Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 42)


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at MM
sanskar was worried as ragini was going with him he got swayam’s call
sanskar: I am going to hong knong with u sis
Swayam: what r u mad to take her with u
Sanskar: do something and stop her
Swayam: why did u agree for that
Sanskar: I am forced to take her with me because of my family
Swayam: oh no if she goes with u it would be like aah bhell mhuje mar
Sanskar: u r sis is inviting trouble for me and herself
Swayam: cancel the plan
Sanskar: so her doubt gets cleared that I am acting we can’t u know this is last chance to meet him if not this time then never ever rajveer has already doubted us and u
Swayam: what u want me to come with u
Sanskar: that’s better idea if u accompany us u can keep ur sis busy and I can meet him
Swayam: its not possible
Sanskar: but why
Swayam: use ur brain if I come she’ll doubt me also and I can’t lie to my di
Sanskar: u r great u can’t lie to her u make other’s to lie and I became ur pawn
Swayam: jiju stop crying like a baby and think something
Sanskar: think something ur di has eaten my brain u don’t know what and all she’s doing to trap me how difficult it is u know to avoid her and her activities ha
Swayam: I have an idea
Sanskar: after I die by ur sister hand tell it ok
Sanskar: u dumbo tell that na why r u wasting my time
Swayam: ok listen ur leaving today evening u’ll reach their by night u go their with her know I’ll come their by morning’s flight till then ur meetings and all after I come I’ll be with her and u can meet him
Sanskar:what an stupid idea I have to deal with her from know till u come its not possible
Swayam: we have no other option and all the best
He cutted the call
Sanskar: what and carzy family sister is troubling me and her brother gives such ideas that she troubles me more
Oh god what have u written in my fate
Be ready sanskar ur heropanti is going to end people say true wife’s r big head ache and today its proved in my case
for whom u r doing everything is going to be biggest stone in ur plan
god help me save me from my wife (joining his hands seeing upwards)
after that both left for airport

at airport
they entered airport they were walking
sanskar: I don’t understand why I am going with u
ragini gave a warm simile to him
sanskar:my life’s worse fate that I am goin with u …………
ragini was smiling at his acts
ragini: know stop complaining and enjoy I don’t want to fight with u I am not in that mood
sanskar: then in what mood u r
ragini: romantic she said blinking her eyes
sanskar was awestruck by this comment
sanskar: unbelievable women u r now I know why u husband left u
ragini was a little sad
ragini: he just forgot me and u don’t worry he’ll remember me soon
sanskar: bechara ur husband
ragini: u r not bechara ok
sanskar: I am that’s why I am struck with u don’t know what u are
he doesn’t know what his wife is doing
ragini:still u don’t know many things sanskar darling
she said in flirting tone
they made checking
they entered in fight they took their seats
ragsan were sitting together ragini was sitting near window seat
ragini: I am so excited she said this by holding sanskar’s arm
sanskar took away his hand
ragini again holded him and this time tight sanskar with no other option left was quite
ragini was enjoying his reaction
ragini: why r u not enjoying the trip ha
sanskar gave a big smile
sanskar: when u r with me do u think I can enjoy
ragini: ha its so cool she said resting her head on his shoulder
sanskar pushed her
ragini: areh what happened
sanskar: behave ur self
ragini: yes sir

after some time sanskar fall asleep he rested his head on ragini’s shoulder he held her hand tight both were looking so cute
after some time sanskar woke up he saw ragini seeing him romantically
sanskar : don’t u have shame that u r troubling a single’s boys in public
ragini: hello mr see urself first
then he relaised that he had rested his head on her shoulder he was the one who was holding her hand he left it and moved apart
sanskar: sorry
ragini: its ok
after some hours they reached hongknong they came out of airport they were continuously arguing silly arguments their they met their tour guide
guide: hello mr and mrs maheswari
sanskar was about to cut him but ragini helded his hand
ragini: hello
guide: wow u both r perfect couple made for each other
both looked at each other they had a romantic eye lock
ragini: thank u for compliments
guide: its my pleasure u r looking beautiful (he was flirting with her)
ragini: thank u handsome
sanskar got irked by her comment he was giving death glare to guide
sanskar: can we go to hotel
guide: sure sir
during the journey to hotel ragini was continuously talking to that guide sanskar was irritated by it
they reached the hotel
sanskar got the room keys from receptionist
he asked for ragini’s room keys
receptionist: sorry sir only one room is booked on name mr and mrs maheswari
sanskar: what he was shocked
sanskar: ok no problem I want one more room
receptionist: sorry sir their no room available till tomorrow morning
sanskar: what do u except us to do we want room
receptionist: sir I’ll try in some other hotel
she called some hotels
receptionist: sory sir all hotels r booked u have to wait till tomorrow morning
sanskar:we can’t we want a room know
guide: sir what’s problem u both r husband and wife what problem do u have in staying in one room
sanskar was in full anger
sanskar: u just keep ur mouth close
ragini: hey don’t feel bad we’ll manage
sanskar:what I can’t stay with u in one room
ragini: ok I’ll call dp uncle and I’ll say him that u scolded me u r toubling me
sanskar:no ways u’ll not
ragini: I can
sanskar: r u trying to blackmail me
ragini: um………….. I think u can understand
sanskar: where I am stuck
ragini: I am sleepy I don’t want to waste my time come lets go
they entered in room
they both were shocked
ragini:what the hell is this
she said screaming a loud
sanskar: why r u asking me
ragini: then who should I ask u were the one coming here alone right and u only booked this room na
sanskar:see laksh booked rooms ask him not me
ragini: ha will laksh book any honey moon suit for u its u only who can do that
yes it was honey moon suit decorated with candles rose petals it was too romantic
sanskar:oh hello I am least interested in all this and if I am then what’s u problem ha
ragini: its my problem how can u, u r such a shameless ur were telling me know first see ur self
sanskar: I know how I am check u r self
ragini: its waste of time to argue with u she went to wash room to change when she came out sanskar had already changed he was talking on phone with some one he cutted the call ragini was searching something in her bag
sanskar: I am sleepy

he went towards the bed he fell down on bed she closed her bag and moved towards him
ragini: oh hello u r not going to sleep here (she said keeping her hands on her waist )
sanskar: why
ragini: because I’ll sleep here u go and sleep on that sofa(pointing towards it)
sanskar: no ways
ragini: yes u r
sanskar: no
sanskar: no
ragini: no
sanskar: yes
ragini: that’s like good boy that u agreed know go and sleep their and let me sleep
sanskat: I am not goong to sleep on sofa
ragini: u have to she said pushing him
sanskar:what’s this yaar at house to u make me sleep on couch let me at least sleep here then he bited his tongue about what he said
ragini was having smile on her face
ragini:what u said
sanskar: nothing
ragini: ok u we can sleep on bed
sanskar: no I’ll sleep on sofa
he stood from took pillow and started to head towards sofa
ragini helded his hand
sanskar turned
sanskar: what
ragini: I said u can sleep on bed
sanskar: no need
ragini: areh I said na
sanskar: why should I listen to u
she pushed him towards bed
ragini: why don’t u understand a simple thing sleep on bed
sanskar: no I’ll sleep on sofa u sleep on bed
ragini: its just about one night tomorrow I’ll get room so no worry
sanskar: but
ragini: ok we both will sleep on bed I’ll make pillow wall
sanskar: ok
ragini made pillow wall and they both slept on bed

Precap: some romance
and nokh jokh

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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