shoulder pulling her close to him both didn’t want to separate it was a passionate one they broke it due to lack of oxygen both were breathing heavily
Ragini was about to go when this time he pulled her close to him he kissed her so hard on lips he bited her lower lip she was moaning in pain but both were enjoying that
They broke that
Both were know out of their senses they totally forgot what happened what was going on what was planning everything
Sanskar realised what he did he was guilty for that
Sanskar: sorry
Ragini hugged him tight
He too hugged her back
Ragini: I love u sanskar
Sanskar: ragini u r not in ur sense
Ragini: I am and don’t act I remember what and all u said plsz don’t leave me like this
A tear escaped from his eyes
Sanskar:sorry for hurting u
ragini saw those tears she cleaned those tears and cupped his face and kissed on his forehead
ragini: plsz don’t say that
I know u love me a lot
She placed a gentle kiss on his lips again
Both were know emotionally connected wanted to express their love for ecahother
Sanskar lifted her in his embrace and took her out and placed her on bed he was about to go when ragini sat and helded his hand
Ragini: don’t leave me
Sanskar: I am always with u
She pulled him close to her she hugged him tight sanskar was too hugging her he slowly kissed her neck she was shivering by his every touch he slowly started to kiss her hard she was moaning in pain she was taking his name that was driving him more crazy he slowly moved towards her shoulder and kissed her, then forehead on eyes then on cheeks and again on lips this time it was very hard they broke that she was trying to avoid eye contact with him she was blushing hard she got from bed moved away from him then she realised that he was holding her saree pallu he slowly moved close to her her heart beat was rising he placed his harsh hand on belly he was hugging her from back he was kissing her neck and kissed her back then slowly he moved toward her belly he kissed he was unclothing her and she was removing his shirt buttons after some time they both were on bed sanskar was in top of ragini
Sanskar: I love u ragini
Ragini: I love u too sanskar
He slowly pulled blanket on them and
they consummated their marriage

Precap: a new morning
But with more risks and sanskar’s problem increases

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

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