Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 41)


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Sanskar after talking to Swayam entered in
Sanskar in mind: what were u about to do u were about to kiss her what she must be thinking she would get sure that I am acting better If I am away from her
All were sitting in hall chit chatting
Sanskar to joined them
Laksh:lets go for shopping
Arav: yeah
Sanskar: know
Laksh: yeah its 4pm we can return back till dinner
Arav: ok’ll call kushi
Laksh:why only kushi
Arav: both swara and kushi
Laksh was having bright smile
Sanskar: don’t show ur teeth
Laksh composed himself all laughed at his behaviour
Ragini comes their
Ragini: what’s up gues
Arav: we r going for shopping come u too join us
Ragini: no I have some work u’ll enjoy
Laksh: plsz na
Before ragini could say anything
Sanskar cutted
Sanskar: if she don’t wish don’t force her
Ragini got angry she made wired face towards sanskar
Ragini: yeah I really busy sorry u gues go and enjoy
She left
Sanskar in mind: thank god she denied don’t know what would she be planning
At mall
Sanlak and arav along with kushi swara and uttra came to mall
All were busy in shopping but sanskar was least interested in that he just simply accompanied them just to be away from ragini
Swara: gues I am hungry
Laksh: ok come lets have something
Kushi: why so soon after some time plsz na I have to buy some more things
Arav: ok I’ll accompany u let them go
Sanlak and swara head towards lift
Swara stopped all of sudden
Swara: oh no
Laksh: what happened
Swara:I forgot my clutch at that shop only
Laksh: no problem come we’ll get that
Sanskar: oh hello she will get it
Laksh: bhai u go and wait at food corner we’ll come their plsz go na
Sanskar: ok I am going
Laksh: thank u come swara
They both left
Sanskar entered the lift no one was their when he turned around he found ragini their
Sanskar: rajlakshmi
Ragini: its ragini
Sanskar: ragini u here
Ragini: I should ask that
Sanskar: wo came for shopping with laksh and arav
Ragini: oh
Sanskar: u
Ragini: came to meet a frnd
Sanskar in mind: what she’s planning
Ragini in mind: know see mr.maheswari what happens
Suddenly the lift stops ragini stammers sanskar holds her they have eyelock they compose themselves
Ragini: what happened to this lift
Sanskar in mind: is this her plan no if it was she would have not reacted so
Then lights also got off
Sanskar: oh no what to do know
Ragini: u said laksh and arav r here with kushi and swara let us call them
Sanskar: yeah
Sanskar called lucky but he was continuously cutting his call arav’s phone was unreachable he was worried for that
Ragini called swara
Ragini: hello swara we r stuck in lift plsz help us
Swara: yeah di I am coming
She cutted the call
At lift
Sanskar: these both idiots phone is unreachable
Ragini: don’t worry swara Is coming
Sanskar : thank god
Ragini saw a cockroach she screamed
Ragini: cok ……… cockroach………… she in fear hugged sanskar tight
Sanskar was shocked by her sudden act but later he to reciprocated he hugged her back
Sanskar in mind: how much I try to be away from u , u come more near to me why r u making it difficult for me ragini
Ragini: I love u sanskar
Sanskar moves backwards
Ragini: plsz don’t act as u don’t remember me I can’t live without u
Sanskar: what r u talking ragini moved close to him she cupped his face
Ragini: why r u doing all this I don’t wanna know any reason plsz I can’t take this anymore
Sanskar: what’s wrong with u he freed himself he again moved in another corner
Ragini: what’s wrong with me ask that ureslf r u happy seeing me in pain plsz sanskar don’t do this to me she was having tears
Ragini: I can’t take this anymore she kneeled down she started to cry
Sanskar moved closer to her cupped her face
Sanskar: plsz I can’t see tears in ur eyes
She hugged him
Ragini: I love u sanskar
Sanskar: I too love u ragini
He hugged her back
Sanskar : ragini its gone relax
Ragini came out of her dream world it was all her imagination that sanskar excepted that he remember her , her eyes were teary she cleaned them before he could see but he saw those tears
Sanskar in mind: I am sory ragini for hurting u but I have no other option everything will be fine soon
Sanskar: its gone
Ragini peeped she then relaxed
Ragini: uff thank god its gone she moves away from
Ragini: sorry
Sanskar: its ok
At swalak side
Swara: laksh di and jiju r struck in lift
Laksh: I know swara
Swara: what u know then come hurry up we have to get them out
Laksh: oh baby relax its just my plan
Swara: I didn’t understand
Laksh: I’ll explain
FB start
When sanskar left the room laksh entered in
He saw sanskar in hurry
Laksh: bhabi what happened to him
Ragini: nothing just some important phone call
Laksh: oh bhabi I have a idea it may help bhai to regain his memory
Ragini: and what is that
Laksh : if some one has lost his memory if we take him to place where he had gone with u or the incidents during which u were with him if we repeat those may be he regain his memory
Ragini: ok we can try this also
Then these both make plan to go to mall and this lifts’s incident
FB ends
Swara: oh so all this was ur plan
Laksh: ha and don’t worry the they will be fine
At ragsan side
Sanskar: where r they
Ragini was too getting panic
Suddenly the lift start ragini was about to fall when sanskar held her by her waist they had a cute and romantic eye lock they composed themselves the lift door opened
Sanskar hurriedly went out laksh and swara were their only
Laksh: bhai what happened to him
Ragini: don’t know
Swara: may he remembered something
After shopping all returned to MM
All had their dinner and went to sleep
Sanskar’s room
Sanskar was seeing towards moon
Sanskar’s prov
I am unable to sleep and this is all because of her what have u done ragini i am trying to be away from u its just for sometime I am doing this for u but how would she react when she gets to know everything will she forgive me I know my ragini she’s understanding she’ll understand why I did so hope for the best
The next day
Sanskar got ready and he headed down
Ragini was hanging something on wall she’s didn’t see sanskar coming down sanskar was coming down stairs he stopped seeing ragini
Sanskar in mind: is this again her plan if it is then I should be careful what she thinks I’ll fall in her trap no ragini baby not this time
Ragini was unable to hang that she was stammering
Sanskar in mind: know she’ll jump to get hold of it she did that was know she will stammer (ragini stammered) know she’ll fall and she excepts me to catch her and save her so filmy idea
Ragini loses her balance and she falls down she gets hurt laksh saw sanskar on stairs he saw whole incident he rushed to ragini
Laksh: bhabi r u alright he makes her stand
Ragini: yeah I just lost my balance
Laksh: u didn’t get more hurt na
Ragini: I am fine
Laksh: bhai what r u doing their just watching everything can’t u help her
Ragini was giving him death glare
Ragini: leave laksh if some people don’t know difference BTW truth and false how will they help others
Laksh: par bhabi
Ragini: I am fine come lets have break fast
All arrive for break fast
All were having break fast
Sanskar: dad wo I am going to hongkong today evening
Dp: why all of sudden
Sanskar: wo their’s some meeting I have to go
Dp: why u rp or arav will go just few days back u came from hospital u need rest
Sanskar: no problem I can manage and I am just bored so it would be something refreshing I have some frnds their I can have my time their
Dp: ok but no need to go alone
Ap: ha take rajlakshmi with u
Sanskar spitted the food out he was eating
Sanskar: what her
Arav: ha that’s good idea
Sanskar gives death glare to ragini she sees that
Ragini: no I
Laksh: ha bhabi u should go it would be refreshment for u
Dp: u r going with him that’s final
Sanskar in mind: if she comes then definitely she’ll do something to take my truth out , do something sanskar beta u r gone for sure
Precap: ragsan in hong knog
The person who wants to kill ragini reviled
Ragini’s pagal pan sanskar in trouble
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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  2. Awesome epi actually I thought ragini caught sanky…. But that’s dream ?????….hoping it to be true soon…

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  4. Superb. Just loved it

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